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Good luck, Mamina!!! Avoid likely sources of food poisoning (like questionably cooked meat or seafood, or unwashed produce) and try to get plenty of sleep! Enjoy your trip!

My test yesterday was a very clear negative. Still having symptoms and no bleeding tho, so maybe I was mistaken about my O date and testing too early?? Planning to buy a more sensitive test and wait until at least Friday, maybe give it a whole week in hopes of avoiding the silliness of wasting a test minutes before the bleeding starts.... I really feel very different from my usual PMS, and the most similar to this I've ever felt was when I was on the Pill which is supposed to simulate pregnancy. My biggest worry is that this conglomeration of symptoms means my hormonal balance is out of whack in some abnormal way instead of from pregnancy. (I have had various unexplained hormonal wackiness over the years.)

One of my bouts of nausea neatly overlapped w/helping at a Halloween production, seated 18" from a giant vat of mostly chocolate candy which smelled DISGUSTING to me! It was very weird, as I normally like chocolate and eat a piece about every 30 minutes while working Halloween; this year I ate a couple of peppermint patties trying to curb the nausea (helpful) but other than that ate NO chocolate all week! When not actively nauseated I still didn't find it appetizing at all. That sounds like just the sort of thing that happens to pregnant women, so I'm still hoping!
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I *think* AF started today, which means I am hopefully back on the road to ttc this cycle!! The reason I say "I think" it's AF is that I had to take the pill this month to get rid of an ovarian cyst, and it made me bleed **every single day** this month ! What a pain! So, I stopped the pill on Friday, and this morning I had some red blood as well as the daily yuck brown (sorry if tmi!: ). Anyway, I go to the RE tomorrow for an ultrasound to make sure the cyst is gone. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Taking these last 2 cycles off has been really hard on me, and I can't wait to be in the 2ww again!

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Mamina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! !!I'm so happy for you! Have an amazing trip!

((((((MountainMama)))))so sorry this wasn't your cycle.

Envirobecca, sounds real promising, wait another week to test, we'll do it together...provided AF doesn't pay me a visit!

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Congratulations, Mamina! Take good care of yourself. (((((MountainMama)))). Sorry this wasn't your month. Envirobecca-hang in there-sounds excrutiating!

I'll test Sunday, if AF stays away that long. For some reason, it's easier now that I'm more cynical about my chances of getting pregnant fast. Like, ok maybe this isn't going to be easy, but we're young, we have lot's of thinks we can try, etc.. My heart just isn't as far out on my sleeve this month. But of course I'd be over the moon happy if I was pregnant!!

take care everybody,

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Congratulations, Mamina!!!! Yay!!!! Have a great trip!

To everyone who was visited by AF this cycle---I'm so sorry!!!!

I'm approximately 9DPO now. It was hard to get an exact date on ovulation since I had a slow temp rise and my cm was masked by a yeast infection (ugh--my first one in years, too). I'm pretty sure I've ovulated (I hope!).

Another week before I should consider testing...

Sending lots of +++++ thoughts out to all!!!
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Ok I'm like REALLY new at this TTC thing and how the 2ww threads go (like ah, we started trying *this morning!* first time! ) but I thought I would join in!

I'm not even past O right now... On day 13, with lotsa stretchy, but my past 2 charts I O'ed past day 20 (I think my body is getting back in sync after norplant was removed) so who knows!

Maybe its a bit much to hope I get ++++ on my first try, but I'm still crossing my fingers and utterly totally thrilled to at least be truly TRYING now!! Seeing all those O's go bye bye without Bd'ing was SO hard!
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Hello all, just a quick note to say I'm out, AF just got here. I'm actually not too depressed, cause I'm getting an ovulation prediction test to GET IT RIGHT this cycle!
Good luck to all those still in the wait, i've got AF chained down, she aint going nowhere!

Fertiliy to all,

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Just a little note to say I'm out. AF came by this morning, and is staying for a few days. I'm not sad, because I'm getting an ovulation predictor this month, and am GOING TO GET IT RIGHT! I've got AF chained up, so she shouldn't bother those still in the wait.

fertility to all,

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I'm right with you, MamaSoleil! Today is the first day of a brand-new cycle for me. I'm sad that I'm not pregnant but glad to be having something approximating a normal cycle, which for me is nothing to take for granted! I ordered an Ovulens so I'll have a clearer idea of what's going on this time.

Here's hoping for August babies for both of us!
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Oh that's a bummer, mamasoleil and EnviroBecca!! It'll happen - one of these days it'll happen to all of us. Wouldn't it be funny if it was the same day?
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Still in the 2ww - just started, though it's possible I didn't O this month. Had a hysteropingagram (sp?) and discovered a polyp, then bled heavily for about 3 days following. The past 3 days suddenly I had HEAVY creamy CM for a day and then HEAVY stretchy cm yesterday. I'm on CD 22 which is unusual for me to O so late unless my body, smart little thing that it is , waited to build up more nest before releasing the egg this month. We BD'd on Saturday night and last night so even though it's probably silly of me to think it might happen (when I'm going to the OB tomorrow to discuss options RE getting rid of the polyp in my uterus and opening my left fallopian tube, which is blocked,) I am hoping really hard anyway!

So, add me to the list of the 2ww for November!
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I forgot to say welcome to Lisa_Lynn! I know how exciting that first "try" is! See if you can think of the first few months as "practice" before you get too serious...that worked well for me, and if you do conceive right away you'll feel even more lucky!

N2theWoods, you might want to reconsider that sig...for a second I thought your big red dog was involved in the TTC! :LOL
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Thank you EnviroBecca! I think I am FAR to excited to think of this as practice, but that is a good idea and I'll *try* very hard to put that thought in my mind since I get disappointed way to easily!

Now DH is insisting we must tell his parents we're trying and I know his mom is gonna nag us about it. Cuz Dh is in school (but working full time at a good job too!), we're both heavy (and I've done freaking research and its not a good idea to drop a lot of weight right before you get pregnant cuz your body thinks your starving and overcompensates), and we're "too young". Grrrrrrr. But I gotta make the hubby happy right?
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Mamasoleil and Envirobecca - sorry to hear about AF . But, *I* am happy, because yesterday she found me, and today the RE informed me that my cysts are gone, so I get to TTC this cycle !! Looks like the three of us will have to get a new 2ww going in the near future.

I am having a "scheduled" (hormone-induced) ovulation this time, which means I know that I will O on the 16th and have my 8th or 9th : IUI that day. I will be wishing buckets and buckets of baby dust for all of us!! We've been in this forum for too $%&! long!

Best wishes to all still waiting, and congrats to the +++!

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How bizarre! I went to the washroom yesterday morning at work, and when I wiped, there was blood, I cursed myself cause I didn't have my keeper, so I got a tampon. anyway, I forgot about it, then when I remembered in the aft, I took it out and there was only a LITTLE bit of blood, so I put another one in thinking it's gonna start up anytime...but there hasn't been any blood since?
What's up with that? Another gimmick to get my hopes up? I'm sure we didn't bd at the right times this cycle, considering we only did a couple of times! (dh is out of town)
Will keep you posted on this. I'm cd28 today, my cycles are between 26-33days, so another week of waiting, if that wasn't AF!

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Mamasoleil - I'm holding my breath! That's just what happend to me when I was pregnant (minus the keeper). You are so strong to not test yet! I would if I had spotting and no real period. I'm having trouble not testing and I'm only 11dpo.

Good luck, Kelly - this will be your month! I'm sure of it!

Lisa_Lynn - I wouldn't tell my in-laws, either! They were bad enough without knowing we were trying the first time. I get a sick sort of pleasure telling nosey people that I have female problems when they ask personal questions like when are you going to have a/another baby. I lost 30 lbs before getting pregnant with DD. THen gained 70 during the pregnancy. So you may be on to something there. No, it isn't your job to make hubby happy! If he isn't happy, it's his own fault!

Tuli - good luck waiting until Sunday to test! I really want to test tomorrow, it's our wedding anniversary, and how cool would it be to get a BFP on a special day like that? But since we are going to celebrate on Saturday, I'm trying to wait until then to test.
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If AF isn't back my Monday, I will test, cause Monday is cd33 for me, okay, Tuesday. So less than a week, I can DO THIS!
Stafl, wait with me, it'll be a nice DEEP DARK line, two lines that is!

aka Nat
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Congrats to Mamina, our first graduate of the thread!

Congrats to Kelly, who is on her way to an August bundle of joy!

MamaSoleil: Good luck, spotting can be a very good sign.

To those that are out, you have my sympathy.

Lisa_Lynn- people are telling you you are too young at 37? OMG! I'm getting that at 27, and I just refer them to that article in Time magizine a couple of months back that said there are measurable declines in fertility at 27, and they usually shut up. If I were you I would probably throw things at them. BTW, I strongly recommend NOT telling your in-laws you are trying. I told everyone because I didn't want them to ask me if I got pregnant "by accident". Instead, 11 cycles later, now I have to deal with family telling me I'm overreacting, that I will have a baby, "when the time is right" (because I don't know when the time is right, but they do?), and that children aren't worth having. Yuck.

As for me, here is my chart http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/193de/
as you can see, my temp has been VERy irregular, so I'm not holding out too much hope, but I am 15dpo, so if AF doesn't arrive before Saturday, I will test then.
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Jumping into Nov 2ww

Okay, assuming my body did what its supposed to and I ovulated on the New moon, and laid still long enough after BDing, and everything was right, I now have to wait 2 weeks before testing. Will try to not get all excited and cause my own symptoms this time around *sigh*. I did order 10 of those pg tests online (thanks to whoever posted about tests that are cheaper than EPT $12/test is really irritating).

*baby dust to everyone*

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Yeah! I am on my third day of super stretchy cm and crossing my fingers that this month is luckier than last. I have just gotten past a very stressful time in my life (unrelated to ttc) and hope my body is ready for pregnancy again.

I am so impressed with MamaSoleil's self control! I hope you get a quick positive when you do test.

Good luck and happy baby thoughts to all of us in this new Nov. two week wait!
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