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stafl, yeah I know its not my 'job' to make hubby happy... I kinda meant well, its really important to him to tell them, so I made a compromise. He won't let their nagging about why we shouldn't stop us. He compromised on starting early for me, so I can compromise on this one. And I KNOW his Dad is gonna be thrilled. At our wedding his speach was basically 'have kids. have them NOW.' Oh yeah and that I should be an 'Obedient wife' but there was a reason that when *I* wrote our wedding vows I left out obey huh? We're *partners* and make decisions TOGETHER. Duh!

naotalba I'm not 37. : I'm 24 (feb will be 25). Wonder where I wrote 37?? And yeah I don't want their comments if things don't happen quickly either... and the reason DH wants to tell them is so they don't think its a 'woopsie' either. He always wants so badly to please his mom, and she is so good at making him feel about 2 inches tall with a sentence. So I REALLY hope shes happy about this. She has been talking about wanting a bigger yard for grandkids... but the last time this came up (about 4 months ago) Dh said 'we're not ready yet' and she said "I didn't mean *you two*, YOU TWO need to WAIT!". But ah, he's the only married child of hers. And she's very religious and would certainly frown on pregnancy outside of marriage... and her only other kid who is old enough to be having sex is right in the middle of college. It would be good timing for him?! :

So we get to tell them Saturday at FIL's birthday party. I hope it goes well!

Lotsa baby dust to us all in the meantime!!
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Hi everybody,
Welcome to the new faces. Hanging in there, Mamasoleil?

I am now in "Officially Obsessing Mode". I am 11DPO, and today, my temp went way up- higher than it's ever been at 11DPO. AF is due Saturday, according to Ovusoft-a couple days late cause I O'd late this month. My chart is here:
if anyone cares to check it out.

Plus, I got promoted today!!!

Sending baby dust and all-around positive vibes your way!

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Ooooo - Tuli, could this be the beginning of a triphasic pattern for you?! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and MamaSoleil. And congrats on your promotion!

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Thanks, Kelly, i hope so! Now if those damn cramps could please stay away!!!! I'm pretty crampy right now. I'm trying to remember that it may not mean anything.

Have a great day,
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my hopes are starting to go up even higher.... I think i'm approx. 14 dp. (i didn't temp though, only watched ewcm). I've been tired, sore breasts, dizzy, but who knows, it could be "in my head".... i'm still going to try to hold off testing until sometime next week.....

So sorry for those of you who had a disappointing month, lots of baby dust to you for next month, and for those of you who are still in the 2ww......
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Tuli, I couldn't see your chart! :
I'm still hanging in, though I must admit, I took an HPT today and it was negative! So I'm waiting for AF to show her face again, and I'll tell her what I think of her little mind games!

To all others, I'm sure I'll be in the next cycle with you. That's alright, I like you all!

Fertility, baby dust, and calm thoughts,

aka Mamasoleil
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Mamasoleil - it might still be too early - don't give up just yet!

I'm about to break down and POAS myself, and I know it's too early. Hold me back! I need to lock those tests away somewhere where I can't get to them. :

Who else is left? Tuli, Ericka, Naotalba... Roll Call!
I'm 12 dpo (thurs)
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Good luck Tuli and Mamasoleil! It looks good for you both!

Regarding the roll call, I am just starting the TWW. Won't test until the 22nd of this month.

We did bd at the right times through. Super stretchy cf ending today... I hope I hope I hope it happens this month!

Let's wish for a bunch of late summer babes!
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I'm still here! Fertility friend is saying I o'ed on day 13 (its day 15 for me now, so still gotta get one more high temp 'for sure') but my cervical fluid was NOT matching up with that... more creamy with just a tad bit of stretch than egg white... we did bd day before and the day of supposed ovulation, so I hope hope hope it was good timing! If not well the practice is fun!

So ah, I've only used pregnancy tests for 'oh god please no' before (*snicker* and I was never REALLY thinking 'please no'! )... you know AFTER the period is way late... When can I start testing (that would start being accurate)? I'm thinking since its the two week wait, well two weeks seems to make sence, but I've always got AF after a 10 day luteal phase... should I start testing then or wait?

I know some tests are more sensitive than others, I've got a couple of sites with listings, and bulk buying, but I wanted to know what was a good brand before I buy a ton of um?
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I'm back!

Cycle 3, 1DPO.I've been really bad a temping this month (my dd decided to wean to her 'big girl bed' and I up and down all night), so I'm pretty sure my high temp this morning along with my ewcm means I ovulated yesterday or today. Not a ton of BD around here do to the afore mentioned problem, but we did manage to get some in yesterday. I have my fingers crossed.

The waiting is so hard! With dd I was pregnant the first time we bd (just lucky timing with dh always out of town), so there really was no waiting. Now that I'm finally in a good place and feel ready to do it all again, I have to wait and wait and wait! I don't know how those of you who have been at this for a while can stand it!

I must confess that I haven't been following the 2ww thread as much this month because I've been so sleep deprived and busy. I'll read though it this weekend. I'll just send out a congratulation to any newly pregnant moms, a big hug to those who af found already, and lots of baby dust to all of us still waiting!
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Hi all...I am new to this forum. I am on cd17...I "think" I O'd on day 14 or 15 (my temp dropped on day 14 and rose on 15). Last pregnancy it only took one month of charting to conceive...it's been three. I know I should be more patient...but I broke down in tears today. My temp dropped today...and I am frustrated.

BUT the only way to know for sure is when AF shows up....or doesn't...around the 18-20th.

Baby Dust to you all!!
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Hello Everybody!!
Congratulations to those who found themselves pregnant and a sad and mad face for those that AF came to visit.
Actually, I would like for you to send AF my way.
This is day 43 and still no ovulation!
I would like to A.)Ovulate or B.)See blood so we can start trying again. I don't know if I can stand one more low temp!
I am temped to put the therm away till Mon.
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Ahemm.. err.. I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I an sitting here crying and thanking my higher power, checking this urine-soaked stick like it might change if I don't look at it for a minute or two. You guys are the first to know-dh doesn't get home from work for about 5 hours. My plan is to stay online until he gets home, so that he can't call, so I can't tell him on the phone.

Here's baby dust for everyone ***(sprinkle)***

Lisa_Lynn: Sorry- I was looking at another poster's sig and thought it was yours! You should still throw things at people that tell you you're too young though. How the H-E- double hockey sticks do they know when YOU are ready?!?
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Natolba!! Congrats!! Yeeeeeeah!!! Must be hard waiting for hubby to come home!!
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Looks as if we will be testing about the same time. I am 1 DPO and hoping for a little sibling for my dd, Emma. How funny that we also have daughter's with the same lovely name. Can you imagine a mean person named Emma? I can't...

Naotalba, congratulations on your pregnancy! How did you tell Hubby?
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Congrats Naotalba!!! That's wonderful, I must say, July babies are really great! Dd was due July 18th,but came early June 29th, I love her, she is amazing! Have a beautiful pg!

NOw, AF showed up again, full on. So I'm now cd1. I'm gonna get a fertiliy tester, called "Luna", ever hear of it? It's good forever, not just a one cycle test. It tests your saliva. Let's hope this helps us bd at the right times!!!

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Our cycles have been pretty synchronized the last few monhts, haven't they? I may join you in getting a luna next month if this month isn't it. I keep getting pretty bad cramps, so I think AF may be waiting at the door. My chart should work-I checked it.

take care of yourself !

Congratulations, Neotalba!!!

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Thanks for the congrats. I told dh by handing him the test. He looked at it and said, "both of the windows have a minus sign, why are you smiling?" (he had only seen the plus sign/minus sign type before). I had to wait until midnight for him to get home, promptly went to bed, and woke up to find he had written a poem for the baby.

To those who got nabbed by the hag-- extra baby dust for you for next month ***sprinkle, sprinkle*** :better

Do we have anymore graduates yet? Madison and I are alone so far in the July 2003 thread. I hope to see lots of you over there soon.

BTW, Lisa_Lynn, my mom pulled that bs about, "I want another grandchild. But not by you, you should wait". As hurtful as that was, at least it gave me fair warning that she didn't have confidence in my ability to be a good mother at this time, and since I don't need unsupportive people in my life, I know to limit my contact with her after she discovers I'm preg.
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Another high temp today! 15dpo and no sign of af!
Though I always have 10 days of pms, and while this pms isn't like my normal pms, if that holds true, af isn't due until 17dpo. I did break down and test a couple days ago, too early, I'm sure, but I don't want to use my last test before Weds at the earliest.
Since I would expect AF next Sunday if I weren't charting, I am going to try to hold out until then! If af doesn't show by then, either I didn't really ovulate at all, or I am indeed pregnant.
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