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~Jan '05 ~Babylicious babes~ MAY part 1

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I am following a request to put abit of history on our thread...I'm thinking a more savvy person would know how to make this look better. I'm the one who still can't get photos in the text body! Next thread, whe nwe talk this one up- I invite someone to do that! Or cut and paste this and fix it, and I'll put it back here....If you want to add a link to your story or something, let me know!

To make the list, I just linked to the baby announcements on the preg. Jan list. I can change what you want content wise. I don't know how to embed links or anything fancy in the fromatting realm, so style of this page I am not wanting to fuss with. But I'll be glad to complile a more accurate link for birth stories or if theres something else appropriate, I'll gladly fuss with content....


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Rubysmomjess (Jess)- Isabelle
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Wowsers, I have to be up late to consume and digest all these posts!

I am in love wiht the photo feature- yer babbiesa re so cute!
I'd been wondering about how big Violets cheeks were now, cutie pie.
Love the big grinning boys, and their choice of smilies!
Evelyn and her nose- chowing.
KAthy- that is a prize winning photo! A family classic for sure- great expressions on them both.
Kaia's a cutie, would love to see a recent one whe nyou get her...
Big megan, The Bumbo kinda reminds me of the baby bjorn potty.
Ori is long and lean, a cutie standing like that, too!
And cutie Lauren....Did I miss anyone?

I agree with Karen I'd like to see mama pics, too. I;ve got most of you straight, but I always mix up Ori, Aine, and Elizabeth's mom's and I think having a face would help- I think I retain karen/jessi/lisa/kathy/laura/ann/pam/laura casue they posts lots and I have a face to go with them from somewhere along the way...and I just saw Az/Shari whe nyou sent the back carry photo- that helps for some reason to know what you all look like! I don't think I've ever seen a photo of you Andy.

Anyway-Andy hope yer talk and dh time brings peace.

Pam, hope your beltane blessing goes well- its about conception anniverasary for us all. Hope you haven't : got one on the way if you re not ready. I was tell dh and my work i was pregnant as a April fools joke, but it seemed to cruel. What is wrong with your hips by the way? And whats helping. Mine are still seriously messed up.

Lisa you get an award. You are so commited to your mothering! I'm glad your getting creative with your diet. I can't believe you are pulling it of with a make shift kitchen too. You make me look like a slacker.

Karen- i know about the seat thing. A friend loaned us the aquarium bouncy seat, which we mostly use with out the bling-bling. But I needed to cook and set it up with fake lullabies and all and she let me cook a whole meal. It was like baby TV- very passive entertainment, and very effective. I felt a bit guilty!

I did some shopping today too- went to Walmart to print up photos. My baby was so good- I was scrolling through a million photos and selecting them, pissing off the other customers who were waiting. I took forever, I was printing photos from Iris's birth all the way till now (and if you've seen the blog you know we have a million!) and then they said I picked the wrong size- the size that cost 1.57 each instead of 19 cents so i had to do it all over again! But Iris was in the sling and so happy. We went grocery shopping after that...

KAthy, I've never tried the bucket carts, I was tempted t ojust give it a shot. Iris loves the sling in the grocery store if I let her hang out away fro mmy body..then she can see me. Today I looked dow nat her after rushiing around doing all my stuff and she giggled wit hglee and flashed a big smile. I feel like she's real company now! I'm glad to hear it is working well for bbay number 2. I think if I

Az, as mentioned, try arnica for that ankle. owie.

In the middle of this I got up and nursed and "peed the baby" ala EC. I did the EC pee thing all day, even in the parking lot while shopping between the cars . I have a baby bjorn potty and I get so excited whe nshe pees in it. I admire the little puddle and feel so rewarded somehow !!! We are not hard core into it, but its FUN to get it right!

Welcome back MAry! Hope you get your sleep!

I better get some myself...Heidi
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I'm gonna miss more sleep, play the photo function, and see how long I can dominate this dang thread...Heidi



And Andy- I don't like this pic with way to much extra weight on me, but thats who I am for now!!!

OK, dang, I can't make this work. I cut the link in the yellow thing, but all I get is the link?
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OMG, is it May already?? May day is tomorrow? geesh. May day is lei day in Hawaii. I think there's some big celebration.... gotta look into it, or maybe we;ll just stay home, we've had a busy week.

I the pics Heidi! Iris is so scrumptious! and many thanks for including a pic of yourself- post partum and all.
sorry to hear your hips are still not good. interestingly the chiro told me that it takes like a year to get normal after birth : that's a long time.
speaking of.... what ever happened to chiromom- mar? well she was always a busy one- running around with 3 kids and all.

we had friends over for dinner- they cooked us a boillabaise (sp?)like soup. yum. the friend was trying to talk dh into going on a diving trip to another island next month :. I sorta jumped on dh that it was not ok for him to go away. I mean, it was ok with him gone, but hard for me and the boys. I think he's not understanding why we would care that he goes- even for one night.

it's late adn I'm sleepy.
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Good morning!! uh oh......... Torin is calling!
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Just subscribing.
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Post is coming today . . .

I think. The babies have really had us scrambling this week and we haven't had a lot of two-handed time. Until then, here are there 3-month photos to add to the collection of BEAUTIFUL babies and children. What a treat it has been to see everybody's happy, healthy babes! So much joy and love in this pictures. And, Human Being, you can add to the list:

Tigerpurring (Joyce) - Carmen and David, born 23 January 2005

Okay, these pictures were taken a week ago

Carmen on Grandpa's Shoulder:

And Davey:

I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Thinking about you.


Hmm! pix stopped showing (they were there earlier this morning). there's a size limit or something, maybe?
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Happy May Everyone! And happy 4 month day to Will. I can't believe that it has been four months already. It feels like it has been both longer and shorter. We lost a month in there somewhere. It has also been a month since his surgery! I am so excited.

I ventured over to the BFing board. There is a mama there who's kiddo is having the same procedure as mine. Hopefully I can connect with her and help alleviate some of her fears.

Went shopping all day yesterday. Did the girly thing, but found some good sales. Penney's had a great sale all yesterday morning but you had to buy everything by 1pm to get some of the deals. Good thing, or I would have stayed there longer. The company was okay, but it brought back all those icky feelings from high school of being on the outside of the clic looking in. I has pretty happy to get home.

Heidi - We use the bouncy seat too, but we also have a swing and this really obnoxious thing that Will can lay under and if he kicks it just right, it makes noise. We bought all these things when I was pg with Em and didn't know any better. Ikea has a quiet one of these kinds of toys, but I can't see buying another one when we are so close to being done with these kinds of toys in the first place. Hmm. We are having a yardsale in a couple of weeks, perhaps we could just get a new one and sell that one. Wonder if DH would agree to that./

Let's see if this works.

Wonder if it worked
Talk to you later

Didn't work, so here is the link to the album. I'll get it figured out later.
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Sheri and Karen, bibs would be great. I have some that are plastic on the back, but they are only a thin cloth on front (and they are HUGE for toddlers to eat with) and don't absorb anything. I want something that'll catch the HUGE drool but still a cute baby size bib.

Oooh Laura, I'm in love with Megan, that's a great smile!

LOL on Luka wanting a bouncy seat.

Andy, lol, I hope not! I am keeping a food journal, and making sure I get plenty of protein (although by Thanksgiving I might just not want any more turkey). I still have one food from every food group, actually 2 if I ate lamb, so we'll see. The pukes are still going on, the poo is still SO regular, nights are great, days are no sleeping, but I really think she's a lot more cheerful. Oh we do have a blog. Ha, that would be funny. I don't think dh has written in there since Lauren was born. It's mostly his place to rant about stupid things (people who think it's unpatriotic to disagree with the president, etc.) but it could become Lauren's puke journal.

I asked dh last night if he thought she was happier yesterday than last week. He doesn't think so. But I do. And I spend more time carrying, holding, bouncing and feeding her. Heck, I could probably reread all of my posts here, I tell you guys all about it!

Hope you and dh get a good talk in

Kathy, your girls are cutie patooties!

Andy your pic is teeny tiny on my screen!

Do y'all in HI have other stores than Sears? Seems the babies really like it there?

Woohoo new thread. Guess I'll have to copy this to a new window. Wow it's MAY! Dh is going to be 31 this month. I'm going to buy him a new dishwasher (ha! for me!) for his birthday. He's going to get me a garbage disposal for mine in July, and we're getting a fridge to celebrate our anniversary in Oct. (but I think we'll be getting it WAY before then).

Oh wow Heidi, YOU ROCK! We've been seriously slacking on daytime EC, but we're pretty good at night. Last night Lauren tooted at 2am, and it woke me, so I put her on the potty and nursed, there was a snart in the dipe, so it went to the pail, but the one I put on her, she woke at 6, nursed and pottied again, and the same dipe was totally dry so back on it went. Of course at like 7:30 while she was sleeping she pooed and I didn't want to wake her, so there goes my clean dipe!

I swear, dirty socks are like crack to my dog. She gets one and just wanders around the house in a daze, sits with this lost look on her face, etc. I just offered her a bite of my apple for the sock, and she *almost* refused the food!

Grocery store - I've been going when Lauren is sleeping But I did take her out to TJs and the hfs last week, used the fleece sling at both but took the stroller to TJs (we had been all over the outdoor mall that morning) and put my groceries in the stroller.

I think the buckets on the carts are ok IF you are going to talk to your kid. If you're going to strap them in there and then drag the cart by the front edge while you put food in, then no go in my AP book.

Heidi you need the [ IMG ] link [ /IMG ] on both sides of each pic.

Annie, what are you doing up so early? Or was it just midnight when you subbed?

Nicole, your pics have to end in .jpg to post,
Joyce, I don't know why yours aren't showing, because i can see them on the blog if I follow the links.

Just for kicks I'm going to repost them and see if they work. It's bugging me that they aren't!!
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Hrm, I couldn't get them to show up. Maybe it's just my computer and everyone else can see them?

Andy, do you want album space to put pics?

Lauren and sleeping beauty (dh) are up, the dog has the ENTIRE sock in her mouth (you know when she has something because she doesn't pant) and she's thinking she's all smart like we don't notice. :LOL

Dh is such a kind man.. "honey do you want some bacon for breakfast" UGH. YES I WANT SOME BACON!! Maybe I'll go blog about it.

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Woohoo, May thread! I have to go finish reading the April one now 'cause i don't know what's going on anymore. :

Everyone's posting pictures but they don't work, is that it? Y'all can just look at my siggie link. There should even be new ones going up today. I took like a million of her face this morning while she was lying on me.

Went to my cousin's 2nd birthday yesterday. 5 toddlers, 3 older kids, and Bea was the only baby. Aiii, it was nuts in there! My aunt tried to make the poor overtired little guy sit still on the floor with everyone staring at him and open one present after another, and got aggravated when he wanted to play with the first thing he opened, of course. And everyone was yelling at their little ones for throwing toys, taking toys away from each other, touching breakables, etc. I just wanted to Oh, and of course they were all hyped up on jello, ice cream, cake, soda, and cheesy popcorn. I'm starting to worry about how to deal with this stuff next year when "she can eat food". Guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. At least they're not trying to do that yet; my other aunt actually hollered at me thinking I was feeding the baby frosting (I was actually eating cake over top of the baby, cause she was in the pouch ).

She's really getting serious about those crunches. I think she'll be sitting up very soon.

Uh oh, she's cranking at Mike. I should probably see if I can get her to sleep. Have a good day, folks.
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Yay! More cute babies to wake up to

Tigerpurring - I could see your pics just fine. SO adorable, I think Carmen might have bigger cheeks than Violet?! And Davey just looks so happy and sweet! But where are you? C'mon we wanna see what everyone looks like!

Heidi - OMG!!! Iris is SO cute!!! I love that smile and that hair! Can I steal her and squish her, and love her and cuddle her? She could be Violet's squish buddie. She really looks alot like her mama. I bet people tell you that all the time. She's really beautiful.

Bea is really precious, gorgeous actually, and it was nice to see a pic of mama and papa

I couldn't see Nicole's or Andy's?

Kathy - that picture is a framer. I LOVE it.

Lisa- you silly, of course we have more than Sear's here. Actually, on this side of the island we only have Sear's, a sad Macy's and lots of independent shops. The other side of Oahu is a sprawling metropolis (well, as big as you can get on an island) and has all the stores you would see in any big city. The only thing we don't have is Target, or Ikea, or Penney's. Kind of a bummer. I wish we at least had a Target.

Well, I was planning on trying to go to church today, but I couldn't get my snarf together enough to make it on time. What to do, what to do. Maybe I'll go to the beach.

Last night we went to dinner with my mom and some professors from UH, semi fancy restaraunt and all. Boys were crazy, Violet slept through the whole thing. The food was really good though. Makai kept screaming, lizard, frog, moon!! Not sure what that was about.

Bea, LOL on the birthday party. I can relate - they can be a tad scary.

So Violet has been sleeping through the night for about a month now. She goes down around 7-8 and wakes up around 9. I usally have t oget her up, because the boys get up at like, 6. I think she wakes up about once to nurse. The really freaky thing is that the past couple nights, I've laid her on the bed next to me, cuz she didn't want to nurse - just wiggle. So, she'll wiggle around for a couple minutes and then drift off to sleep. It kinda freaks e out, I mean, I know its a good thing - but I feel sorta bad. Like I should be holding, rocking or nursing to sleep. I'm silly.

Ok, well I think she just pooped on her little play mat thingy. Yep, she did. I should probably go.
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Replies to some stuff from the old thread:

Ooh Kaia and Michelle! She looks a lot like you.

Laura: Great Big Sea is good, they're pretty popular so you should be able to find them anywhere. I also like Heather Dale

Az: Eek, I hope the ankle is better.

Karen: lol @ the bouncy seat thing. Sometimes Bea gets aggravated and wants me to leave her alone, and I feel like I'm doing ap wrong or something. I think she was jealous of the bucket baby with the dangly toys at Borders the other day. And then there's today... will not sleep in bed without me there, and didn't want to nurse with me sitting up until just now. Now she's asleep on my shoulder. Whee, velcro baby (or do I have to say aplix baby in case velcro decides to claim her? :LOL )

Yeah, none of the pics are showing up for me on the other thread, either. I'm not sure if I can remember which babies I've seen and which I haven't. Maybe another part of the first post of the threads could be making links to the babies' blogs or webpages or whatever on their names, for those of us that have them. I was also thinking links to all the old threads. Sorry, I keep throwing these ideas out and not actually doing the work.
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Jeni, *tsk* to you for feeding a baby icing!! :LOL

Annie, it's good to know you aren't stuck in island limbo with ONLY a Sears Although I think life w/o Target would be a bummer.

So I made turkey soup for lunch - rice noodles, a cubed potato, some meat, and the broth, and it needed salt. Not too bad, although not as good as my chicken soup is.

UGH Dh just doesn't get it. I've been in bed nursing Lauren for 1.5 hrs. Every time she's just sleeping *something* happens. She pees. Dog barks. Dh slams the front door and shakes the entire house. Whatever it is, it wakes her up. So we've gone through 3 dipes, tried a paci, emptied both boobs, puked twice, pooped once, and now she's in there, kicked off the covers, talking to her hands or something. I told dh he is the mommy for a few hours, and his response was, "Do you think she'll take a bottle?" UGH. Just what I want to do, leave my kid and a bottle with his MOTHER?!?!?! He says I'm frazzled and I need to go out to dinner or a movie with him without her. I don't WANT to go anywhere, much less without her, I just want her to take a little nap!

Ok writing that it does seem that I'm frazzled, but I'm really not, I'm just tired of laying in bed twisted sideways so she can nurse. It hurts my back after a while, and it's really frustrating to have a kid who a) doesn't think she needs sleep and b) wakes with the slightest noise or movement. I think perhaps I will put a cover on her dipe, get her some clothing on, and leave dh here all alone. I have a gift card for Target to spend, and it's practically guaranteed that she will sleep in the sling while I wander around the store.

So dh went out this morning to the airport to add $$ to his account so he can fly some more. While he was gone I decided it was time to go back to coverless dipes since we've been really sucky with the ec lately. He peed her when he got home, and then she peed again for me after lunch, and pooped between nap attempts. Peed twice too, but those were in dipes. I might as well get peed on a few times now and get back in the swing of things instead of getting her too used to peeing in the dipes and going through potty learning when she's 2.

Hey Andy, I took your advice, I'm blogging about the diet. Funny too, I'm not really trying to lose weight, I'm eating a ton, but I haven't been this size since uh.. Aug. 01 for my friend's wedding. Not that I'm skinny yet, but someday in the future (maybe the fall?) I might be back to my grad school weight.

Baby fussing. Dh is sitting here like a lump refusing to go get her, even though he *knows* I'm frazzled. UGH. Where's the smiley for *kicking* him in the tushie?
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Hi all - I wrote in this am with new pics and everything, and the darned machine did a wonko on me . I was SO mad 'cause it always takes me a really long time to figure it all out and now it's either figure it all out over again (you'd think it'd be easier the 2nd time, but I guess NOT :LOL ) or just leave off the pics, which weren't maybe working so well anyway??? I was so mad that I grrrrd into the computer screen and Ori got scared and actually put both his hands on my face and kinda kissed me. It was so sweet : and then he cried and we nursed back to sleep because the little stinker woke at 5 again. annie, can I borrow a little sleep off you? I mean I know you've got 3 kids, and that you are busy and crazy running around all day and I'm sort of blobby sitting here waiting and nursing and NOT doing a whole lot, but I could REALLY use some long term sleep. It's been a while since I even got 4 hrs. sigh. I'm sorry you didn't quite make it to church today, but maybe a quick prayer on the beach will work for ya?!

Heidi - thanks for the new thread! I love your pics. Ya know, I was kinda heavy after my first, and I said ok, this is who I am for now, thinking that I would motivate 'later' and get it back together. And so 7 yrs. later when baby boy is born I'm back to about that same weight and now I KNOW how hard it's gunna be, and I'm dreading it. I dread looking at myself. I dread wearing clothes. I dread summer and swimming and the pool and all of the crziness that our social crap has heaped onto our poor working mama bodies. I do love myself, I just do NOT fit the image of myself that I want. Even knowing that it's all propaganda, even knowing that I am completely responsible for my own feelings and happiness, I still have trouble with it. Actually, I think the saddest part for me is knowing that I am educated enough to be smart about not getting actually depressed about it, but these feelings are quite popular also among the less educated who then work themselves to the bone to lose the weight or who get depressed because they can't or don't lose it. It's nuts.

rant over.

Iris is quite the little chubby angel! That gauzy sling looks yummy too!
Ok, here's me. let's see if they come out.


and me with Karen's Mei Tai


and just for fun, the tiny pics of the kids (I know, I made them too small. I'll try a little bit bigger. They don't give a lot of choices, ya see, so I'm trying not to fill the ROOM with the picture!


Nicole - I think it's great if you can help another mama cope with the craziness, fear and horror of going through baby surgery! You were AMAZING yourself, and it's wonderful of you to share that way. You GO MAMA!

Lisa - LOL on the puke blog! I think you're doing great. Your memory seems fine so far. When did you say your birthday was? How old is dh? Where do you live? :LOL So long as I can use the photobucket page I'm ok, I think. Now I've kinda got the hang of it (yeah, right ).

Little Bea is so sweet.

Lizard Frog Moon. I've got the decipher squad working on that one, Ann. I'll let you know. It could be (LFM- Let's Free Mom) in code :LOL Jerry thinks he's connecting with a higher source - like some UFO out there somewhere, but I don't know about that. He's pretty darned cute to be an alien! And besides, if he's an alien from outer space, then Violet would have to be part alien too, and although it's unusual that she's such a good sleeper, I think she's WAY too cute to be an alien! So once again I have proved the man WRONG! :LOL

Ok, I'd better go and get something done around here. People are looking at me funny 'cause all I ever do is sit here and 'chat'. :

xxx andy
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Phew...Just finished the other thread, and now I have a new one to read!!

We made it thru ds's birthday and this week is our anniversary (5yrs). Not sure what we will do. May talk my parents into watching ds and take dd with us. we shall see...

DD is a lot of fun now. I think I do older babies better too. DS is starting to appreciate her more also. He is pretty cute with her. Today he read her a story. Both are sleeping now

Hmmm...so many things to reply to, but no time right now. My mom is coming over.

I will have to post some pics of us (including one of me)...

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Hi mamas,
I got no pics today in this thread

Lisa- this island is the one with scanty shopping. Where we live there's sears and macy's- walmart (never gone there) and just got home depot. so not too much. the other side of the island, 2 hours away has the same, plus kmart. actually they have no sears. mostly people go to Annie's island to shop. We don't even have chain stores like the gap here- not that it's a bad thing. I usually shop when I go to the mainland.

oh, I just noticed that i got some pics. Of ANDY! woo hoo! Girl all those pics I have looked at and I had a completely wrong idea of what you looked like! Thanks mama! You're Beeeoootiful!

I wishj I could see the twins pic!! and I was able to see Nicole's by following the link. sweet

Jeni- kid's parties, soccer games, anything can be hard with food. I'm lax as far as a lot of things (after many hard parties and things). But I had a very hard time with soccer.... the junk that people brought! ugh. Noam played soccer just so he could get the candy (his words). ugh.

oh, someone's here.... better run ... don't wanna get caught chatting!
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Andy, maybe the blob online typing thing IS our problem with babies who won't sleep? Annie is going crazy running around and we're sitting at home pulling our hair out, her babe sleeps, ours don't? Time to get out and run?

Oooh Karen, no shopping at all. Sounds nice. Dh and I make a point to buy local and/or mom&pop stores if we can, but we just spent $$ at Lowe's getting a sink, garbage disposal, faucet, and a few odds and ends.

We're going to throw a "help us hang our cabinets" party for Memorial Day. Turning Memorial Day into Labor Day in our house. Dh doesn't think we should start at 8am. I think we should. I think we should serve breakfast to those who want to come at 8, and then lunch to everyone, and hopefully send them all home by dinner time.

My diet should be under control by then, and it should be nice and warm out, might as well have a little fun, eh?

Dh is making PIZZA for dinner. Turkey for me, turkey for you, I like to eat turkey in my big red shoe....

It's raining the nicest softest big fat raindrops here, the kind I like to run around in with my shoes off. Lauren is kicking the toys on the bling bar on the bouncy seat, it's funny. She can just reach one of them with her hand (she slid down in the seat, bad mama didn't buckle her in) and she's doing pilates and picking her feet up. Fun!

5 more min. and then I have to take her potty. I'm offering it every 30 min until we get back on track. Like my own little punishment for being a bad ec'er. And I'm frantically searching online for the antique bathtub supply people, we have a pedestal tub and dh broke one of the supply lines when we moved in, he replaced it with GARDEN HOSE! and it's time for us to have the bathroom get finished.

We're going to set a strict calendar and get this house done. The bathroom only has about 1/2 day of work in there, a little grout, the water supply lines, and some trim. I think the kitchen is a BIT more work, but we should be in good shape to put the cabinets in by the end of May.

Gotta go,
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What a day.....
dh decided to go work on our property (not where we live). it's heavily covered in plants and trees that need to come down (we're getting a dozer out there soon, but he can't wait).
He called me after he'd been there an hour or so and asked if I was planning on going anywhere. I told him no, and asked if he forgot something he needed or something. He said no, to just stay home... he sounded weird, but I just ignored it.

Well about 30 minutes later he called adn said "I'm 1 minute from home. When I get there, I don't need you to be mad at me or yell at me or anything, I just need your love". I figured right then that he did something stupid and got hurt. I got the arnica ready and waited.
Well he did get hurt alright. Was cutting down a big palm that fell onto another palm and one of them came and hit him and threw him and knocked the wind out of him
so he's all busted up. it hit his ribs (that he just had worked on in thailand), his right bicep is all scratched up (like super raw cut skin), his knee also. He's lucky it wasn't his head.
So now I have both a baby and a busted up dh to take care of. Ra'am is gone for the day too- which is probably good because he would have started bawling when dh got here- yk how sensitive he is.

So i've been good and haven't yelled at dh for being so stupid- aparently he did it enough to himself and doesn't need it from me too. it's always worse to get it from yourself. So instead I've been trying to keep it light and I;ve been laughing at him. :LOL Laughter IS healing, after all!

on the brighter side of things, Luka is so funny. I was holding him and grabbed the bread out of the fridge- he just lunged at the plastic bag and tried sticking it in his mouth. He's interested in everything. At least he can get things to his mouth reasonably these days.

send him some healing vibes please, mamas! I love him dearly, but between you all and me, he has a pretty low pain threshold and complains a lot :
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Oh no Karen!!! That's awful. I hope he's ok. Did he actually break anything, or is he just really bruised up? That majorly sucks. My dh is the same way about pain. It drives me batty.

Az- how's the ankle? I hope you are getting some good service from dh today, and a little r & r.

We went down to the beach today. It really was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, no wind and there was a low, low tide so the water was only about knee to thigh deep for almost a quarter mile out. The boys went way out there and snorkeled a bit. All in all it was a great time. I've got the neighborhood posse over right now, they're resting and watching Willy Wonka. Something about that movie totally entrances them.

Lisa and Andy - on the blob thing. The only way I can get my children to sleep is if I run them down to the point of complete exhaustion. Literally, I mean they actually will fall down asleep on the living room floor around 7:00. Sad, but with two small boys I don't really know what else to do. If they have any empty lull time, they just fight with each other, or break things...I'm starting to get used to that level of energy - Makai just got out of the baby stage - but its still crazy sometimes (ok, well always)

Aliens? Hmm..well, that sure would explain alot about dh
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