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My grandmother's pantry

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I found myself thinking about it recently. Maybe because of hauling around the giant tubs of grain and rice that I have stashed in my basement :LOL It was such a wonderful place! It was a long, narrow room that connected the dining room and kitchen. Cabinets with glass doors on either side, a window looking out onto the back yard, one tall cabinet for brooms, etc, low cabinets with solid doors on two walls . A long marble counter top under the window. A large bin that pulled out, probably for potatoes. Big drawers under the couter. The room was completely unheated, and part of it was over the basement stairwell and the rest of it jutted out of the rest of the house a few feet so it was always cool. She put her pies and cookies in there to cool... Wish I had something like it now...
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That's so funny! We have been "planning" (fantasizing, really) to build an addition with a new kitchen for a couple of years now and a pantry exactly like that is what I have planned for what is now a porch off the dining room. It had seemed like the ideal space for a walk-through pantry to me... I'm glad somebody else has an actual memory of such a space and I'm not crazy.
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It sounds like an old butler's pantry.. Oh, how I would love to have a pantry like that!
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A friend of mine has an old farmhouse that has a pantry like that.
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I looooooooove old pantries like that! Unheated, quaint little room with lots of storage....I've seen pantries like that in several old houses of friends/relatives.

I love old pantries so much!!!!
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Oh, that would be awsome. I would love a pantry like that. Actually, I would love any pantry at all. I think your Grandma's pantry is probably bigger than my whole kitchen! :LOL
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