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Becca, I feel for you. I don't agree with my really CLOSE friends' parenting styles, and it's so hard.

Ashley, I saw a Vote for Pedro shirt at Dillard's. The dancing is my favorite part, too! :LOL

Kate woke up all night last night screaming bloody murder (in my ear!!) with teething pain, I'm assuming. Poor baby. Nothing seems to help these days!
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Ashley~ Oh my Gosh, we love that movie! Sometimes I will call Hans and ask him if his chickens have big tallons. And I'm so sorry for you having to stay in a house where they treat there baby like that. It has always been sad for us when people treat there babies not like human beings, but a puppy or interactive toy to put away when you are tired playing with it. We officialy dropped our closest friends because they would do very upsetting things like spank their 18 month old son for peeing in his diaper because they are getting him to potty train. Hello! I'ts a physical development, not something you can force! They also spank and I couldn't stand there with my son while they spank his friend and be able to say something to him about that being abuse,etc. Even though we get along and camp, surf etc we had to do what's right for the kids in the long run.

I am not sure Bryn is going to be crawling anytime soon. He doesn't have awhole lot of fat and he's pretty average size, so there's not alot to hold him up. Also because he was a month and a half early he is still behind developmentally, although he is eally smart. So just behind a bit physically. Well, gotta get the kid to school adn as Hans would say, pay attention to the children.
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Becca, that's awful! They spanked him because he peed in his dipe?? Oh, that poor baby!
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Can you belive it?! We were standing in the garage and she brought him in to dad and said he just wet his diaper. He picked him up and spanked him and told him bad baby and you don't go potty in your diaper. Hello, why do you ave a diaper on then!!
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That just makes me sick!
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Happy May Everyone! We are in the midst of a growth spurt right now. David wants to eat, eat, and eat some more. He is waking up every 2 hours to nurse. I am one tired mama! Maybe he will fit into his 3-6 month clothing finally.

On the physical front, he has been crawling for a good month and a half now. In the last 2 weeks he is pulling up and starting to cruise just a little. He also knows how to lower himself to the ground so there are no face plants. He is also sitting up better but he doesn't slow down to sit up unless he is hungry.

Christoper is potty training! I am going to be sad to see my oldest not wearing his cute cloth diapers anymore. Christopher's latest saying is "I pee potty get monies!" Stickers and M&Ms didn't work. He loves his Bob the Builder Bank!
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I love Napoleon Dynamite also. Have you seen this: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/ndsound.php it's a bunch of soundbites from the movie, so funny. My sister, who is 12, wants Napoleon Dynamite as her boyfriend and knows the whole dance scene by heart.

Nothing much going on here, though LaRue got her first tooth and is very cranky because she also has a cold.

My pouches are a really good way to meet other moms, and I meet a really hip mom who I've been hanging out with about every other day for the past few weeks. It's great because I'm the only person she knows who is an alternative parent so she gets to have someone supporting her for following her instincts. She gets the spoiling comment a lot, but now she gets to see how ap babies turn out, since my 4 y.o. is great (if I do say so myself).
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Originally Posted by FeministFatale
My sister, who is 12, wants Napoleon Dynamite as her boyfriend

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Okay Mamas . . . I know I am really out of the loop when it comes to movies, but I have never even heard a darn thing about Napoleon Dynamite! : What the heck are you mamas talking about?!?!?!?!

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Was it here that you guys were talking about Baby Lulu fabrics? I was just looking at Baby Bloomrs hyena cart stocking today... Look at this set! WOW!!! If I had a girl, I'd be hard pressed not to scoop it up!

Okay, I'll post more in a little while... just in case anyone actually wants to get that before someone else finds it! :LOL
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OOOOHHH... I wish I had a girl. I can't go to HC anymore because it's to tempting to spend the paypal when I already have plenty of dipes. I'm always a sucker for mdf though
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Originally Posted by FeministFatale
I love Napoleon Dynamite also. Have you seen this: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/ndsound.php it's a bunch of soundbites from the movie, so funny. My sister, who is 12, wants Napoleon Dynamite as her boyfriend and knows the whole dance scene by heart.
That soundboard is hilarious. My husband just got home and we went through all the quotes.... laughed and lauged.... : I think we're going to record the "Hello?" On our voicemail.

Zen-ozz: Napolean Dynamite is a fairly new movie that's become a cult classic. It's a very unique, low budget look at a teenage nerd, basically. The humor comes in the way he talks, walks, looks (wears moon boots in the summer), and especially the comments he makes. In the end... he dances. You'll have to see the movie to get the full effect!! :LOL I went back to the high school I used to teach at last year and apparently the kids are all obsessed with ND and constantly quote the film. Hey, they have good taste!

In other news, DH came home with four baby chicks for me for early mother's day present. They're adorable, one week old. Now we're planning how to build a backyard suburban chicken coop...

AND, thor just cut his 5th, 6th, and 7th teeth!!! No wonder he's been awake all the time.
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OKay, I am going to go crazy if Andrew doesn't either cut a tooth or learn to crawl already! He is so frustrated because he can't get anywhere that he just fusses all day unless I hold him so he can stand up and walk around. But he's not stable enough that I can just let him cruise without being there to watch him, becuase he just throws himself around. And I can't use my sling anymore when I'm actually doing anything in the kitchen becuase when I put him in a back carry he's figured out how to swing himself to either side and grab at stuff. I guess I need to sew that ABC that I cut out.
ANyway, this is also our second day since the play, so he's all out of sorts and wants mom all the time and I"m all out of sorts becuase I'm overtired and my house hasn't been cleaned in a week and a half. OH well, I'd better go do some cleaning to solve at least part of my problem. At least he went to bed early.
I also love Napolean Dynamite. My nefews (ages 15 and 12) introduced me to him. My favorite thing about the movie is how all the camera angles are so boring. I taught a media studies class last year and I really noticed how it's all purposely shot with the worst, most boring angles. For some reason that just cracks me up, when I see all the straight on shots of Napolean and Pedro and they're just staring off and talking. It's so stupid.
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That THor is one toothy kid! Robin just cut #3 and 4, and it was a tough few week s- the first 2 just magically appeared, so I was spoiled.

Robin has been crawling and pulling up for a few months, and has gotten good at lowering herself, but now she's standing and letting go, and has definitely seen the return of the face plows. But now, she's falling harder (maybe b/c she's up to 16 lbs - woo-hoo 28th percentile!) - she's getting bruises and welts on her forehead - I just kissed a goose egg as I was putting her to bed

Sooo..Robin sleeps (mostly) in her crib, and last night I brought up her basket of clean diapers after she was asleep, so I just put it in the doorway. WHen I got up 2 times in the night and changed her, I just grabbed a diaper on the way to get her. Then, this morning my DEAR Clint got up and changed her, played, etc., and dropped her off in bed with me as he left for work. We nursed and snoozed, then all the sudden, a few hours later, I woke to find Robin awake and both of us in a huge warm puddle. It was a MAJOR leak - and when I saw the diaper she was in, I was really disappointed - It was a newish wiggle worm diaper that leaked when she was smaller but now is a much better fit, so I've been counting on it as a night diaper.
Well, when I went to strip her and change the diaper I realized my husband had put the cover on with NO diaper! Instead, he put in a little flannel butt wipe - as though it would serve as a diaper. She's 8 months old - this isn't his first time changing her! It was so ridiculous, I had to laugh. He says it was all he could find - apparently he didn't see the basket half-blocking the doorway. Not to mention we have a 2nd changing table downstairs, with diapers and covers. What a goober!
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Hi Mamas!!! Happy May!

We have been really busy the last couple weeks.

Buns is starting to eat more solids. She still isn't super interested, and I was sick and very tired the last week and ended up buying some Earths Best and trying those and so far she really likes them.

She is also cutting her top two teeth, and that has been rough on both her and me. She loves to bite down while nursing when she is teething. OUCH.

She still isn't crawling, and she throws a fit if I put her on her stomach. She sits fairly well but no crawling.

Yo Becca- Wow, I would have really had a hard time with that situation, I admire your strength in not saying anything. Were they there when you put their baby in your sling and did they say anything?

We had a TWO great sling moments this week. A little boy was on his Dads shoulders and gave me a thumbs up and told his dad "that little girl looks like a kangaroo" and then a very nice man THANKED us for carrying her in a sling and how it socializes her and how much nicer it is to see a baby in a sling, it really made my day.

I also have finally met some Mamas that AP parent. I am so thrilled, we have gotten together twice and I really already adore all of them and their babies!!!

Things are swell and hope all is with all of you too!!!!
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HeatherB -- the person who made that must be part of the same co-op, that was one of the fabrics available. I just made Chloë a skirt with that fabric and I'm thinking I'll make either a dress or pants for LaRue. She is charging A LOT for that. It was only $5/yard and 60 in. wide. You don't need a whole lot of the fabric for the dress and a diaper cover. I'm betting it didn't take a whole yard to make that set.

Wow Augustine, 7 teeth! LaRue is only working on her first. I was vibing her out to be a late teether, I guess it worked

Bunsmom -- that's great that you met some moms that you really connect with. I think that the days seem shorter when you hang out with friends.
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I'm selling the script of series finale of Seinfeld that has been signed by the whole cast on ebay (one of the main characters of Seinfeld has a child who has been in the same class as my 12 yr. old sister since kindergarten and he included it in the school auction held right before they aired the finale. My mom bought it and now gave it to me to sell since she likes to purge possessions). It's up to $81 with over 2 days to go. I've never had anything on ebay sell for anywhere close to that much. I'm kind of scared of what the final price may bring. There are a bunch of people watching the auction and only 3 of them so far are the ones who have bid on it.
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That was so funny!!! My dh and I laughed so hard listening to and reading those sound bites. He is the I.T. guy at his work, and he wants to secretly plant his coworker's computer so that when she makes an error, it says, "It's a piece of crap, it doesn't work" ... and when she turns it on, it says, "How's it going?" LOL

Actually, the thing I keep repeating over and over in my mind since I saw the movie is that goofy brother singing at his own wedding. HA! I wonder if they have other clips from the movie on that site.

McKenna started rocking on all fours yesterday and today. It's about to get interesting, LOL. Dh rigged up our Super Yard foldable gate across a large portion of the living room, so I ended up not having to babyproof that giant messy area around the fireplace after all...

Ahhh, now dh has digressed on that site and is playing the Numa Numa video with the college kid singing. I love it, Jen!! Though I must say, the original video is my favorite.
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Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa --- Lookie, lookie what I just found: LOL :LOL

The Napoleon Dynamite Numa Numa Dance: http://www.flashplayer.com/music/napoleonnumadance.html

OK, I need to be crafting while the babies sleep.... But this was funny too: Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa kid) on American Idle: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/227808
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I love the dancing, but that Numa Numa song was just too horrible to bear
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