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I am so tired Zeke has been sick the last three days with an ear infection and and Zoey came down with the same thing last night. DH was gone all weekend. I was up Saturday night at 3 am and didn't go back to sleep. Last night, Zoey was up crying every hour. I couldn't get the pain in her ear to go away! I am holding off on the antibiotics, as I think it's viral, seeing as they seem to have the same symptoms. Zeke seems to be better. Zoey's fever was 102.5 today . Holy crap was she miserable! I swear I was seeing care bears today, I was so pooped. DH is home now and I am going to sleep with Zeke in the spare room. Hopefully I will get good sleep.
DH and I both have the bug too . . . boo hoo! I just want us all to be healthy!

Hope all the NC Mamas have a great time! I'm so jealous! It was so great to see Sarah, Lucy and Jack a few weeks ago -- would love to see them again and other mamas and babies. Have fun!
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Kristen - -I hope you get some sleep soon!
Raechel -- I just moved to Saskatchewan, but I've lived in the lower mainland for the last 10 years! Man, I miss rhodedenrons, decent coffee and farmer's markets! Nice to meet you.

NC moms are meeting today? Hope you had a blast! I think it would be weird to meet in person after chatting on line for so long!

Andrew started commando crawling today! I plunked him down in the hall in front of a couple of toys and dashed off to the kitchen to quickly get something done, and I was amazed because I didn't hear him fussing after about 2 min, and I looked, and there he was, pulling himself around the corner into the kitchen! And what did he head straight for? The cat food. I guess I've got to babyproof this week, because he can already pull up quite well. Anyway, it's very exciting becuase he was MUCH less frustrated and grumpy today.

Of course, he was so wound up about crawling and being able to walk holding onto only one of my hands (his other new trick today) that I couldn't get him to sleep all day long. He just wanted to stand or crawl. He finally sacked out after a 20 min. sling ride around the neighbourhood, and he hasn't woke up since. I feel kind of bad becuase he's sleeping in a onesie, a t-shirt and his shoes and he smells of citronella (the mosquitos have arrived!), but I say, "let sleeping babies lie!"

Goodnight all!
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Just wanted to say hi quickly... I'm finishing our packing for a trip down to San Diego and L.A. this week. We leave in the morning and will be back on Sunday. We'll be visiting my dad and his side of the family, as well as an uncle and his family from my mom's side. Should be fun!

We're still working on how the boys and I will get back to Texas in another 10 days or so. It's possible that my best friend will fly out here next week (as soon as we get back from SoCal), and then she and I will drive with the boys to Texas. That's a LOT of driving, but certainly also a lot of fun to do together. She and I haven't had that much time together since we did a "girls' weekend" a year ago! I'm getting nervous, though, thinking of such a long drive, over a lot of mountainous terrain, with two boys, etc. The benefit of driving is that I'd then have a vehicle when we get back home. We might also then drive to Cincinnati to see my mom's family at the first of July. Of course, then I feel like we should just plunk down the money to fly all of these trips and save the time and energy! Not that flying alone with two kids is easy - eek! But it's definitely quicker!

Better get back to what I need to do... But just wanted to say : and hope everyone has a great week!
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ack, look at this study my hubby found: http://www.freep.com/news/nw/deform27e_20050527.htm
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Yikes, Savannah! Scary stuff!

Did I ever say that I love this group of moms? All the thoughtful posts about respecting other mamas (whether it be WOHMs or lactavism) have literally brought me to tears a couple of times.

M is still dealing w/ rotavirus (i think) - it's been nasty. My poor baby is all skin and bones She's still taking in fluids and seems a bit better today, but it's been a rough road.

Hugs, zen-ozz for the sickos in your house, too.

R points now - is great about telling us where she wants to go and what she wants to see - it's hilarious! SHe's clapping and waving, too. With M being under the weather, we're realizing what a rambunctious almost 9 mos old we have!
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HeatherB -- If you have any free time in LA we should meet up at the park or something. It would be great to meet you irl.
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Scarym Savannah!

FF, I got my friend's sling today. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to give it to her tonight. I also love your cards..very cute...I have them and my slings conveniently lying around for playgroup at my house today! I'm determined to make you famous in Dallas! I also am planning on having you make one for my pregnant cousin in Amarillo who saw mine. For those of you who live in Texas, you know what a coup it is to have a panhandle Mama slinging. (no offense to any panhandlers.. )

Can I tell you how much I adore my little sister??? She is a teacher and is out for the summer, so she's staying with me for the next 2 weeks to help me get Kate to sleep. I will not let her CIO, so we're doing something from NCSS (because I can no longer handle the 15+ a night wakings )...Last night, when she woke up and I knew she wasn't hungry b/c she'd just eaten, my sister went in an picked her up until she stopped crying, put her down immediately when she was happy, picked her up as soon as she cried, etc....59 times!!! took 45 minutes!!! Then Kate rolled over and went to sleep. Later in the night, she did it 9 times..a few hours later ONLY ONCE!!! For nap this morning, it took 5x's...then 7x's...and for her afternoon nap I put her down and she rolled over and went to sleep!!! I hope this isn't a fluke because I am really suffering with sleep depr...I know you all feel my pain and are in the same boat...please keep us in your thoughts this week as we continue to try to break the nightwakings without letting her cry.
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Leomom ~ best to you as you try to get out of this cycle. I know exactly how exasperating it can be to have babe wake so much. My little zoey did that for the first 8 months of her life. I finally realized that she needed to sleep on her own, which was heart breaking to me, as we are a cosleeping family. When I put her in the crib, she started to sleep so much better almost immediately. She still woke a couple of times a night, but nothing like the 20 - 60 times I was dealing with when she was in bed with us. For the first week, i slept in the room with her in the spare bed. At first I would get up when she cried and comfort her, first by picking her up, then just by touching her , then I would stay in bed and just talk to her. She never CIO, and soon came to love her crib -- she would dive into it at sleep times! When she was almost two, she realized that we were all in the same bed and she was alone in the crib, and she wanted to come back in with us. She has been with us since and sleeps just fine.

Now we have new issues with cosleeping and I think it is time for Owen and Zoey to get into their own room. They seem to have no understanding of the fact that we all share a bed and we need to be respectful of one another. I can't tell you the number of times they have woken Zeke up. In our new house, there isn't room for a king and a twin in any of the bedrooms, so i guess it is just time. I will really miss sleeping with all of them, but the truth is, lately it has been too disruptive to my own sleep and to Zeke's as well.

We are still sick here, but I did get a bit more sleep, so I don't feel as horrible. I can't wait till all my babes are better!
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I just have to say thanks to all you moms for your support!! It really helped to have the big embrace from you all. Honestly, after reading your posts, that checkout boy seemed like a distant memory.

We never heard a peep from Hanneford's (surprise, surprise!) But you know what? That's OK. What was important for me was how my DH went in and made a point of talking to the manager. That made me feel really protected. He is not the most "active" person in a conflict normally, so this was a big step for him. My moms friends wanted to do a nurse - in, but I don't feel like this is the time to bring out the big guns. Now, if someone told me I couldn't nurse in public, THEN I would be organizing a nurse-o-rama protest.

And don't worry, I still am going to be doing lots and lots of nursing in public.

Anyway, love you so much, thank you again.

Liz :
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The NC Momma's gathering was fun today! I enjoyed meeting Sarah, Pam, and Chrissy plus Alex, Jackson, Jack, Lucy, Noah and Lilah. Christopher didn't want to leave but that was a mixture of tired and too much fun! He passed out on the drive home. We definitely have to do it again sometime! Thanks Chrissy for hosting us!
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I started a new thread.

Wish I could do good recaps like I used to in the due date cave but with 30 pages of posts... :LOL


I SNIPed (supplement-nursed in public) today!!! (No small feat for me, I always joke that by the time I get comfortable nursing him with the SNS in front of people he will be ready to wean!) Steph, Cheryl and I and our kiddos went to the children's museum and they have this great area for kids 6-48 mos old - no kids over 4 allowed!! - and they have, in this area, a dedicated NURSING ROOM with a rocker, a footstool, an endtable, and this incredibly wonderful poster of all of these mamas and babies breastfeeding. And it has a dutch door so that you can shut it to keep little ones in or out and still have the top half open so that you're connected to the world. So cool!!

The weather was finally gorgeous today. We had bagels for lunch and we sat outside under a tree in the breeze. Near our table was a guy - also under the same tree - who had a parrot along. When the guy rang a bell the parrot would talk. It kept saying "okay!" and "buh-bye now!" and the kids were stunned

NC mamas glad you had a good time, I'm jealous!!

Stacey good luck with the sleep thing, your sis sounds like a gem. Kristin I know how you feel about the crib thing... Tristan and I both sleep much better with him in a separate bed. We had him in the co-sleeper - Jo moved him to it when I had mastitis and he slept great in it - but lately he keeps pulling himself up and we were worried he would topple out, so he's in a crib and he likes it just fine, especially that he can wake up and crawl around a bit while he's waiting for one of us to become conscious! I do enjoy when he flops over asleep on the futon in the den in the morning (after having gotten up way too early...) and we sleep next to each other for an extra hour or two like we used to. I'm hoping that when he's bigger he'll bless us with jumping back into bed with us in the mornings or sneak in during the night. we both love snuggling him

The cats don't know what to think of Tristan crawling. They don't expect him to reach them... and then suddenly he's there grabbing at their ears. Sydney got a chunk of fur pulled out of herself today and Eddie took great offense at being chased around the dining room. They both required great consolation but oddly enough neither will sleep in bed with us.

I can't believe it's June tomorrow and I *know* I won't be up early enough to get the rabbit rabbit... probably Savannah checking in at 3 AM after sewing a diaper and crocheting a rug. love you Savannah!! :LOL

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