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um, hello all. i'm new here. i'm on cd7--just finished pp af #2 since the birth of ds (2 this week!). we are tta for the next year or so and then will try for #2--we're aiming for about a 4 year spacing between kids.

so i will be here for awhile.

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Still nothing here. My hormones get strong enough to cause creamy or watery CM and to make my face break out and that is about it, then it goes away again. :LOL

Originally Posted by liam's mom

I will be here a while too (like maybe until menopause LOL) so we can hang out together!

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You know, I haven't temped or anything in over a month. We moved and I haven't done it since then.

Funny thing though. I'm cd8 and I have been having very sparatic very very light brown and sometimes light pink spotting and cramps! Isn't that weird??

Oh, we didn't get dh's "sample" in. I'm going to talk him into it on monday.
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Well, we had sex several nights ago and the next morning I got my first clear fertility signs so I'm hoping that we're not in trouble here. The night of the act all the signs were pointing to a nice non-fertile time. I still think I'm not actually ovulating, just having anovulatory breakthrough bleeding here and there. Not temping because it wakes up my cosleeping babe and well, I just don't want to go there. CM has always been more accurate for me anyhow. Oh well. DH withdrew which is something at least.

DH and I think this babe may be our last, so if that is the case, I'll be here for another SIX YEARS or more until we are absolutely certain and DH can go get snipped. FAM has been quite effective for us in the past, it is just problems like this last thing (preceding paragraph) that could get us in trouble.
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Niki, did you find EWCM the next day? Are you sure it wasn't, ahem, man leftovers? Do you normally get several days of EW before ovulating? Spermies can only survive 5-6 days (and that is pushing it for most of 'em) in the most fertile CM. I think you should be okay.

I'm having a slightly weird cycle, in that EWCM continued well past my temp rise, which is weird for me. Also weird that I seem to have ovulated on day 14, which is way early. We even did the deed without protection on day 9. I should have seen the early ovulation coming, from the short LP last cycle. So now I'm just : that our babe-to-be knows that February is a bit too early for him/her to join us...
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Sunday was Mother's day, as I'm sure you all know, and I was eager for a sweet present. Mike frowned and said, "how's your mucous?" I told him that I thought I'd already ovulated and was therefore safe, that today should be a less-fertile mucous day again. He shook his head and said that his body said "yes" just a little too eagerly for him to trust it entirely. Sure enough, when we got home I found some of the most unbelievably fertile, stretch-five-inches-without-breaking mucous. He didn't trust Monday, either. :LOL I'm so glad he pays attention. I still haven't been temping, but I'm confident that we made it through the dangerous part of this cycle without resorting to drastic measures. :LOL What's most amazing to me, though, is Mike's unbelievable level of self-control. I'm not as good at it as he is, especially because ovulation makes me more interested. I don't know how he manages to say no, but I'm glad he does! :LOL
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It is good your dh pays attention. My dh has no self control..thats why we have Tracy

Dh's first sample was negative!!! Just one more clean one and we're done!
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CD1 here! Got full force bleeding today around noon after DAYS of cramping and just 'feeling' like I was going to start. Ds2 only nurse about 3 times yesterday during the waking hours, so I'm wondering if that brought AF on. So, that was a 37 day cycle. I'm still amazed that I'm ovulating at all based on how much he is still nursing.

Rynna, that's great that your dh takes some responsibility on the family planning! How unusual!
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Originally Posted by CrunchyMamaToBe
Niki, did you find EWCM the next day? Are you sure it wasn't, ahem, man leftovers?
That was my first thought. Guess you'll find out in a few weeks.
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Ya'll wanted me to come back when I got pg... well, it happened on the first try! Proof that FAM works!
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wow!!! congratulations!!!! : what wonderful news!!! cd3 here so fam is working for us too.
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Originally Posted by The Lucky One
Rynna, that's great that your dh takes some responsibility on the family planning! How unusual!
He's got a lot of sense that way. He's also generally a sweetheart. Definately a keeper!

Persephone! Congrats!
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Just subscribing (I know, a little late). I haven't been posting much, but we're still TTA right now, and so far successful. You know, people turn their noses up at FAM, but hey, we've been doing it for almost two years now! At really fertile times, we use withdrawal, which probably isn't the smartest choice! But, to be honest, while we are TTA, if we did conceive, it wouldn't be the end of the world, so that's probably the reason we're not bothering with backup BC at fertile times.

Anyway, Persephone, congrats!

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Hi everyone

To answer the earlier question, I am pretty sure it was actually EWCM but I've been having patches of it on and off, so I think I'm still not ovulating. This is the most confusing part of FAM for me; once I have my period I'll feel a lot better about things. We used FAM (abstaining on fertile days) for a year between my first two, 2 years between my second and third, with very little stressing out or second-guessing. I'm just not going to feel *entirely* comfortable with this until it fits a more-or-less predictable pattern. I really should start temping. Anyone have a silent thermometer? Mine beeps and I have a fairly light sleeping baby (and REALLY value my myself-time in the am before everyone else wakes up).

Congrats Persephone!
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Ok, I"m unsubscribing for real this time. But I wanted to say, Alison, I agree, people look at you funny when you say your only birth control is FAM, but we did it for a year, and as soon as we quit, I got pg, so there MUST be something to it.

Ok, saying my goodbyes! Thank you all! And I"ll be back just over a year from now!
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Beeping thermometers--mine beeps, which is good, cause I'm usually temping in the dark! To keep it quiet I just wrap my hand around it, muffles the beep enough that it's never woken Andrew, who is a pretty light sleeper as well. You could try that.

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Congratulations, Persephone!!!

I got one of those free trial VIP things going on on my Fertility Friend account, which is telling me that I should test. Harumph. I am *not* hoping to be joining to Jan 2006 mommies club, thanks very much!
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Mine beeps really lightly, which I need because I always fall back asleep while temping. It has never woken D up, but she is a somewhat heavy sleeper.
I got it from CVS, it is purple and generic.

I have been doing so great predicting my ovulation! I'm pretty regular, though. I am hoping that by August I will be in Persephone's shoes. Congratulations!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Persephone
Ya'll wanted me to come back when I got pg... well, it happened on the first try! Proof that FAM works!

WHAT!!!! HOly crap! You two know how to bd!!!! Oh, I'm so excited! That makes you due in January right?? or December.... anyway, how exciting!
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CD 1 Another month, safe!

Mike and I discussed FA, and his remarkable level of self-control. He's sort of shocked that more men don't want to play an active role in *planning* their families. He can't wrap his head around the idea of a guy not being eager to cooperate. He's such a love. :LOL
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