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A lot of things we look at as necessities are things our grandparents didn't even have as options. The purging process can be painful, but simplifying is very freeing. I've had to pare down again and again to make this livable, but I don't miss the stuff at all after it's gone!

Thank you SO much for the inspiration!!!

I'm going through the I-know-I-need-to-get-rid-of-this-but-it-HURTS-wah-wah-I'm-so-overwhelmed-I-can't-decide stage right now.

I'm reading all of Don Aslett's books for inspiration, too. His perspectives are awesome!

Also, I'm finding that my spiritual beliefs are very relevant in this area. I never had applied them to simplifying, before, but I really like thinking of my tangible space as clear and available for the non-material goodies in my life, instead of stuffed with numbing and distracting stuff.

Sorry to get OT a little.

BTW, I have a family of four living in an 800 sf. house, too. My dc are 10 and almost 5, too, so no babies, here. My little one's 'room' is an area of the (tiny) living/family room that is marked off by wood playstands. He sleeps with me and dh, still. We've also been veeeeeery creative with the vertical space. I love those hanging baskets you can hang from the ceiling!