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May 2-8~Who else has swollen fingers? rofl

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I'm afraid to wear my wedding ring. My sil kept telling me this was going to happen, but I didn't believe her. I have ten sausages on the ends of my hands where my fingers used to be. :LOL I'm consciously increasing my fluid intake, and salting to taste. We'll see how this goes.

I was supposed to go to my first LLL meeting today, but I couldn't find the place. Bad directions. I looked it up when I got to the office; directions said turn LEFT; mapquest said turn RIGHT. :

My baby is kicking the crap out of the inside of my pelvic bone on the right side. I threatened to chop feet off at ankles immediately following birth if this does not subside. Kid must know I'm not serious. :LOL

We had an impromptu bbq at my house yesterday (starring organic steak burgers and grilled corn on the cob. YUM), where my mother didn't stop saying "You look soooo tired" until I finally said, "Can it, Mom."

How's everyone else doing?
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My hands don't swell up unless I walk a lot (which I'm still not supposed to be doing : ) or crochet for long stretches.

Mmmm steak sounds so goooood! Lately my craving has been for bbq ribs... mmm...

Had a whole bunch of contractions last night after I got up to pee, they finally let up and I fell back asleep. Not much happening uterus-wise today so far though. I'm gonna try and sit still and rest... it'll be my last day of it!

Had a bit of a shock last night realizing that I could very well have my baby in TWO WEEKS!! I guess it really shouldn't surprise me that it's going to be soon, but it does. Holy moly.
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33 weeks tomorrow!

Yep. Swollen fingers, toes, ankles, face....the good news is that it's just water weight and this will melt off you in the days after your baby's birth.

My little Junebug has been quite active the past couple days. I it. Feeling him move around is such an amazing feeling and wonderful reassurance that all is well. This part of pregnancy I could go on feeling for forever.

My birth ball should be arriving towards the end of the week--I'm very excited to start using it. I loved it during my last pregnancy--so comfy and such a great way to get that babe into a good position. Is anyone else using one? I definitely couldn't have managed labor last time without it (well, not as well at least!).
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Yes I am intending to get a birth ball this week! Baby is head down but I think she's in some sort of transverse or posterior position. Hard for me to tell. At any rate I'm sure six weeks of sitting on the couch has not been doing me good! So yeah, planning on getting on the ball (haha) soon.
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My fingers aren't very swollen this pregnancy. Last pregnancy though, they were HUGE!
I can't tell what position the little squirmer is in. I'm guessing she goes back and forth between breech and transverse. Hopefully I am wrong and she is head down :
I got my breast pump back from my friend and she is also letting us borrow her infant car seat, so that's one less thing to worry about. My mom ordered me a moses basket that came in late last week. I just have to go through the boxes of clothes that DH pulled down from the attic and wash any newborn stuff.
Hmm... have another ob appt. tomorrow to go over my sugars- they look like they've stabilized though. I really think they were higher because I hadn't been exercising for about a week. Started that up again and they seem to be holding steady.
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I have a ball but don't remember to sit on it often b/c two boys running and rolling over the top of one near glass doors and cabinet corners is a bit nervewracking. :LOL So, I put it in my room. Then it is too far away. Can we say lazy???

Okay, this pubic pain is getting insane. There have been times when it just aches for a few hours... a sharp ache, right in the center front of my *area*. Not cool. I am ready for baby now. I have most everything ready.

Oh, I fired my midwife. I just couldn't take her anymore. I was so stressed and crying about the other u/s she wanted me to go to. I did it via email which isn't the best, but I knew I wouldn't be assertive enough in person, or I would have cried or been talked into staying with her. I finally feel okay about birth now. I had been so stressed about if I wanted to call her early or late in labor, and it's weird to see someone your entire pregnancy and never take your clothes off... then she's supposed to show up at my home while I'm in labor and probably naked? May be normal for her, but not for me. ANyway, I am totally rambling. Hard to concentrate with these super heros running around. :LOL Think they're ready for their super lunch.
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I just noticed this morning that my fingers are pretty swollen I have indents under my rings! I have been trying not to salt my food lately and drink extra water. I got REALLY swollen during my last pregnancy and it was one of my biggest discomforts.

I did major housecleaning this weekend - steam cleaned all the carpets and some of the furniture and I had DH wash all the windows. I think that is the last major task I have to get done. Now I just have to do laundry, reorganize cabinets, wash walls, etc :LOL I told DH that I don't remember nesting this much last pg, but he says I was just as bad.

Last week I decided to start my maternity leave early. I'm going to be done with work on the 18th. It's just getting to be too much right now. I only go in to work 2 days a week but I have a long commute and have to get up by at least 5:00 in the morning. It's taking me 2 days to get over my exhaustion from work and than I'm grumpy with everyone. I'm also having a hard time being motivated at work.

I'm getting pretty nervous how ds will act when the baby comes. We were visiting my SIL and her 5 week old this weekend. DS got super jealous when I held the baby and whined until I handed her to someone else. He was fine when anyone else held the baby and was really gentle with her. So, we'll see...
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Oh yeah... I haven't been able to wear my ring for a while now. But it was a little snug to begin with. Not bad swelling... You can't really tell to look at my (huge) hands, but my ring was hurting.
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Oh, I'm totally with all of you on the swelling. I just noticed it's gotten worse today. I stopped wearinig my wedding ring a couple days ago, but today my feet are swollen and look horrible. Normally I have long, narrow feet that I think are kind of nice. Today they are just like two huge slabs of meat. Ick. I have been keeping them elevated, drinking water, and I went for a walk. Hopefully I can keep this under control!

Today is tax day for Canadians. It looks like DH will be getting a nice return. Yay! I think we will be getting a new computer and maybe I can confiscate some of the money for a couple nice slings or something. I really want a reversible hotsling and a wise woman water sling.

Anyway... I have to do an inventory today of all our baby items. My mom has been bugging me because since the shower she doesn't know what we need anymore!
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I have had crazy swelling on and off for a few weeks now. I woke up the other night because my right hand was so swollen that it hurt. So I sat at my desk a while drinking lots of water and working on my Birthing From Within journal. It went down after about an hour. My feet are swollen a lot too. It's starting to get to the point where I can't wear socks anymore. Hopefully it'll get a lot warmer soon and I can start wearing my sandals/flip flops. :-)
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Poor Davina .... I am going to switch my co-care provider, from a midwife to an OB! Never thought I'd see the day, but my direct-entry m/w says he (he!) is very supportive of home birth and a good guy, and I am definitely not feeling the love from the Cleveland Clinic midwives.

Said m/w also told me she thinks swelling and high blood pressure are often symptoms of first pregnancies and not others -- that's certainly been the case with me so far. I remember being quite swollen and not wearing my rings by this point last time.

This baby is breech, sitting on his/her butt. The chiro addressed this today and told me that there is a 97% (!) success rate in turning babies that way. We'll see. She gave me quite a pounding today -- it "hurt so good" and now I am wiped out. It must be doing something though -- I keep getting compliments about how great I look
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My hands are swollen when I wake up in the morning. It drives me crazy. And, days that I go to work, I always have "sock bands" around my legs....other than that, I've staved off puffiness so far.

Selena--what is this water sling?? I really want one for this summer, because I plan on spending a lot of time in the water during summer vacation with my 6 year old, and would LOVE a water sling. I've seen a couple mesh front-carriers, I'm interested in how the sling measures up.

I have a pilates ball which is doubling as a birthing ball I am on that thing ALL THE TIME. Love it love it love it. Plus, it doubles as an ottoman when I'm on the couch
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Davina--I've been thinking the same thing. My midwife has never seen me naked, but it's going to probably be naked fest at my house when the baby is born. You'd think I'd rather her see me naked than an OB or someone who I've seen in scrubs, but that's years and years of conventional medicine talking.
I am actually pretty modest though; I felt no need to strip with my other two labors.... Who knows how I'll feel at my own home though. But yeah, I almost feel like she's not qualified to see me naked, but I trust her. Isn't that odd!!!???
So we're going to probably go to her house in a little less than 2 weeks to talk about the birth. DH didn't think he could take a day off from work for her regular appt here, so she said if we'd come to her she'd do a Sat appt. I'm inviting my mom too since she'll probably be at the birth and she should know what to expect.
Weird how some of us are possibly ready to have babies in 2 weeks, yet some of us (like me) might take 8 more weeks or longer!!!!
My sister and I want to do the 3D u/s again and may do that not this weekend but next. I totally shouldn't spend the money but we may do it anyway. Since we've been once, the second visit is half price. And since this may be it for me baby wise (possibly), I'd like to milk it.
Speaking of milk, I found my breast pump that I thought I lost!!!! Phew! Just needs some bottles, and I can get those online for about $3. I have a Bailey Nurture III. Got it on ebay for $40 when my little one was born and it's worked great. The parts are super cheap too!!!
Can't recall if I said so, but suddenly last week my ligament pain almost subsided and the back pain is almost gone. So the babe must have changed positions. Hopefully from posterior to anterior. I wish I knew... However I do know if I get into pain again I can call the chiro anytime. Every time I see him he practically is in pain himself thinking and talking about a posterior birth. It's really kind of funny. "You don't want that Karen. NooOOOOoOOOO!!!!! Man that would suck!" Funny guy.
Anyhoo, little one is calling for more macaroni. I guess I better get off of my butt and help the kid out Plus Nanny 911 is on. Woo hoo! Man, I sound mainstream now. 3D u/s. Nanny 911. Macaroni. Don't hate me
Take care,
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Originally Posted by dynamohumm6
Selena--what is this water sling?? I really want one for this summer, because I plan on spending a lot of time in the water during summer vacation with my 6 year old, and would LOVE a water sling. I've seen a couple mesh front-carriers, I'm interested in how the sling measures up.
I don't actually have any personal experience with the water slings, but I just think it sounds like it's a good idea. There's the wise woman adjustable pouch water sling and hotslings makes a water sling too. I think they're made of either really light weigh fabric or mesh fabric that dries quickly and doesn't absorb so much water when wet, so it stays light and comfortable. Some people use them to shower with their babies, swim (or wade as the case may be), etc.

I plan on spending a lot of time at the cottage with the new baby, so a water sling would be really great.
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I was in Babies R Us this morning, standing in line behind a grandma-to-be. We got to chatting, as folks do in line at Babies R Us, and she asked me when I'm due. I said "Next month."

First of all, that's the first time I've said "next month" in response to that question. That seems way too soon :LOL

Second of all, this grandma to be about fell over. "NEXT MONTH?! You look FABULOUS!"

Now I'm in a happy mood; even though the freaking eddie bauer travel system DH spent ages deciding on was recalled and I have to lug the whole freaking thing back to the store. grrrr :

Anyway, I apparently don't look anywhere near eight months pregnant. :LOL Maybe I'll have a small baby (like 6lbs some ounces would be perfecto) with a small head. :LOL

I'll be back later on today, after my MW appt.
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So i had my 32 week checkup yesterday...remember my last one where I'd gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks and had a little breakdown? Well....drum roll...less than a pound this time!!!
Boy that made my day!
And this on top of all of the icky intense swelling I've been having the past week or two as well. I'm convinced I finally put a big enough dent in my sugar intake to make a difference.
Before the appointment my dh and I went to th local pool for the first time and I SWAM. Let me tell you how great it was to be weightless, to be excercizing without even thinking about it, no cervix pain, and supposedly it helped the swelling go away too! Next baby, I'm in that pool alot earlier! To top it all, one of the little ladies at the pool holered across that I had a great tummy...some women know what we need to hear.

Due with our first surprise 6/28

another drum roll...you can visit my blog at http://www.myspace.com/11625915
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Originally Posted by Karennnnn
Man, I sound mainstream now. 3D u/s. Nanny 911. Macaroni. Don't hate me

Yesterday was THE worst pregnancy day ever. I didn't eat well so had no energy and it was all I could do just to feed and dress my kids and make it out to the park for a couple hours. I've been having (sorry, TMI) cramps and diarreah for the past few days which I think may be due to the payaya enzymes that I've been taking...who knows?! Anyway, I felt much better after eating dinner and a couple Fig Newmans. When dh got home from work I was crying saying I'm only 33 weeks how in the world am I going to make it 7 more weeks feeling like this!?!? It's funny how this pregnancy has flown by but suddenly when we are all counting days and weeks it comes to a shocking stand still and the prospect of being pregnant for 50 more days seems at times an impossible task.


I'm off to the mall to buy mother's day gifts for mom and mil today. How I'm going to walk more than 10 feet with this aching back and hips is beyond me. Wish me luck
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Pepper, how did you even make it to the park? Thinking about the park on one of my bad days makes me even more exhausted not to mention actually going there. And the funniest part is, I find a place to situate my behind and don't really do too much because my son is really great at making new friends and playing with kids.
The interesting part about pregnancy (among many other interesting things lol) is that one day you can feel totally awful and the next just brilliant.
A month ago I was wondering how I'd make it 3 months with the pain I was in, and then suddenly last week it was gone. That isn't to say it won't return but still.
I think I'm beginning nesting. The main floor of my house has been relatively clean for about a week plus which is a record. The basement is kind of a wreck and the upstairs is like something blew up, but I'm making my way there. Basement is being worked on as we speak; as I'm doing the laundry that was thrown down there. When that's done I'll make my way upstairs. Really it's just laundry that's making things dirty up there. If I can just get ALL the laundry done and commit myself to doing a load every other day I can probably keep up. Let's hope so.
And... I'm washing some baby clothes as well so that will make me feel more prepared.
I just need a bed!!!!!!
My "little" shower is Friday with some ladies from my son's school, then on the 22nd my mom is throwing one with my other sister and my pregnant sister's friend for the two of us. Did that make sense!? I feel badly for people who are coming because I don't want them to think they have to buy two gifts, but I guess they really have to huh. Oh well, I've been to my share of showers lately so it's my turn eh? I wonder what I'll get? I made a very small registry with a handful of cloth diapers, a sling, requests for money and gift certificates But you know, if someone gave us like a couple thousand bucks and that's all I got I'd be thrilled. I'm stupidly sitting here thinking it may not be so hard to go back to work soon after the baby is born since I can pick and choose my hours. We'll see.
Anyhoo I keep procrastinating. I have to get some pics printed for my grandfather in law Then I have to return something... go to the grocery store, etc. It's noon and I finally put clothing on the little guy. Not that he didn't mind being in his undies lol!
Take care,
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back again,
I feel like since I have signed up I have run out of time to accutally write. My mom left just yesterday and I am sure glad. I love her (of course,) but my family has been going through some terrible times and fights and even bringing fists and I was hoping that the visit would give her some time to relax and just be away from it. Instead though, she brought her cell phone and was bombarded by calls from my brother and father. The worst of it was that she needed this crazy attention from them- as soon as the phone would ring- it would be at her ear. And her stress dripped right over to me....And for the big last day suprise, she went with me to my mw appt. where I found that the baby has turned transverse. And I knew that something was different- I thought that she had dropped and my mother was saying again and again that I didn't know what I was talking about, it would be too soon..... (this is the same mother who asks every other week what the due date is because she can't beleive that a heathen like me could have made it past my wedding night.) And so on and so on.....sorry. I am 34 weeks along so there is plenty of time for turning, but I am worried. I am doing the back tilt excercise and cool on the head with warm down below and if nothing changes will start accupuncture next week. Oh, I will also look at the spinning babies page, but I was wondering, Pepper, what it is that a birth ball does to help position- isn't it just to settle the head into the pelvis? I will go swimming tonight too as I heard that it could help. I love to swim and will be turning the strokes with even more enthusiasim than ever tonight, but it gives me heartburn- does it for anyone else? Everything gives me heartburn. I know though that lilacs would not give me heartburn- that sounds delicious. I love love spring and the new green color coming in through the window. thanks for listening- michelle
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Ugh Michelle, sorry about the family stress. That's never fun. About the birth ball, I was kind of wondering that myself - what am I supposed to do with it? :LOL I -think- just sitting on it is beneficial - encourages good posture, which is important in regards to baby's position. At the computer lab where I used to work we had these Swopper chairs, which I think were much like birth balls! They had a rounded part for a seat atop a spring. So it was bouncy and stuff and really quite fun They were supposedly ergonomic and good for back aches and such and I know using them made me feel less tired after a long shift!

Anyways, yes, please enlighten us to the usage of birth balls as far as positioning baby goes!

I wish I lived somewhere warm enough to swim outside... preferably the ocean. I could go to an indoor pool but the chlorine gives me horrible headaches

I spent today doing random housecleany stuff. I cleaned out a thing of drawers and put my pack of disposable diapers and wipes in it, cleaned the bathroom shelves and tidied them, cleaned the sink, went through some junk in the spare room, etc, etc. Feels good to be able to get stuff done again!
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