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I still have not had any BH. Never did with Alexis, eather. This baby is so low, some of the time, it hurts. I think she has dropped a little. Alexis's eye Dr told me I could now go have the baby. He was joking with me, cause i wanted her surgery so fast. 4 weeks from today, I will be holding her. OMG that is scarry. I was packing her bag and putting in all the tiny little cloths and was like I can't belive she is going to be that small.
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I have a chair at my office that's an exercise ball on a stand with wheels. Let me find a link..... http://www.gaiam.com/retail/product....5Fid=95%2D1004

Anyway, I love to sit at it here, and when I go on maternity leave, it's coming home with me. The ball pops right out of the stand for use on it's own, which is a handy feature.

Fey, I can't believe your CNM is goign away so close to your due date and hasn't discussed it with you yet! I"d be PISSED.

I'm going to a MW team, two CNMs and an assistant/student, so ONE of them will be available. And I've been seeing them both throughout my pregnancy.

I wanted a hot fudge sundae for dinner last night. Bad bad bad. I didn't have it, I resisted. But man..I STILL want a freaking hot fudge sundae. :LOL
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I figure she's going to bring it up at my apptment tomorrow morning. Your chair sounds fun

I'm getting soooooooooo much done now, I love it Today I put all the baby's freshly laundered clothes away and cooked two asparagus quiches and two batches of pizza sauce and froze them, and did dishes! And it's only noon! I've got so much of the day left, I have time to do tons of things still! Yay!
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C-section cancelled!

He turned. I can feel his head on my bladder. However I am positive for GBS.

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow.

everyone. I'm mostly lurking.
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That is good news, Amy!!

If I may ask, what are you doing re: GBS? Are you going to take steps ahead of time to get rid of it? Or are you getting the abx? Just curious.
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Congrats Amy! I'm curious about what you're doing about the GBS too.

You guys, I'm bummed. I just found out one of my friends has cervical cancer. I found out not too long ago that she hasn't been in for a pap in 7 or 8 years, and I pushed her to go in for one. She really didn't need much pushing, she knew she needed to go get it done. Well, the pap came back abnormal, they did a colpo and it came back cancer. They'll take a larger biopsy to find out what stage she's in, to decide how to treat it.

I'm feeling like I didn't prepare her for this; because the entire time everything was going on, I kept saying things like, "Relax. I worked in GYN for how many years,a nd saw abnormal paps EVERY day, we did a colpo a WEEK, and I never had a patient with cervical cancer" I'm afraid I gave her a false sense of security. And now, she's been thrown into this awful situation. I just don't know how to help her.

This sucks.

Sorry to unload here. She asked that I don't tell anyone till she has more info, so I can't really talk to any of our friends in common about it. Thanks for listening, guys.
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That's too bad, Sharon-Anne... btw, is that what you go by IRL? Just wondered.

I had an ab pap when pg with #1 (wish I'd known then that MANY paps are abnormal when pg). I got the pap b/c I was 20 and that was the first time I had ever been to a gyn. Then after he was born I had the cryo for mild dysplacia (sp?) I know that isn't as scary as the big C word... and I'm not sure why I'm saying this... just blabbin' away.
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Davina, yep, Sharon-anne is what most folks call me; it's long though, so my CLOSE friends get to call me Sha. And since y'all have heard more about my bodily functions than any doctor I've ever been to through this pregnancy, I'd say you ALL have hit "Sha Status" :LOL

I had an abormal pap once when I was about 20ish or so, too. I had a colpo and it turned out to be yeast on my cervix. treated with a cream and never needed further treatment for it.
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Ah, SharonAnne, that just sucks
I have been through the whole cervical displaysia thing, and have to have another colposcopy after the baby is born. The first colposcopy I had turned out fine, so we did a "watch & wait" for it, but then I had yet another abnormal pap, so....I've been on "vacation", so to speak, from worrying about it since I've been pregnant, but I'm definitely going to be worried about it again soon.
My best wishes for your friend. Thank the stars she had you as a friend to push her into getting her pap done--at least it's been caught now, and it can be treated somehow, you know? (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))
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I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. I'll be praying for her.
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I'm doing the antibiotics. I'm cruising along here under the guidence of an OB. : I am picking my battles regarding birth. Because I am AMA and having #1 I'm more inclined to medicalize I think. I'm doing what I can to avoid the rest of the interventions.

Sharon-Anne, sending healing vibes to your friend and you.
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Hey, it's your body, Amy. No need for the bag. :LOL I am sure you've researched and are doing the best you know how for your family... and isn't that what we all do, really??? So, no worries. I was just curious.
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You guys are the bestest. Thanks so much. I'm feeling better today; haven't talked to my friend yet, so I'm not sure how she's doing, but I know it hadn't really sunk in yet yesterday.

I had a dream last night that the baby's head was engaged already. Freaked me out :LOL
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Sharron Anne- so sorry to hear about your friend. I too had dysplasia in my early twenties and had not been back to the gyn till the begining of this pregnancy. I had never been so nervous, and my dh's "everything wil be fine, will be fine, will be fine," though totally unfounded (what in the world does he know about it?) was really helpful. It could have been your overly positive advice that was just what she needed to have the courage to get checked out and now be what helps them cure her more quickly. I will think of her.

Stone Fence- congratulations on the big flip! were you taking any measures or just being patient? I am 35 weeks today and this little lady seems too comfortable in her trasverse position. I have an appointment on tuesday with an accupuncturist who sounds amazing (former mw who studied in china..) but a feeling that she will turn before then. oh, i hope, i hope.

I have had a little bit of a stomach bug for the last few days, but am reminding myself that this is probably the last time in a very very long time that I will be able to indulge my couch-lying-sick-self and so it doesn't feel so bad to feel so bad.

About the "hair down thair" I just say forget it! I think that the sight of my waddling body in a too small borrowed suit and rediculous swimming cap on my pea sized head gives staring eyes enough of a show- I don't think that anyone notices. Maybe though, I am a fool. But oh well if I am because we can't afford to pay for the membership after this month and the life guards can tell the story of me for years to come....oh, I always write too much. sorry. michelle
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I had the WORST dream last night.

I know everyone & their brother compares the visible belly thrashing to that scene in Alien.
Well, last night, I dreamt that the baby busted through my stomach, Alien-style. Except he was full term, but really small--like 4 or 5 month fetus small--and he had claws. I saw the claws poking out of my skin, and my midwife said "oh, those will fall off after birth". I am laughing about it now, but I woke up in a cold sweat!! :LOL
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Dynammo, I just found this pic online before reading your post... I was : at your dream, but I understand. I have those types of dreams all the time where I'm really upset or freaked out for a bit, then it's just silly.
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33 weeks 3 days

Is that pic for real or is it digitally enhanced??? It's amazing, nonetheless!

My son said to me this morning upon seeing my huge belly in all its glory, "Mommy, what if the baby just explodes out of your belly?" I had to explain to little-boy-wide-eyes-open that it could never happen that way (it couldn't, right? )

Sharon-Anne, my thoughts go to your friend. I hope the treatment cures her quickly.

My appt yesterday was boring and non-eventful. The best kind . I was bummed to find out that my favorite midwife (I'm in a rotation) is on vacation the week of my due date. Great . My baby is all on my right side and in transverse position, but at least he's head down I guess. I think it's because I favor sleeping on my right side...I tried sleeping more on my left side but it's just not as comfortable. I still have plenty of time, though, so not in freak-out mode yet.

Happy Friday, ladies
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It can't be real- through all of the layers...can it? I had a dream a few weeks ago that she was pressing her hand and arm up kind of like that and I could hold onto her little fingers. I loved it and was afraid because it seemed so unnatural, but everyone who I showed in the dream said "of course that happens," like I was insane. If it were real, it would be funny if she were left with some stretch marks right there. She could always tell the baby, "and here is where you pushed your foot out like in the picture." I will try to keep this glamorized idea of strech marks in mind in the next months.....michelle
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I love that picture, but it is "enhanced".
Now imagine a little alien baby instead of a foot, and you have my dream :LOL
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:LOL Yeah... it may be enhanced, but it's still cool. And I know I've had that feeling before.
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