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Oh Danielle, I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. Take care of yourself.
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Dani, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Hang in there.

Suddenly I am practically on bed rest as well -- aren't I the one who wished she could be confined to bed for a while? : I paid an emergency visit to the chiro yesterday, who told me to stay off my feet as much as possible, and preferably on my side (or back, for short periods). I can't walk very well at all, and it hurts really bad. Dh was out of town on business until Friday night, and we had a misunderstanding (re: in-laws) and aren't really speaking to each other -- so now he is taking care of me and ds and the house, feeling put upon, and the vibe is just very bad. I should try to make up with him but I just don't have the strength -- I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself, too. Sniff. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow when dh goes back to work. This sucks! Sorry for the whine, but I am feeling a little trapped.
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There are some mamas in need of some hugs in here this weekend!
Melissa, I hope your back starts feeling better soon, and that you can get some help tomorrow. Take care of yourself!
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OK, who started all of this talk about rings not fitting??? I wore mine with #1 all the way through until 39 weeks. #2 I had no problems at all. This time I had trouble wearing it last night and have had it off again today!! What is up with that!
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Yeah, on the swelling... ugh. I had none to speak of last two times but this time my feet and ankles are lookin' pretty puffy the past few days and dh can't get it through his thick skull that I need to rest... meaning he needs to DO SOMETHING!!!

Dani, I am so sorry to hear about your dad and your bedrest. I hope you can keep that baby in there a few more weeks.

Melissa, hope your back feels better soon. Ouch.

Jillene ~ I was reading the PE thread and I was sorry to hear how hard of a time you're having. {{{HUGS}}} I hope things stay stable and you're able to go into labor on your own with a healthy mom and baby.
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Melissa, can your dh take any time off from work? Even a day or two (or a half day, two days in a row?) would be so helpful for you right now. Hopefully your back will get better faster if you are able to rest it.

Swelling: it seems less for me this pregnancy than my first two for some reason ?? Make sure to drink lots of water.

I know I must be getting far along because I am kinda dreading the coming week--it's so hard to find the energy to keep the house somewhat managed, feed and dress my two little ones, prepare meals, and make it out of the house for our regular outings. I promised myself I wouldn't get down on myself for having to slow down but it's still hard

I'm starting to worry about some of our June moms here. It seems there are quite a few of you who are having some rough times. Please keep us posted on any changes so this worry-wart Mama over here doesn't stress too much!
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It really does seem like a hard week for so many. I was going to write something about my insomnia- I've been trying to not be awake since probably 5- but this doesn't seem so bad afterall. I hope that the monday mood is better- that the sun is shining through your windows even if you are laying sideways (oh I can't wait to roll over again) in bed all day. And....at the end, we all get babies! In the most beautiful month of June! I've never loved the sound of a month so much. June is certinly my new favorite. goodmorning. now I'll go wake my dh. michelle
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