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Mamas Surviving Cancer... NEW THREAD -May

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Thought I would get us started with a new thread...

How is everyone doing?

I am ok...dealing with my poor ds's shock to my hair free head...I really did not think he would respond like he is to it at all....

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Thanks for starting the new thread.

Yeah, my kids were pretty weirded out by my bald head. So was I, so I shouldn't be surprised that they were, too. :LOL I had no idea my head was so square, but I guess I've always been a blockhead! They've had over a month to get used to it, and I suppose it's gotten somewhat more normal. Still, around the house I usually wear a bandana or something because I hate catching glimpses of the chrome dome in the mirror. Once the stubble finishes falling out I'm going to let the kids put some temporary tattoos on my scalp for a few laughs.
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Solange, did you put this in "Natural Home and Body Care" deliberately? I'm thinking it might be hard for the others to find.
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hi there! the other potential problem with starting a new thread is that our old one will get buried away in the archives and our older discussions might be helpful for new mamas with cancer (and unfortunately there will be more women diagnosed like us) facing the issues we've already talked about. Is there any limit to thread length? If not maybe we should think about resuming the old one, as that way all our discussions will be in the same place. Although I like the "May flowers" Traci, maybe you could post a reply in our old thread with "May flowers" typed really big, to mark a new beginning or something!.....just an idea, whatdya think?
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oh...no I did not realize it at all you guys...:
I wonder how that happened?...

do not know about page limit....
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ok I pm'ed the mod to move it back to health and healing...
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Maybe if you pm the mod of this forum they could move it?
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delphinus...it does not matter to me which we call "home"...... this thread or the other...

beat ya by a minute EF...lol...
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: Thanks!

How about this? I'll put a link here to the old one so that people can easily find it. The old one already links to this one.

Old thread:

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Somehow, I missed the new posts. I kept checking my email to see if someone had added anything. I must have deleted the notification. Oh well..... Glad I found us again.

I think I might be developing mouth sores. I'm a week out from my third treatment, & I feel pretty good, except that I'm just plain tired.

How are you all doing? I think of you all so often.

Great big hugs & healing thoughts.
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AuntieM hey if your are getting those mouth sore start gargling with baking soda and salt everyday all day long.....you can also get a BMX(benedryl/malox/and the last one I forget it is a numbing agent) mouth wash from your doc that is really good for the sores.

I had my 2nd to last treatment today and through visualization and positive thinking...I am feeling ok....the weather is to nice and the sun is very healing to me so I am making the best efforts to mentally win this round..

hope everone else is doing
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Traci, glad to hear this round wasn't too bad. You are coming down the home stretch!

AuntieM, there is another medication besides the one that Traci mentioned that evidently heals the mouth sores faster. I haven't gotten them so far, knock wood, but the nurse told me about it just in case. She said it tastes pretty awful, but it helps if you can tolerate the taste. You might want to talk to your doc about it.

This is my good week before my forth treatment on Wednesday (which will be half way there, ya-hoo!). My newest side effect is that my nose is running all the time and my eyes water a great deal. Not such a big deal, but as Roseanne Roseannadanna says, "It's always something!"

The chemo has done the weirdest thing to my skin. I've always had very oily facial skin. Now it's got these dry, red, crusty patches. I've started using the oil cleansing method with coconut oil, which has helped a great deal, and has also cleared up lots of blackheads. I'm also treating myself to expensive make-up that I'd never spend the money on normally, as I'm a major league cheapskate!
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Hi everyone! Traci, EFmom and AuntieM, I will soon be joining you in the world of chemotherapy. I think I already mentioned that I will be doing AC Taxol dose dense. I start this Friday (the 13th!-should I be supersticious? maybe it's appropriate!--and for more metaphorical weirdness my oncologist's name is Warr!) I marked off all the sessions on my calendar and realized that my last treatment will be the full moon in August, which also happens to be my birthday!

Actually, while we're on the subject of metaphors, and this one is really bizarre, we live across the street from an elementary school and there were these two great hills side by side in the playgound--the kids all loved to play on them. I had never thought of them as breasts until the week that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and a big bulldozer came and performed a double mastectomy on them (luckily I just had one breast removed) but they started to dig in the exact spot that my tumor was in, if our house was my head. Apparently they took them down because they couldn't see the kids on the other side at recess, which is so lame, couldn't one of the teachers have stood on the other side instead of gabbing and drinking coffee?!

Anyway it was very freaky and also very sad, as we always used to go and sit on the hills at night and watch the stars and moon and nighthawks. Anyone else experienced these kinds of strange crazy cosmic metaphorical happenings?

Sending love and hoping all of you are not in too much discomfort with terrible side effects...

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Also, I wanted to hi to Myrrhmaid, Momof1sofar, Owensmom and Booberry (Celeste), was wondering how you're all doing?

And to Daciaperfect (Darlene), Twopeasinpod (Maya), Loveharps, Rainbowbird, Shanleysmama (Melanie), Arduinna, and Foreverinbluejeans, (hope I'm not leaving anyone out!) check in with us again if you ever want to talk....

Anyone new out there, please join us if you'd like!
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Hi, All. The salt/soda rinse seems to have put at bay whatever was brewing in my mouth. Amazing stuff.

I know it's just about time for another chemo treatment because I'm starting to feel fairly good again. This one will put me at the halfway mark. That is unless, as one of my nurses suspects, my onc opts to do post sx chemo.

I hope I am not just kidding myself with this, but I have this strange feeling that my life after cancer will be better than my life before--that is as long as I can cope with the fear. Anyone else feel this way?

EFMom, I'm mostly used to my bald head, but every once in a while, I shock myself with my image in the mirror.

Great big hugs of comfort & healing thoughts to you all.
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for thinking of me, delphinus. I'm feeling down today because we just lost one of the kids on my sarcoma list. Her name was Jaya and she was only 14. She successfully fought cancer as a child, but the radiation caused a sarcoma years later and that was too much for her body to fight. She was such a beautiful soul, and passed peacefully with a smile on her face. But it is still so hard to accept.
I'm sorry to be such a downer, I know this thread is meant to be positive and supportive. I'm just so angry and sad today.
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Momof1sofar, I am saddened by Jaya's death. I cannot think of anything else to say right now. Well, I can, but none of it sounds right to me.

We are here to support eachother through all of the ups & downs. Please know that we are here for you.

I'm getting help typing from dd, so I should go now....

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auntieM and momof1sofar I am so sorry for the loss of this dear soul, but yes we are here for each other good or bad.

I amazingly made it thru this treatment with no ill effects. I used visualization this time around and contniue to envision the white diamonds spinng and glowing inside my body protecting and renewing my cells.

delphinus....since my diagnosis I have been more aware of things like you mention myself. I think the illness just makes us more aware of what is really important in our lives and brings them front and center.

auntieM ....life will be better!!!!! You will be feeling like a new body and like I said above with illness comes much soul cleansing, renewing, and general well being. You live better!

I have to go family calls...
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thanks for being here and sharing, mommas!
I'm feeling great! which means i need another treatment-tomorrow. i cut 27 inches off my hair-a 22 inch braid-my hair is sooo short!! i did labs yesterday and have been tired. i'm going to up my iron supplement.
i'm on a strict diet too. anyone else? wanna share recipe/meal ideas? or is that another thread?
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Originally Posted by delphinus
Anyone else experienced these kinds of strange crazy cosmic metaphorical happenings?
now that i'm smoking mj, I'm reluctant to share because you might think i'm wacked! :LOL
that is such a trip about the hills! Life is full of such mystery! thanks for sharing.
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