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Gaiamom...I'm so happy that he's healthy and will continue to be so. I have a candle lit for you and Buster. And I'm willing to bet that the thought of this all makes Tate's tail wag.

Keep us posted!
Much love and light and healing,
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i'm so happy for you! i know you'll come to love that pup with all your heart. I"m glad he's healthy and that the vet is positive about him not getting sick. I will continue to send good thoughts. Definitely keep us posted on how it's going with the new pup.
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awww what a cutie!

fwiw I was told to use bleach when they thought my puppy had parvo.
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Gaiamom, so sorry to hear about Tate!
When we lost a pet a couple years ago, DH also rushed in immediately with New-Furry-Friend-to-Make-Things-Better, and I was also very skeptical. Of course, as everyone has already said, you can't ever replace a pet, but here's how I looked at it: Loss and grief is going to happen *anyway*, but new adorable baby pet with sweet eyes and expressive tail certainly helped remind me of how birth and death are always connected and gave me something to do while being sad. Caring for new pet instead of just focusing on my pet-related sadness was probably a good thing for me.
Hope it works out okay for you and Buster!
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You are so right! I would have still been consumed with Tate, going back over things i did, what else i couldve done. But as of now, i dont have time between the chasing Buster around and keeping him out of mischief I go out several time a day to Tates grave and I think of him often, but not in that horribly sad kinda place. Buster has turned out to be really good for me. He is SOOOOO sweet and has really taken to me and wants to be with me all the time I am falling in love with him more everyday.
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I'm very happy for you and Buster.

Much love!!
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I wuold love to see more pics of Buster. He is so gorgeous! I"m glad everything's going well for you two.
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