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Has it really sunk in yet?

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This is my 4th pregnancy (1 ended in m/c) and I am find it hard to feel really excited. Of course I am excited, but its different this time. I'm thinking that maybe the whole idea hasn't really sunk in yet. I did just test positive last night.

I waited to so long for Kylie and had a m/c about 8 months before getting pg with her. I think because of that it was *super* exciting. I cried immediately and had the hugest smile on my face.

I guess I feel a little guilty for not being overwhelmed with excitement. I also feel kind of ungrateful. Really, I just think that Kylie keeps me so busy and exhausted that I don't have the energy to be bouncing off the walls :LOL

I'm sure that as time passes I will really feel the impact of another precious life entering our family.

How is everyone else feeling?
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It doesn't seem real to me yet, and i found out 15 days ago! I haven't had any real symptoms, just big boobs and a desire to strangle my 27 mo. old nursling at times (J/K, of course). Also, since I'm having a UC, there's no milestones like a managed pregnancy would have- making an appt., hearing the heartbeat, etc. It's like I'm just going to sit around for the next 8 mos. and then suddenly birth this baby.
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Jaye, I was thinking about that-- I will be worrying throughout this pregnancy about how my baby is doing, is he okay, and then during delivery I will worry that he comes out okay. Even after I take him home, I will wake up in the night wondering if he's okay. Wow, what did I sign up for?? .
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To me too it doesn't feel all that real yet. We're still doing this thing where dh will ask how I am after work, and I'll say, still pregnant. And everytime I go to the bathroom I'm checking for blood.. I've only been pg once with no complications, but that doesn't make me any less paranoid. The first time around I didn't feel this way, I guess because I hadn't been so impatient to get pregnant.
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Gabry, i totally understand you!!! I have been very "moist" and everytime I wipe, I am afraid there will be blood. I know that miscarriages happen at around this time, too, and that doesn't make me feel any less paranoid . it's good to talk about it though
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I must admit I am looking for a little morning sickness or something. I too check for blood everytime I go to the bathroom. This is my 7th pg and I only have 3 kids! I was even thinking of getting another pg test today just to "recheck"!
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How greatful am I for this thread!! Knowing that my fears and paranoia aren't insane! ahha
I too always think there will be blood when I go to the bathroom... and when there isn't, there is a moment of complete relief! BUT then I start thinking about the 'missed miscarriages' and freak a little again! haha
Yesterday, my breasts weren't hurting as much.. so naturally I figure the hcg is on it's way down.. but then i feel a little sore the am and i'm back in the game! Seriously.. I thought TTC was an obsessive process!
The best thing to do is just let nature take it's course.. and hopefully it's course will be 40 weeks ending with horrible labor and a beautiful baby!!!
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Shannon-- my breasts aren't going to be tender this ENTIRE pregnancy, are they??? :blink They don't feel as sore today, but they are still sore
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I don't think the breasts HAVE to be sore the entire time.. and I'm sure it's different for everyone.. I just want symptoms to prove there are things going on in my body!
I'm still taking my temps too.. though not charting them, just verifying that they are still up!

HOOORAAAY for sore boobies!! hahaha :LOL :LOL :LOL
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Originally Posted by ozzyemm
Shannon-- my breasts aren't going to be tender this ENTIRE pregnancy, are they??? :blink They don't feel as sore today, but they are still sore
My breasts have always been sore for the first trimester and then they are much better.

I'm nursing a 12 month old who nurses alot. I have slightly sore nipples, but that is it. I hope everything is ok. Maybe lactating makes the early soreness not so intense.
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It's sorta sunk in for me. I had some light staining last night (just at one potty break) and that worried me... but I spotted from 6-12 weeks with both of my girls so pretty normal for me I guess.

Every time I nurse liv though I KNOW I'm pregnant Damn my nipples are killing me!!!!!!
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Well i just got my BFP Monday. No really obivious signs to me besides the fact I aint hungry, and when I do eat everything makes me sick. No sore nipples, but I guess nursing my little girl helps that. And the consistent peeing. I am guessing by the due date caculator I am due Jan 2. But I dont go to the midwife until the 17th.
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I'm having a hard time getting excited and happy. I had my second m/c this past December.. and I'm still waiting to be told I'm not pregnant anymore. I think by not getting excited, I'm trying to protect myself from the pain if it ends up that way again. I was just so devestated when I m/c'd a 2nd time..

I am so happy that I'm pregnant. Its what I've wanted for so long. But a part of me is just sure that it will be taken away like the others.

I hope I find my happy soon.
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OK- I am a loser. I went and bought another pg test. I figured if I got the really cheap one it would be less "sensitive" and if positive then I am really pg! Yup, I am really pregnant.

WitchyMama2- I can so relate to how your are feeling. My 1st pg ended in mc @ 6 wks. You kind of lose the pure joy of being pregnant when you have a lose. I seem to mc every other pg. I keep wondering what it is I am supposed to be learning from these loses. I am jealous of the women who know only the joy and none of the pain. I am realizing as I typed that that maybe it's not true. My loses have taught me much. I really believe we are who we are due to our experiences. I hope you make peace with your loss and find joy in this new life.
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Kathy, I couldn't agree with you more! I believe every experience makes us who we are. Even the ones that are hard to deal with. What a coincidence, I seem to m/c every other time as well. I thought I was the only one who had this imaginary pattern going on in my head.

As every day goes by I'm sure I'll get stronger and more excited. I can only hope that these disconnected days pass quickly so that I can get on with being happy to be pregnant!
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I am doing the same thing.. holding my breath and checking for blood every time I go to the bathroom. We were trying for a while and it really doesn't seem real yet. We're still afraid to get our hopes up. But I try to reassure myself that my body can do it (although I don't know that for sure since i have never been pregnant before) and I try to picture my baby being nurtured in my womb. it helps. Also telling people makes it seem real. But so far i've only told my mom. We'll be telling my MIL on Mother's Day.
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Hey zjandosmom, guess what I did today? Yup! Took another test. : so if you're a loser, I'm right along with you! :LOL

btw, I'm still pregnant. 7 tests later.
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7??????????? Ok, you win! Losers we are, but pregnant losers Thanks for the laugh this am!
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I'm so pleased to find this thread.

I only found out yesterday and I keep thinking maybe I have imagined it and that its all just in my head. I got some cheap pg tests online, 25 in a pack for the price of 2 in the shops. I still have 20 left!!lol!

When I was pg with DD I took a test every week until I had seen her on the 12 week scan. Even then I thought I was imagining it. Sometimes I think if I hadnt seen her come out of me with my own eyes I wouldnt have believed she was really mine. I still feel as if a lady is going to turn up on the doorstep one day and say 'Thanks for taking care of Ella for me, I'd like her back now' !!

I'm also glad to see its not just me who checks for blood every toilet trip. I had a tiny amount of spotting today after a BM so I took another test straight away and its clearer than yesterday. Phew!

I really must try to relax and enjoy!
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