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ACQ pressure treated wood - Safe????

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I didn't quite know where to put this post. Recently Dh and I made a sandbox for DS, which he absolutely loves. I don't know why, but I didn't pay too much attention to which wood we got for it - maybe because DH was taking the lead on it. Yesterday I was reading something about the danger of pressure treated wood, and I went outside and checked what wood we had used, and it was in fact ACQ pressure treated wood. Now they say that the ingredients used in ACQ are non-carcinogenic and 'safe', but I have just found marketing sites for the wood, nothing on safety from a third-party. I'm wondering whether I need to get rid of this sandbox and start over??? With summer coming up he will be in there every day and I can't have my baby exposed to toxins!!!! Any resources would be appreciated! Thanks!
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i don't really know much about pressure treated wood, but i do remember reading that painting it will block the release of the chemicals it was treated with. I remember there was an article about ACQ wood in Mother Earth News a couple years back? Saying that it's major hazard was to earthworms in the area around the wood because of the copper in the preservative.

Article : http://www.findarticles.com/p/articl...ch/ai_97174868
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