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Persephone -

That sounds like what DH & I did when DD joined us - We turned our pillows vertically and put her between us.I don't know how other babies sleep, but DD slept so close to me that having her in bed with us didn't actually take up all that much more space than just DH & myself did...And she was a big newborn! We had a queen bed at home, but slept that way in a double when visiting family members, and it worked OK. Now she likes to sprawl out a bit, but in the beginning, she was basically glued to my side. She used to twine her little arms around mine and hold on tight
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I truly do not know! My DD slept with us until 14 months when she asked to sleep in her room (I know, I know, she is very advanced and independant for her age). Honestly, I didn't really 'enjoy' cosleeping much. I talk and walk in my sleep, so I was really paranoid that I would hurt the baby. A few times I woke my DH, screaming that I had 'ruined' the baby, holding a pillow out to him, while still half-asleep. And I tended to sleep through her wakings until my DH would rouse me because I am such a deep sleeper.

There were some beautiful, tender moments that I romanticize, now that she is in her own room. Like when she would wake me up by kissing me... and how her sweet, warm baby body looked, all curled up next to me nursing in her sleep...

I don't know! Like a few have mentioned we have a small queen bed, so it gets really cramped. And it is a sleep number bed- not real good for cosleeping and nursing. I think we will try the bassinette or crib next to the bed to see if that works. I definately want the baby in the room, near me... I would feel weird having him or her far down the hall. And I am really sold on the benefits of "learning" to breathe by adopting mom's pattern while sleeping. Oh and the prevention of SIDS... I swear I would sleep through hungry cries right next to me, but darn if I didn't wake when my DD's little cap covered her face and she was stuck. I am really sold on the benefits, I'm just worried that it isn't the right thing for us.
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We will definitely co-sleep with the new kiddo, but I have no idea what we are going to do with dd's. Our bed is sooo crowded right now with the four of us, so I really don't think there is any way we could fit another warm body in there. We will be moving back into our home in Indiana at the end of summer, where the girls have their own room, so me may try to transition then if they seem ready.
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I plan to co-sleep. Not too sure how it is all going to work right now. I plan on having a full bed in the nursery for baby and I at first, I want DH to be able to get his sleep!

Right now he says no way to co-sleeping but I have a feeling he will end up changing his mind after baby arrives!
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That's a definite yes for us! I didn't plan to with ds, but then when he arrived, I couldn't bear to think of him down the hall and trudging down the hall to feed him every 2 hours! My husband's parents slept with him and my midwife told me to "put that baby in bed with you", so we did! And I never regretted it. I think people who are so anti-cosleeping really are missing out. Now if you can't or aren't comfortable with it, that's one thing. But thinking that it's just wrong ... :
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We will co-sleep for awhile. DD co-slep for 6 months, and then started sleeping horribly, and we tried moving her to her own bed and she did great. I was so sad! It was not what I had in mind, but it turned out ok. She comes into bed with us to nurse when she wakes up. I guess it worked out ok, but I hope we can co-sleep with this baby longer.
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We are co-sleeping with our 18 month old now, and he's a terrible sleeper! I also co-slept with my 3 older kids (different dh) and amazingly enough, at 14, 12, and 11, they do indeed sleep alone *gasp* regardless of what co-sleeping naysayers try to convince people. We will co sleep with the new babe too, probably with the new one in the cosleeper crib thingie. We'll see what works when he/she gets here. We might set up a toddler bed in our room for Slater. We'll see

I don't know how well my husband will do not sleeping with Slater, to be honest. He says he just cannot imagine how people can put their babies in another room for so many hours a day. (I brainwashed him SOO good during my pregnancy . He doesn't even understand that the way we parent is different than most people, since we don't have any friends with young children.)
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We take the side off the crib and turn it into a co-sleeper of sorts. Same height as our bed. We do that for the first year and then I transition them into their own twin bed. That way I can still sleep with them if needed or lay down to nurse them. We put the twin mattress on the floor. Dh would move them sooner--it seems once they can get around they like to climb all over daddy in the middle of the night. But I won't budge for that first year. I want to make sure they can get in and out of there twin mattress by themselves. My kids so far have been early walkers so that works for us.

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