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Potty training twins??

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Any tips to share? My twins are about to turn 3, are both fully (beyond fully actually!) ready to potty train, but with a new baby, I have to admit that having them in diapers seems easier so I've been l-a-z-y. : Any tricks , suggestions ?
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Just follow their cues. Mine trained at 39 and 41 months. They "played" at training together, but when the time came they did it at their own pace.

Be careful with rewards (if you use them). Dd2 held us to every last thing that dd1 got, plus remembered all of the junk that grandma had promised her. Then dd1 wanted to know why dd2 got a unicorn *and* a princess dress. I fear the financial impact of dd3 training, since she has already started to tally up her rewards, although she has no interest in the potty right now.
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If you think your twins are already physically ready to ditch their diapers, I would go for as much naked time as possible.

My boys have always gotten a lot of naked time, mainly because they love it so much, and it has had quite an impact on their awareness of when they have to pee, etc.

Luke is now 100% potty-trained, and Jasper is not at all. It's one of my favorite things about having twins. . . I always get to find out that this sort of thing doesn't have as much to do with parenting as it does with individual development. We did nothing to potty-train Luke (aside from naked time, and talking about pee and poop ALL THE TIME from about 15 months on). Luke potty-trained himself about a month after the second birthday. I think for him it was a matter of physical comfort. He always loved when we'd let him wear pants diaper-less ("my penis in my pants!"), and he reached a point where he was able to decide that he'd rather use the potty than wear a diaper. After a few days of no diapers, he began waking up dry in the morning and after naps. Something just switched in his brain. It took a little longer for the poop thing to get totally figured out. . . that's really only happened in the last week or so (so about 6 weeks after being totally pee trained).

I think Jasper will probably train sooner than he would of thanks to having Luke as an influence. He does already pee on the potty/on the grass fairly often (100% of the time when naked), but isn't at all reliable when he's wearing pants. Almost every morning, Luke says to Jaz, "Jaz, I really want you to wear underwear now." And Jaz says, "No, I'm gonna wear a diaper." But Jasper has been more and more resistant to diaper wearing, so I think extra naked time this summer will probably push him over that edge too.

I was really careful to never say to Luke that he was now a "big boy" for being done with diapers. BUT someone else must have mentioned it at some point because the other day he referred to his underwear as his "big boys." We've also been very conscious of never saying anything like, "diapers are for babies." Still, right after when he potty-learned, he began playing this game where he pretends he's a baby. We always indulge him in that, and remind him when he becomes himself again that he doesn't need to pretend to be a baby to get to snuggle in our arms (which is pretty much what the "I'm a baby!" game consists of).

Good luck!

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Follow up ?

The recommendations are good so far. I have a follow up ? My girls have just turned 3 years old and one is fully potty trained with very few accidents and the other has accidents 1-2 times a day. With the second girl should I just put her back in Pull-ups and wait until she trains herself or should I try some other tricks.
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Just a lil ramble.

With Jack and Em we started letting them explore the potty early one. Em showed signs at 16 months, taking off her diaper after it being wet only once. I think a lot of this has to do with cloth diapers. Jack was not too far behind. They are no where near potty trianed, but as they develop more speech, they will be able to communicate with us that they need to go. We have 2 potty chairs available for them when they want them. They take off thier own diaper and go when they want to. Sometimes its on cue, other times, they just sit and play, read a book, watch tv. :LOL I dont plan on putting them in any type of pull up, disposable, ect. They only hinder the process by not allowing the child to feel the wetness. We have a 9yr old who is chronically ill, and is diapers. We have always been told he would be in diapers his whole life. I accepted that, but moved him to cloth diapers when we could find them in his size. The first day he told me he was wet several times and he also told me when he had messed.. that was the FIRST time in 9 1/2 years that child could tell when he had soiled himself. We have been working on the training since and it seems to be going well.

Good Luck with this.
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We did it!!

OK so we bit the bullet and did the whole "potty training weekend" approach -- I took some ideas from Dr. Phil and some from the "Potty Training In Less Than A Day" book, and added stuff like-minded friends have recommended. Three weeks later dd is almost completely accident free and goes all on her own, and ds is doing great but needs to be reminded sometimes or he gets distracted and has an accident but most days are accident free. And this from kids who were ready and able but not particularly willing LOL... they seemed interested and all that but never were dying to use the potty. They just turned 3 and must be potty trained to attend nursery school 2 days/week this fall, thus the deadline concern.

Here's what we did:

Talked it up a lot a few days beforehand -- what we're doing this weekend, etc. Morning of: got them out of bed at first sign of waking and sat on potty (2 potties upstairs, 2 downstairs!) so they'd have their morning pee on the potty and start off with success. Naked from the waist down after that. Dh and I tagged team - he would get dd and I would get ds then we would switch - it's ALL WE DID all day all weekend (thank God for slings and breastfeeding or the baby would have been miserable). I stocked up on organic juice boxes (normally they get like 2-3 oz. juice a day max), juice popsicles, and funky straws and interesting sippy cups and they drank more than they ever have. Pee was flowing within 30 min. of waking. We told them no more diapers (except at bedtime) hurray hurray etc. really made a big deal. They got a jelly bean (organic juice sweetened from WF but, yeah, candy) after each pee or poo, and after 5 pees or poos, they got a little gift (new crayons, a matchbox car, a rubber ball, a sandbox shovel, etc. etc.). I made little charts so they could cross off the boxes and see how close they were to 5. By afternoon they were peeing and pooing 3/4 times in the potty. The next day the same thing but after they woke up from their afternoon nap we let them pick underpants to put on. Practiced pulling them up and down, etc. A few more accidents rebounding but then ok. By day 3 they were pretty much potty trained. Painless. BTW, they lost interest in the jelly beans after a few days and by the end of the first week were no longer asking for them. Then we switched seamlessly to getting a little present for poop in the potty, then phased that out as well. It was no struggle, which I was worried about, but it did provide the little bit of extra motivation they needed. I was always careful to say things like how comfy underpants are and how great it is not to have poop in the pants or have to stop playing to have a diaper change, etc... more the longer term rewards! Anyway, it WORKED and was blissfully painless which is all I care about.

Do I dare do a : yet? I am so proud of them and unbelievably thankful not to have to spend more time and $$$$ on diapers for three!
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I tried to potty teach one at a time. My twins were my first babies and potty learning was so scary to me. I opted to teach my Daughter Eliza first because she was the dominant twin. It was so funny how it worked Emma who was the quiet obsever got it before her sister. In fact with out even trying my daughter Emma had it in one day flat. I remember being so freaked out when she got up one night and stumbled to the potty then went back to bed. Eliza just kind of follwed her lead after that.

If you are looking for more advice I can tell you my way of teaching it is easy. I talk to my kids about potties alot for months in advance I tell them about how cool they are I let them even play with the tiny potty then practice flushing the big one. Then one day we just say thats it and we get the diaper off, get onto a floor that can be washed easily, put the potty beside us and we just play untill I notice they are wetting themselves then I say "OH! Thats it!" and we hurry to the potty then we cheer. It is an all day thing but then it is over really. At the end of the day they have earned their big kid undies, and the next week or so is just reminding untill it gets down pat. I hope all goes well for you.
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silly me I should have read further : LOl I am glad it went well for you
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