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Natural relief for endemetriosis?

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Does anyone have any experience with natural relief for endemetriosis? I have worked hard to even out estrogen dominance..but still suffer from days of pain each month as that endometrial tissue in my abdomen still sluffs off with no where for it to go.

To complicate things, I had a hysterectomy last December due to a severe uterine infectin I developed during the birth of my third child ( membranes were ruptured for 3 days before I consented to an induction, a decision I still do not regret) So though I do not have monthly periods, and do not have to deal with the pain of uterine cramping, I still have a monthly cycle of hormones (I still have ovaries) with regularly occuring 4 day stretches of severe abdominal pain. Just no bleeding or uterine cramping. I know that if I go to my Dr they will want to put me on the pill to stop ovulation, which I do not want to do because 1) I don't need birth control! duh! 2) I orginially developed a severe case of estrogen dominance that aggravated my endometriosis because of the pill 3) I am still nursing,,we don't need more hormones! (if only it had stopped my ovulation for longer! darn it!)

Any suggestions? I am really trying to avoid the traditional Dr, and financially we are strapped, so the cost of treatment by a naturopath is something that will be hard to handle,,so I am hoping for some suggestions to get me through for a while.

Thanks everyone!!
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How's your diet? Are you familiar with Dr. Christiane Northrup? She has dietary modifications outlined quite well in her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. She claims symptoms disappear or lessen after a low-fat, high fiber diet free of dairy is maintained. And she also says about 50 mg of each B vitamin and 400 to 800 mg of magnesium is helpful. She also goes into detail about the neuroendocrine-immune connection--that's very insightful. And castor oil packs on the abdomen--which are available through Home Health Products (800)468-7313. Hopefully others will have insight about herbal remedies, etc.

Being an energy practitioner, I would also suggest that applying principles of energy medicine would be helpful. Doing yoga or chi gung would keep those chakras clear and the energy flowing. Reiki would also be helpful. Good luck!
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I actually was just laying in bed last night thinking I should pull that book off the shelf again,,I will do that while Josh sleeps today,,thanks for the reminder. I also have Nutritional Healing that may have some suggestions...
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