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Did You Bfeed Twins? How?

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I didn't, and I'm wondering how other moms fared.
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Yep. Not a drop of formula for my girls!! They are still going strong at 10 mos! As to your question of how...are you looking for anything specific?

In terms of when - all the time! I nurse on demand and through the night still. I mostly nurse simultaneously. For the first 2 mos I nursed in double football position on pillows or my boppy. After that we went to V hold. It took me awhile to figure out nursing them both while laying down but we finally got the hang of it maybe around the 6-7 mos. Until that I'd just nurse them separately while laying down or sit up if they both wanted to nurse.

I also went back to work when they were 8wks old. Part time 3days per wk. I pump those days with a Medela pump in style.

Let's see. I can't think of any other specifics right now. I was thankful to have full term babies. They were born emer c sec at 38w1d. Josephine was in NICU for 2 days and both came home with me at 4 days old. I also think that my bf'ing experience with my son made it much easier for me with my twins. Although the trade off is that not only was I constantly nursing my girls, I also had a toddler to care for too.

But overall I think it being my 2nd bf'ing experience that saved me! Those mamas that have twins as their first children and manage to figure out bf'ing TWO...well that is a task!!
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Still going here!

Welcome Geezer! And welcome to your two little newbies!

I did and do nurse my now-19-month-olds. As to how I/we fared, it varied greatly depending on their age, my illness, etc.

At first I was desperately ill with pre eclampsia that worsened drastically following the emergency c-section. The girls were in the NICU. I pumped for them about 3 times a day - NOT ENOUGH!!!!! But all I could do!!!!

Once we got home I transitioned Annika to the breast first. Both girls had had help from the hospital LC with first latch-on and that made all the difference. I had a good friend who would come over and offer support and advice on a moment's notice in those early weeks. After a week or two of that Alicia came to the breast.

After that I continued to supplement with varying amounts of formula in bottles every day. I also breastfed on their requests (i.e. all the time :LOL ) day and night - the formula was given in the early evening. I also called my LC frequently and she would call me like once a week or so just to see how I was doing.

At four months I finally felt well and tried to move to exclusive breastfeeding but at that point my supply limit had been set and it didn't work out. So I went back to using formula supplements. As they started solids I was able to reduce the amount of formula in bottles and add it to their food, thickening with rice cereal as needed so I could spoon it into them (poor things, eh? : ).

At nine months Alicia ended her supplementing and at 10 1/2 months Annika ended her supplementing. W'e're still nursing lots and lots and lots at 19 months and we love it!

I credit my LC, my LLL group, Karen Kerkhoff Gromada's book Mothering Multiples, the Twins magazine breastfeeding forum, my friend Patti, lots of family assistance, and my famous head made of solid concrete for our success. I'm in dreamland now with nursing - it's fun and normal and happy.

All of that being said, you are doing great and no one but another mom of twins knows what it's like to try to nurse twins, often against the most ferocious of odds in terms of illness and prematurity and on and on and on. I hope you hang out here at this forum and enjoy lots of support. I found this forum rather later and wish now I had found it earlier. But I check here daily now. It's not the most active forum on the site but I can say we are few but dedicated!

Again welcome and hope to see you around lots here!
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Us too My girls are 16 months, still nursing and we've had no problems at all. As for the how, not sure what you want to know but I will say that I think that becoming informed prenatally, choosing a good health care provider and trying your damnedest to have full term babies and a vaginal birth have more of an impact on a twin breastfeeding experience than a singleton one.
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I'm doing it, too. The boys are 7 1/2 months, have never been supplemented and have just started tasting pureed foods. I'm so thrilled they've never needed to be supplemented; I don't know how I'd fit making bottles in!

Technically speaking, I do it about the same as gotmilkmama described, though I am in awe that she has mastered the dual (or duel, on some days) nursing lying down. I haven't gotten that yet, even though I'm sporting what one would call "36 longs" these days. :LOL

Mostly, the boys nurse one at a time, one right after the other. They're pretty efficient, so I'm only feeding for about 20 minutes at any point... about the same as when they were littler and fed at the same time.

I didn't have any other complications to contend with, though... they were born at 37 weeks, 1 day and weighed in at 6lbs 8oz and 6lbs 9oz. They came home with me 48 hours later, nursing like champs.

I have a friend who delivered her twins 2 weeks before mine at 28 weeks. She pumped for 5 weeks of NICU time and had to buy a chest freezer to store all the ebm... I don't know how those of you who had to go through that craziness do it. It has to take superhuman effort.
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I did. My twins were born by c-section at 29 weeks and spent 2 months in the NICU. I pumped till they came home and then it took about a month to get them nursing.

I generally nursed them both together on the double blessings pillow (is that what you meant by how?)

I got pregnant again when they were 6 months old and one weaned at 11 months (my milk dried up).

the other one tandem nursed with his baby brother till he was 4. the other one weaned about a month later LOL (around his third birthday).

I almost never nursed them together though.
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Tandem nursed from the beginning. At thanksgiving dinner, on a ferry, in a kayak, at the store, in the gardens, mostly in public. (gasp!)

Couldnt live without the nursing pillow, had one in the trunk at all times.


We could not have survived without the help of our local LLL leader, who taught us the "aussie" nursing position so I could finally sleep, with a twin propped on each side whilst laying down. Nor without our beautiful amazing doula goddesses.

It is so worth it, all the fenugreek, all the water bottles, all the moments of just them & I.
They are thriving toddlers now, and have never had more than a sniffle after a big gathering, Rock on, immunities.

Ok, I'm done - just know it can be done.

And I am a breast cancer survivor.
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Originally Posted by twopeasinpod
We could not have survived without the help of our local LLL leader, who taught us the "aussie" nursing position so I could finally sleep, with a twin propped on each side whilst laying down. Nor without our beautiful amazing doula goddesses.
What is the aussie position? As a soon to be twin mom and an LLL leader, I think it would be good to know

I am pg with my twins, but I will be nursing. We have many food allergies in this family, so formula is NOT an option.
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I did, for 28 months. They never took a bottle. Tandem nursing and an ez2nurse pillow were key! My dh jokes we should have the pillow bronzed.

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Other then some supplementing in NICU (don't get me started on that one), my girls were exclusively breastfed until they started solids around 7 months & are still going strong at 25 mo.

Honestly, while infants, I don't know how I would have managed withOUT breastfeeding. I could feed/comfort them both at the same time while still having at least one hand free to do something else (like eat, I'm not sure I ate a meal w/o at least one kid nursing until they were 6 months old or so LOL). Also as they got better head/neck support, I was able to double sling & let them both nurse while in the slings, so I could even go shopping & such w/o worrying about feeding schedules, etc.

Illinimom, the australian position, and many others, are pictured here: http://www.karengromada.com/photos.htm

Of course, I tended to invent my own positions as we went along, for awhile, the prefered method when we were away from home (and our rather impressive stack of pillows,etc) was to sit crosslegged on the floor, lay one baby in my lap, cradle style & then lay the other in a football position w/ her head on baby 1's legs/stomach & her legs on the diaperbag, sitting beside me LOL. Also had a stage where I just kinda just piled them both in my lap LOL. Now they're pickier about being piled on top of each other, but like to sit on my knees to nurse (knee num nums is quite the treat LOL).
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:LOL - Hey GoodEats I have 36 longs too! I'll never forget when my girls where about 5 mos old and we visited my sister and she said "When did your boobs drop so low?".

Regarding nursing while lying down...I thought I'd never get it either. It took lots of trying, and pillows underneath. Once my girls got really good at sitting on their own and then crawling it gets much easier. They have more head, neck, and body strength and by that point you can pretty much just lay there and they do the rest.
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Originally Posted by latinmom
I did, for 28 months. They never took a bottle. Tandem nursing and an ez2nurse pillow were key! My dh jokes we should have the pillow bronzed.


ROFL!! that is what DH said...shrine to the ez2nurse...so true.

I love the Karen site, it always makes me so happy to see all those mamas & gnome.
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My girls are almost 29-months-old (how did that happen?!) and are still nursing 3 times a day. They were born full term at 38w3d (vaginal birth) and nursed within an hour of being born. They have never been supplemented even when Lillie was in the PICU for a week on life support with RSV. The nutritionalist suggested giving her "Mother's Milk Supplement" along with my breastmilk in her feeding tube. She couldn't give me any reason she needed it other then that's just "what we do". She got a big NO from me and wouldn't talk to me the rest of Lillie's stay..... :LOL

Carmella - I very quickly figured out how to nurse them both lying down too! We experimented with putting pillows under each girl to get them at just the right height (I'm not very endowed ) to get them latched on. Once they got bigger we ditched the pillows and they would each lay their head on my shoulders while nursing. Still doing that to this day!

Bear with me....my girls want to post some smilies.

Faith's picks: :

Haven's picks: :
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grrrrrr....that sounds so familiar - the NICU nurses berated me for starving my children, and told me I was in their way (I slept in the NICU private room with them)...fortunately, I got it all on video by accident. Some "health professionals" can kill the whole act in the beginning...especially in a high-stress area like the NICU.
lovelovelove to the mamas who endure that with pre-term babies.
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Still nursing 19 month olds here.
I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for when you ask how did you do it, but I can tell you in our case it was the most difficult thing I've ever done. My girls were 2 months premature and they didn't latch properly for a LONG time. With the help of some great mamas and dads on a list serve, a really good IBCLC I had and a very supportive dp, I stuck with it. My girls finally started nursing when they were 3 months old.

In the beginning I'd nurse them together, but once they got old enough to start kicking each other and shoving (one pushed her sister off the chair once ), I started nursing them separately. I quite enjoy nursing them separately now because I get one-on-one time with each of them.

The EZ2Nurse pillow didn't work with my big boobs--I had better success with the other one (I can't, for the life of me, remember the name of it--twin mama brain, sorry :LOL) that was thinner. But really what worked best for me was two regular pillows.

I always had supply issues & had to supplement with formula, but only minimally. The day I stopped using formula was the 3rd happiest day of my life.
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Originally Posted by sweetpeas
Honestly, while infants, I don't know how I would have managed withOUT breastfeeding.

My twins were supplemented at first, it doesn't bother me because they needed it at the time. They didn't have any bottles or formula after coming home. We were really lucky, the home health nurse that was assigned to us was pretty pro-breastfeeding and encouraged me and reassured me that they were doing fine.

Mainly, I nursed them because everyone told me I couldn't. I wouldn't have enough milk, that it would take too much time, that I would be stuck in the house and tied to babies all day. "They" all turned out to be very wrong.

I used a Boppy during the day, at night we nursed side-lying, one at a time.
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still going strong at 18 months

I had a terrible c-section (planned, at 39 weeks, but lost tons of blood) and still have had a great experience nursing my twins. Maybe too great, since they still seem to nurse all the time.

My LLL leader (also a mother of twins) was an exceptional source of encouragement in the first months/year - and my twins nursing pillow was essential for the first four months. Honestly, I don't think I could have dealt with all the bottles and stuff amidst the craziness of two relatively high needs babies.
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I bfed my twins until they self weaned at 18mths. I almost always nursed them at the same time....twin a cradle to right breast and twin b football to left
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I just finished weaning my 27-month-old twins. . . Still feeling weird about not being a nursing mom anymore.

I think that during the first few months, nursing twins was the hardest thing I've ever done. We had some issues, mainly thrush and a lot of plugged ducts, but I never questioned whether or not I'd continue. I made myself a goal of nursing to two years and was completely determined to meet that goal. I think if I had been any less committed to breastfeeding, it would have been easy for me to stop, either right away or around 3 months (when our thrush was at its peak). Around 6 months, when we were finally yeast-free and also the boys were nursing for only about 5 minutes or so at a time (granted, they were nursing at least once an hour during the day), nursing became so easy and gloriously wonderful.

When people on the street would stop with gaping mouths and ask how I did it, I'd just point out that I had TWO breasts. But then after reading that Mothering article about the mama who's nursing her twins on ONE breast, I realized that even having two breasts isn't a necessity to exlusively breastfeeding twins!

My guys were nursed exclusively until 13 months, and then frequently (mostly on cue) until their second birthday, at which point I began gradually weaning them.

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