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anyone part time unschooling

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I'm curious as if anyone is part time unschooling there child(s) and how has it worked? My ds has been in a special needs class this last year throughout kindergarden. I'm taking him out for many reasons. I've decided to put him in two classes at a local magnet school and unschool him the rest for the next coming year. Meaning letting him guide his own learning. I will have to structure our days because of his needs but basically be unschooling him. Does this contradict the motion of unschooling?
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I've deceided to put him in two classes at a local magnet school
Are these fun classes that he wants to attend? Or what?
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I'm a bit confused.

Let's see - I'll still try to answer your question anyway.

Children can be unschoolers and may still take classes that they want to take. I don't really see that as being part/time unschooling though. I see that as part of unschooling. Even if it's a matter of them wanting to take a structured science, math, english, art, whatever class. My children have done all sorts of different classes and activities over the years that hasn't turned them into part/time unschoolers.

But then I think it's a matter of it being their choice to take those classes. And it would also be their choice if they wanted to stop taking those classes.

The part of you saying that you have decided to place him in a couple of classes is the part that stands out to me. Is this something he's wanting to do?

Anyway though...there really aren't any rules to live up to in homeschooling/unschooling. I realize that there are lots of people with lots of opinions. But it really doesn't matter. It's up to you and your family as to how you choose to do things. Maybe it would be easier to just drop the label of unschooling for you?
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The reasons for stating "I've decided in putting him in two classes at a magnet school", I can read and find the classes that he would be interested in...They're classes he's very interested in....a dinosaur science class and a self progressive reading class with lots of books (which he loves). I know I couldn't make him take a class he wasn't interested in. With his special needs- majory sensory issues, I still need to addressed and guide him throughout his day which is often drag for him. I guess in that sense, I feel unschooling is contradicting our life style. Things like dressing himself, washing hands, flushing toliet...ect. I try not to force to much on him or overload him but I do want him to try his hardest. So yes, in some sense, I feel with his personality we're part time unschooling. Because some of the things, I almost to a point, force him to try. I can't imagine how hard it will be throughout his day without a distinct schedule with waking and sleeping type of issues. If we fall off a schedule...we could both become very lazy in just everyday life. I'm more worried not having that time when school starts and the bus comes to get us movin in the day. This is another reason for the magnet classes.
I guess all in all, I'm just nervous and looking for some conversation to smooth my fears.
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My older DD has mild special needs, including sensory issues, so I can relate to a lot of what you are saying.

I think that the word "unschooling" is a loaded word and I think that if you say you are unschooling and yet have your child enrolled part time in school, some nasty person will come along and tell you that you aren't a "real" unschooler. Or worse, just say things like that behind your back.

I think that you should do whatever works best for your son -- you are the best judge, and you can always make changes if it turns out that it wasn't the best decision or that the situation changes. I don't think you should worry about whether or not you are "contridicting the notion of unschooling." Just do what works for your child. It can be hard enough to figure out what really works for a special needs child without also trying to live up to someone else's ideology.

I can't relate to the fear of what will happen if you don't have to leave the house. It is quite possible that you might spend a week or 3 laying around in jammies, but eventually I think you both would get bored and want to leave the house! Some of his issues with self-care might be easier to deal with without a tight schedule.

BTW, my SI child does much better when she gets lots of movement -- swiming, gymnastics, riding her bike, etc.
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Yes, we stopped labeling what we were doing...we do a structured math program and Read everyday and "unschool" the rest....but I found that trying to label what we do, did it a disservice and gave me more anxiety than necessary...its all one big lively experiment and conversation....And that's about the only descriptors I would use...
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I guess "label" is a five letter word worth nothin else to say. I'm not fearing so much as I think I am. Just a little nervous...I feel things would almost be easier if there was more than one child to guide. Well maybe not...

Linda KS: your right about just hanging around the house for awhile untill we become sick of it and I totally agree not living up to someone else's idealogy...It's just taken awhile for me to come to my own set of ideas.

I still have to schedule things...I think ds would like gymnastics and has had swimming lessons he enjoyed. I would love to do a yoga or martial arts class with him. Of course one at a time would be enough not to overwhelm ds and me. And the occasional quiet activity- such as walks or maybe even taking up cross country skiing for winter...ahh, the unlimited selections of advertures await us...now, I'm gettin excited.
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