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Yay!!! Congratulations Holli and Liam and Welcome home Mari!!!

Haley is asleep in a pink flowered disposanot stuffed with 2 hemp inserts (taken from FCB aio's ) and wrapped in a microterry towel
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: Welcome home Mari!!!

I just put Spence to sleep in a FCB Nightlight and a pair of MM soaker shorts.
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Yaaay! She's home! Congratulations!

B. is wearing a size 2 Nightlight with an angora KP. He just got a second wind so he's not asleep yet! :yawning:
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Cordie is in a t&t fussybutt fitted with grandma-made longies over it; Emmie is in a luxebaby fitted with NatureBabyKnits longies.
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DS in in 2 polar fleece hemp prefolds with an aristocrat.
this is his first night in prefolds!
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Originally Posted by Marimami
My girlie is upstairs asleep and is wearing a FCB size 1 nightlight and oatmeal cashmere Kiwi Pie!

It's her first night in cloth!

YAY!!!!! OMG!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Long long LOOOOOOONG awaited joyous wishes sent your way!!!

Um... golly, I don't even know what CC is wearing to bed. I think I messed up and it's just a PF. Hmmm. Hope I put a cover on her. It might be a wet night. I know I really messed up and never put PJs on her. I'm just one messed up deliquent mama right now. So ready to be over morning sickness, but SO knowing that this little Butter Bean inside is well worth it.
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Yay, Holli! Congratulations and welcome back!

Audrey, whenever she gets sleepy : will be in our tried and true nighttime system: FCB Night Light, Aristocrat, Hanna Andersson jammies.
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Congratulations Holli, I'm so excited to hear Mari is home!!

Meagan is wearing the usual...an FB (yellow tonight) stuffed with an infant IPF and a Lullaby Diapers hemp doubler
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~Congats on new baby and first night in cloth!~
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OMG, congratulations to you, Holli!!!! I have thought about you and your family so often, and it's great to have you back here!

DD is sleeping in her usual bedtime attire--a Fuzzi Bunz (pink tonight) stuffed w/ a Joey Bunz and microfiber towel.
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Oh Holli, I'm so darn happy/weepy/excited for you! And Mari in her cloth

But... Katherine isn't in a nighttime diaper yet! We keep late hours (for now... since both dh and I work late, but I'll be a SAHM in the summer)... so I'll be home in just a bit to put a premium prefitted with a sugar peas hemp doubler and a growing greens fleece-topped doubler).
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Angelica is wearing a snowflake print happy heiny with a jb and doubler inside and her brothers tye-dye tee as a night gown.

Jonathan has orange incredibles undies on. They have dash on them and he LOVES them so much

: Congratulations on getting your baby home :
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Congrats to you Holli!!!!!
They're both in FBs stuffed with an infant prefold and a microterry insert (I need to wash the wool : ).
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Hey Holli! Congrats to your family.

Both my kids are asleep in embroidered FBs.
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Congrats again Holli! I am so glad Mari is home with you and Liam and in cloth!

Ds is sleeping sprawled across our bed in a snappied premium cpf and hemp doubler covered by an Aristocrat.
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My babe-ette is wearing a lime green FB with a MOE insert and 2 joey bunz. We were using one JB, but that hasn't been enough recently
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The buggle slept in his tried-and-true combo of an OV Valor Kids fitted (hidden soaker layers of hemp ) with a couple of hemp doublers tucked underneath the QD Soaker pad, and double layer cashmere/wool flannel Naturekins pants on top of it all!! It has stayed the same for months, but i guess i'll have to switch some crocheted soaker shorts for the thick pants when/if it gets warm around here!
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That's so sweet! When my little one was small nighttime was an infant prefold snappi'd w/ no cover, then w/ a prowrap, then a premium w/a prowrap, then a premium w/ a doubler and a fleece liner and a fugly gerber pull-on cover, then an aio w/ a prefold and fleece liner and a pull on cover over all (yes, it was getting bulky).

Tonight and recently in general she's in a PT FB w/ a microterry/hemp "towel" insert. Trim enough that her legs aren't sticking out wonky and her back cricked at a wierd angle, yet absorbent and keeps her dry all night even if she pees several times (she tends to either wet heavily or not at all at night).
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Jeffrey is sleeping in his Bummis trainers and Sean's sleeping in a hemp/velour pocket stuffed with a hemp prefold under his Aristocrat
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I wasn't even going to open this thread because I think about how dd always wears the same old combo each and every night but I am so glad I did! Holli, I am so happy for you and Liam. I followed your saga and strangely I have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing for the past week or two. I hope you stick around again. I was so bummed when a few mean people caused you to leave.

Dd is wearing her trusty combo of a a Sugarbums OV fitted with a preemie pf. Wait, I have fallen off my beaten path. I put in a thin hemp doubler since I am pretty much laying the pf flat so no ruffly, serged edging touches her. She is wearing an aristocrat on top.
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