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FB with 2 CB inserts.

HUGS holli!! I am SOOOOOO Excited for you!!!!
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SOS hemp fleece and Celtic wool creations wool cover!
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see..... I was not in diapering for about a year now.....
And now I admit I dont know what has happened here with this mamma..... and her daughter. I *think* I have heard the names before..... (The TP, or maybe an auction?) Please someone share. Or PM me please cause I feel like the village idiot....... :
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NL sz1 and med hemp insert with small wool 'crat' dyed in kool aid colors
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i am loving this thread. tonight rowan is in a summer greens EeZi-fold with an added kissaluvs supersoaker and a kool-aid dyed berry blue aristocrat.
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Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Mari is home!

Fee is napping in our 1 elbee & a Ewe betcha fairy soaker.
Storm just got up. Now wearing nothing.
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Well I totally missed this!

Holli - CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's sooooooooo good to hear that Mari is home
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I am so glad to hear you are getting to enjoy Mari at last.
Melinda wearsorganic cotton diapers with wool liner ,wool interlock pants as a cover
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Holli, it's so wonderful to see you here!!!

Welcome home, sweet Mari

Noelle is wearing a cloud 9 nighttime under her jammas, Lindsey will be wearing a fuzzi bunz once she finally settles down.
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i just got lead over here from TAO and was curious what the link was, and i have to say---its been about 2 years since i have bought any cloth diapers, ( ds is 3) and i did not recognise ANY of the diaper names. simply amazing, is all i have to say.
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Eden's wearing a Natureboy&girl disposable tonight : : :

but I just wanted to pop in and say I am so happy for you holli.

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Even though I never posted before till lately, I read many of your threads, Holli. I am so happy for you!

Jason is snoozing now in his OC Loveybums fitted and oatmeal cashmere Kiwi Pie cover. My favorite fluffy combo for night!
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Originally Posted by mommyof3andcountin
Oh, yay for you and Mari, Holli (and Liam too!) I'm mostly a lurker but I shed some tears and said some prayers during your adoption saga. Makes my night to know you have that sweet girlie to love

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Thats so exciting, and congratulations!

DD is wearing a boring old Motherease Sandy's with a Bummi's Wrap!
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Tonight Angelica has on a lime green very baby pocket with a duz-it-allz inside......And white fleece pants.
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She's wearing a firefly nightlight under a stacinator fleece cover
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