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how often do you do diaper laundry?

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Because I'm slightly anal and have a busy routine with older kids, I like having diaper days on the same days of the week, so I can plan for the extra time with line-drying. Right now it's twice/week. I'm sooo tempted to increase my stash so I can wash weekly. Is that insane?

How often do you do diaper wash?
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I have a huge stash, I could probably go close to a week without washing.

However, I wash every other day, every 3 days at the max. I don't like to wait longer because I feel like stains and stink set in. I'm kind of anal like that though, it's probably all in my head. :LOL
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But I love to feel my soft dipes fresh out of the wash so I don't mind. Folding and snapping up and sorting are therapy to me. I leave my dipes in the laundry basket in the corner until dh gets home and I can devote my full attention to my daily 10 minute therapy!
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Originally Posted by faerybugmady

Me too!! I LIKE to do diaper laundry and I don't like to have dirty diapers around. Plus, I have just about one of every diaper there is and I like variety. One think I really like about CD is that I get to pick which diaper for the day/occasion! You know, color, absorbancy, design, style. It's just too fun!!
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I wash every day. I love doing diaper laundry. I have plenty of diapers to go 3 or 4 days except my night time Wonderoos, which I only have 4 and use 2 each night so I kind of have to wash every day so those are ready for us.
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I like to start the cold wash every night before I go to bed and do the hot wash first thing in the morning so if it is nice enough outside I can line dry with maximum time outside. Sometimes when I am lazy it can be up to 3 days before I wash but that is rare. I think you could get some serious issues if you only wash once a week. I know it can be done since some people have no other option if they have to use a laundermat but it requires lots of rinsing and what not beforehand to help prevent stink. I don't even like to think of all of the bacteria growing from a poopy diaper sitting one day let alone a week.
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I wash about every 3 days. I like to do the cold soak at night too before! I feel like if I wait any longer than that-they won't get as clean or the stains will set in..
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I've always had a really LARGE stash of diapers. But we still have always washed every 2-3 days (it's actually pretty rare for me to go 3 days). I have a washer that could definitely handle the number of diapers but I have just found that it works much better for the diapers to be washed every 2-3 days.
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sounds like sticking with my twice/week would be a good idea. I enjoy doing diapers, too, but I just can't justify doing them daily anymore. My older kids need my attention!
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Twice a week, I make a habit of it because if I leave them longer they get stinky and it is harder to remove the stink. :LOL
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I'm one of those every day people too.
I cant stant leaving dirty diapers in the pail.
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Count us among those with the huge stash, but still wash every other day or so. I just can't stand having dirty diapers sitting around, and I think they last longer if they're not left to sit around and marinade.
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See, I kind of think they last longer if they're not run through the wash more frequently than necessary, which is why a big stash is a good stash :-)

lol, marinade.
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I wash everyday or my pail gets too full.. I guess I need a larger pail?!
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I wash them daily. The idea of the diapers sitting there grosses me out. I tried to wash every other day and I couldn't do it. I couldn't CD if I couldn't wash everyday.
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I wash every 2-3 days. I could definately go longer, but I don't want to deal with super icky week old diapers....blech.
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:-) I guess if I were still in the bf-only poop stage, that would be different. Come to think of it, I guess that's when I stopped doing daily diaper laundry. Now it's just pee and the tiniest trace of the poop that shook right off into the john. :-)
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I wash atleast every other day mostly everyday-depending on my time but I agree that poopy diapers from 2 kids here, stacked on top of potty diaper and everything getting wet and yucky is GROSS! PLus it stinks!
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I wash every 2-3 days, or whenever the pail is full.
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I wash 1-2 times a week. If I'm home more, I'll wash more, but washing at the end of a long day just kills me because I hate HAVING to go do laundry after I put the girls to sleep. Especially with R freaking out when I leave the bed.

I love folding, but it's difficult with all the little hands reaching for the pieces, so the washed dipes often have to sit for a few days, too.

SO I have a huge stash and actually use it all almost every week
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