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Every 2-3 days. I like to wash every other day when I can, becaues my 54 qt pail is full by day 3 and the dipes are stinky. Also, they don't have as much room to agitate in the washer when it is full.
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every other day
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I was wednesday night, Friday night, sunday night. so i guess 2day then a 3 day run in there too. I can go up to 5 days thou. I have enought diapers.
this is us exactly!
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I wash ours every other day. I will wait an extra day if the weather is going to be nice so I can sun them.
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Originally Posted by Jillbob
I wash every 2-3 days, or whenever the pail is full.
ditto. i'm finally at a point where my stash is big enough to last a few days - so i got a bigger pail. that said - i LOVE doing diaper laundry, so i'll probably keep doing it every other day or so, regardless of need.
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I wash every two to three days right now. I imagine when I have two in CD's that I will go to every 1-2 days. Heck, I'd need to get another pail to do otherwise! ;-)
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I wash every other day, but just b/c I can't stand to have dirty dipes sitting around too long. If we were to use our whole stash, I could do it probably every 4 or 5 days.
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we wash every 2-4 days

it depends on if I'm in a mood to use the prefolds or not
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I usually wash every 2-3 days, whenever the pail gets full and we don't have a terribly large pail.

I can vouch for stains setting in when dipes aren't washed often enough. When I ended up in the hospital, DH kept CDing but didn't have the chance to wash dipes (spending every day at the hospital) so a load sat until I got home and could tell him how to wash them. I have a handful of dipes that are really stained and I don't think sunning will help.
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Every other day, although once in a while, that'll get bumped to three days. I don't think we'd have enough diapers to go longer than that.
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Every second day. Any longer than that and they smell. I also wouldnt have enough to go any longer and dont really need to buy significant numbers with an over two year old who is also my last baby.
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EOD. I actually have enough dipes now that I could probably go at least 3 days before washing, but since the bulk of my diaper stash is SOS, & they take forever to hang-dry, I like to have extra dipes at hand.
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I go every 2-3 days usually, like a pp poster said it depends on if I want to start into the prefold stash or not. I wish I could go longer tho, I only wash because I don't want them to get permanently stained or smelly. I usually do not have a full load so that I feel like it uses more water/energy each week than if I could wait for a full load and only do it every 5 days or so.
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I was every other day, at the very latest. I really only have enough cloth for two days.
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I wash about every 3 days-- my diaper pail is usually full by then.
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I wash every day because I miss my dipes if I don't. I HATE it whn I have my heart set on a particular dipe and it's dirty. :LOL

Numbers wise, I can go 4 days with fitteds and 4 days with all AIOs but OY! What a load that would be!!

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Originally Posted by benjalo
I like having diaper days on the same days of the week,
I'm with you, I want set days. I would love it if a week was evenly divisible, like 6 days or 8 days. Why 7 days? I think God should have taken a rest for two days. But I'm sure He wasn't thinking about diaper laundry when he was so busy with other things. :LOL

I do it every 2-3 days, I have found since moving here that if they sit longer than 3 days they mildew. Didn't have that problem when I lived in the desert, but it's more humid here. I assume that is the problem. Plus, if I went a whole week, I wouldn't be able to fit them all in my super capacity washer I don't think. 3-4 days worth would be it, unless I wanted to be washing 2-3 loads on my one day a week diaper wash day.
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With two in diapers and "an older childs routine" I still did diapers every 2.5 days. I became ill/surgery/recovery and our third ended up in sposies for 7 months. I returned to cloth with him but he went up in size and I made him new dipes. I only made him 14 so I make it though one day and washing time - barely
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