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I am hearing that the Sklar Leff ($310) and Allen Series 10 ($120) fetoscopes, available at Cascade online, are excellent and can pick up tones as early as 13-14 weeks.
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I also hear the Allen economy with long tubing is great and can pick up heart tones by 20 weeks
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I am loving Spiritual Midwifery. It has some nutrition guidelines, but not a whole lot to help with UP. I wonder if there are any UP specific books out there.
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Originally Posted by pamamidwife View Post
My favorite remedy for hemorrhage, besides placenta medicine, is cinnamon tincture.

Honey sticks are a great thing to have on hand - quick energy that digests well and doesn't come back up.

Motherwort tincture rocks for getting peace during prodromal, early labor, after cramping, and mothering in general.
How much does one take of these things?

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Originally Posted by lifetish View Post
Steep whatever you would put in a bath for yourself, comfrey and the like in a big pot on the stove. Buy a large pack of maxi pads.

Pour the a decent serving of the liquid into the maxi pads (keep adhesive backings on). Fold back up and put in their little wrapper and stick 'em in the freezer.

These were so soothing for the first week after the baby. It was like taking a mini-sitz bath and the initial temperature was so relieving.

great idea! when i had dd1 (hosp) the nurses put crushed ice into newborn size diapers, and called them "crotch-cicles." they were the one thing i missed when having dd2 at home, altho i had so much less soreness than with dd1, esp after an herbal sitz bath.
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Ginger is really helping me with my morning sickness.

And I've been trying to keep my stomach full, which helps too, and make sure I get enough sleep and pace myself.

I'm on Reglan for my nausea. It's class B. Phenarghan is class C. So if you do ask a doc for some medication try to get Reglan, since it's less dangerous.
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From Christian UC, some unassisted pregnancy journals

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Excellent resources, ladies! This thread is so helpful!!
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Excellent resource for avoiding pre-e and metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy. Highly recommended! 12 years of evidence that it can be prevented, halted, and reversed.

: at doctors for ignoring this study and thereby ruining birth experiences for Mums and babes for decades.
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Not specifically about self care, but there is a lot of information about prenatal issues here that can be applied:

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Does anyone have any tips for locating fetal heartbeat, distinguishing one hb from another, and telling where the placenta is with a fetoscope?
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Homeopathy is a wonderful holistic modality that can be effectively applied in pregnancy/birth/post partum for an entire spectrum of issues- it's affordable, available, and very DIY.

Lots of info. and active forums online at:

Lots of herbal info for the childbearing cycle, from a holistic perspective, also very empowering and DIY:

Herbs and Homeopathy are sister sciences that can support your pregnancy!
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I took Calcium/Magnesium tablets, 2 of, 3x a day, and they stopped the pains dead.
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Would be able to buy the urine test strips at Walgreens? Other than that Craig's medical supply online store, isn't there another one?
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I may see a midwife 3-4 times during the pregnancy, to help diagnose position of baby and help teach me how to help myself during the delivery. She offered to give me pee sticks. Nice of her.

Anyways, I just thought I'd mention for anyone that doesn't know this what I learned today:

the baby's heartbeat is going to be softer, sounding kind of like a train
the cord sounds will kind of whoosh, like a spring boinging or a slinkie waving back and forth
and the placenta sounds are usually louder, more of a thumping with lots of static, and its usually on the top of the womb
kicks just sound like static

Everyone's different tho!
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Just found another cheaper site for urine test strips:


I also found someone selling them on ebay, a bottle of URS-10 for about $30, shipped.
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I had a tincture called "after ease" ...I think the brand was Wishing Garden (??) I got it through inhishands.com. It was a blend of herbs...crampbark for sure and maybe motherwort... it and worked amazingly for me. I also keep crampbark in the cupboard for stomach aches/cramps.
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Where to get herbs?


And thank you for all the wonderful tips.

I have a question though. Where do you get herbs?

I am so used to just go outside to my garden and take what I need. But here in the States we just rent and the big yard they have has nothing but grass in it (BORING!) And I won't have enough time to grow my herbs.

But I also cannot find stores here. At least not like the stores I am used to. I loved going shopping for herbs, because of the atmosphere in herb stores and the wonderful smell. Since we came to the States I did not see any store like that. My husband said we would like in the wrong area for that. We live in Kentucky.

So I went to the pharmacy (?) and asked the guy there for herbs. In Germany usually you can at least order herbs over them if they do not have them. But he just smiled and said "Sounds like you need a hippie store." I am not sure if he was sarcastic, mean, joking or whatever...

But seriously. Where do I get herbs?

I know they have internet stores where you can order them, but first of all most of the time you have to pay with credit card. I still do not have one. Then, it is just not the same as going to a store and looking at the herbs and smelling them....

So where do you find your herbs?

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I am so glad to have found this forum! I am having a midwife attend this baby's birth, but she will be very hands-off. I posted this list below on the homebirth forum here, but didn't receive many responses. Now I know I am in the "right" place after finding this thread!!

Here's mine:


~I take everyday: Vit. B complex (helps with stress), emtra 250 mg just magnesium, Rainbow Light prenatal, extra 1000 mg. Calcium/Magnesium/Vit. D, 400 mg pharmaceutical grade fish oil, evening primrose oil by mouth, red raspberry in capsule form, and in the last trimester Alfalfa capsules to build my blood and increase my clotting ability.

~If I am feeling really stressed/anxious, I like Bach's Rescue Remedy; or an herbal tincture in a glycerite base of Hops flower, Valerian, and Wild Lettuce; or a homeopathic remedy by Hyland's called Calms (with Passion Flower, Oat, Hops, and Chamomile).


~Rescue Remedy to help me focus and be calm
~2000 mg. calcium and a big glass of calcium fortified orange juice to boost uterus' ability to work (helps muscles) at start of hard contrax


~I like Traditional Medicinal's Mother's Milk tea: it's relaxing and tasty to me. I also make my own blends with oatstraw, red clover, lavender, red raspberry, alfalfa, chamomile, and nettle.
~I plan on taking more Vit. Bs and Zinc this time: read it helps with stress.
~Homeopathic Arnica for healing bruises (think: perineum, birth canal, etc)
~I plan to try Wishgarden's Afterease tincture to ease afterpains during nursing.
~ Use calming remedies I used during pregnancy to ease anxiety.
~Herbal sitz baths (comfrey, witch hazel, yarrow, etc.)
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Originally Posted by saskiaofthewoods View Post

So where do you find your herbs?

I am lucky to have Herbally Grounded here in Las Vegas, NV. They have an alright selection of herbs.

I have heard that an online company is GREAT (there's a sticky about them somewhere on Mothering forums): Mountain Rose Herbs. If I buy anywhere besides in town, I would choose them.

Edit to add in the website address:

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