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Is tiredness a symptom of allergies or migraines?

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I have had unexplained tiredness off and on for about 2 years now, ever since my son was about 6 months old. So the tiredness could be attributed to being a mom to a nightwaker/nightnurser, but the tiredness comes and goes with no seeming connection to how much sleep I've gotten. I don't get typical allergy symptoms like watery eyes or runny nose or rash, but there's a slight sinus pressure in my head and Sudafed (or caffeine) seems to help -- so I wonder if I'm reacting to an allergen. I haven't noticed a correlation between the tiredness and how much I've been outside. Also, nausea is sometimes present, and I've heard that migraines can involve nausea, but I have no headache. My diet is pretty much the same all the time, so the fact that the tiredness comes and goes seems to imply I'm not having an allergic reaction to food. (I keep reading about food allegies and would hate to give up any of my favorite foods!)

Can someone tell me what an allergist would be able to tell me? I've heard of the test where they prick your back with all sorts of allergens and see what your reactions are; what sorts of allergens do they try?

What about a chiropractor or acupuncturist or naturopath? Would of any of them be helpful in my situation, do you think?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. With a 2.5 year old, I need all the energy and alertness I can get.
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I would highly recommend starting with a chiro. Many are able to test your kinesthetics and determine if you have food allergies--I've forgotten the name of this technique, unfortunately. In any case, a spinal adjustment will definitely help the migraines, and they can make further recommendations.

And just so you know, I went through all of the things you're describing at that stage--definitely linked to hormones & sleep deprivation.
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i've beenreading alot about yeast, and it causes a lot of things, tiredness, hedaches, intestinal problems to name a few...but then i read that mold in the home causes those same symptoms??: those are a few other things to think/add to the maybe allergen list....
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If I'm in a restaurant where there is a smoking section, even if just for an hour, I get those same types of symptoms- fatique, vague feeling of sinus pressure or heavy eyes. I also can get those symptoms from some cleaning products that I've now stopped using (bleach, Fantastik). So I would definitely suspect an allergy.
My allergy fatigue is a much more crabby and fuzzy type of fatigue than the sleep deprivation fatigue. I can tell the difference if I stop to think about it.

I get nausea feelings if I am truly overtired, but not as an allergic reaction.
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