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What does carrying "low" mean?

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Hello! I'm 26w1d...and I feel this little baby really "low"- it seems like her head is in my pelvis and squishing my bladder. When I sit down...it almost hurts from the "pressure" and I'd love her to "move a little". I'm more comfy standing or plopping in my recliner chair. Maybe I'm just not used to feeling a moving and growing baby inside me.

How do you think you are carrying?
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Everyone tells me "low" too. It's been so long since I've been pg, though, I can't remember what to compare it to.....

Sitting is really hard and I do remember that with my first, I didn't have trouble sitting for periods of time until the very end. I had to watch a movie standing up once...
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I thought I was carring low with my first pregnancy--not even! This time he is definately low because I have the pressure down there and baby is riding my bladder as well causing frequent bathroom trips. Bending over is difficult and I forsee waddling in my future.

Last time was so different, I could wear regular pants under my belly, had no problems with frequent urination, had little/no problems bending over or painting my toenails, and was much more comfortable. Both boys by the way.
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Yep, I"m carrying low too. I remember reading how 3rd trimester will become great because the lungs will regain room as the baby drops..I'm like if this one drops any lower it'll be to me knees! The joys of boys! LOL Kitty
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Well, I have two boys so far, and I definitely carried HIGH with them...The night my water broke, with my second, someone said to me..."you need to go home and have that baby, and then she looked at my huge, high and belly, and said..."never mind, you are way too high.

This one is like the other's, I guess.

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With DD I she was high and I was nice and evenly round. She was definitely more in my lungs.

With this baby he is so low and has been since the beginning. My MW said he is just hangin' out down there.

There is definitely a difference. I feel MUCH more uncomfortable this time. I can't bend over at all. I can't prop my feet up. I feel kicks in my pelvis and bladder all the time.

I now have to ride in the car for 3.5 hours. LOL!
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I dunno....I still don't even feel pregnant! (24.5w) but I'm tall so lots of room to hide baby. I carried low the last time though and KNOW that feeling!!!
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My first son was high. And I mean high. My stomach popped out right under my breasts. I was also huge. This time my son is low. So low all kicking is in between my hip bones and it feels like he is on my bladder. The only odd part about this is with my first pregnancy I could breath normally and lay on my back with no feelings of lightheadedness. Now with this super low pregnancy I can hardly breath, have been to the emergency room once because of it and am now on an inhailer, if I lie on my back I get very lightheaded and have a hard time breathing, and BH contractions put pressure on my lungs. Very weird.
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