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How do you do this again?

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I met a guy...the first one since ex left me in March. I really like him but I haven't dated for 10(!) years...any tips ladies?
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Be yourself

lol ok I know thats harder then it sounds. but its tried and true! Good luck and have fun!!!!

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It's more fun than you remember...

and it's sucks more than you remember! I wasn't all that great at the dating thing the first time around, and I didn't get better by being away from it for 9 years! The last year of dating has been a lot of fun... I made sure! and now I'm ready to be done again! So ENJOY while you can, LEARN lots about yourself, and don't forget to RELAX!
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I DEFINATELY can't offer you ANY advice, as I'm still in my anti men/dating state of single parenthood, BUT!!

I CAN offer you SUPPORT! and LUCK!!


Enjoy, and come here WITH FULL DETAILS!

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Bathrobe Goddeess, Welcome to the dating world!

rule #1 Don't assume anything.

Rule#2 Don't take anything personally

Rule#3 Mean what you say, say what you mean.

Rule#4 If he doesn't understand that the little ones come first, and that dropping everything for a last minute date, is a non-no. That ordering in and a video are much more appropriate for a single mother, then he really is never going to get it. RESPECT!

Rule #4 Always remember that you are way too good to put up with any bull s**t.

Rule #5 Sex is not a contract. Go into sex for what it is, an instinct, make more of it later on.


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Thanks guys...So far its been fun. You guys all rule on so many levels!
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