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Well, I suspect most of us are still here - check in!!!

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How's it going? Everyone getting super ansy? Everyone totally ready for the baby to come? Got your checklists all done?

We're pretty darn ready here. I can have a homebirth anytime now. Having contractions on and off, but nothing too serious. Still have a posterior baby. Tired a lot. Quite uncomfortable a lot. Weather is warming up, so I'd like to take this time to just enjoy the last of my last pregnancy. I do enjoy being pregnant. But I am now getting really excited to meet this little girl (still have no confirmation on the gender). I have a few projects left to do, but it's all super minor stuff. I'm just focusing on keeping the house clean and the fridge full for now. I think we're going to do my belly cast this weekend. I have an appointment at a spa on Monday with a girlfriend, which I'm really looking forward to. I think I'll enjoy these last few days quite nicely.

We had our 36 week home visit on Tuesday. We talked a lot about the birth, but I think that most of my answers were pretty ambiguous because I just don't have any idea how this is going to go. I'm feeling less sure of the idea that I'll have a quick, easy 2nd birth, probably especially since she's been posterior forever. I did birth art at a meeting on Monday and sort of explored the idea of being in birth, which is a very different perspective than having once given birth, though I'm not sure that I can explain that properly. I remembered the intensity of labor and that's really contributing to this skepticism about a quick, easier delivery. I remembered how dark labor was and just how - intense (there's no other word for it), and it's just such a weird place to go. I tried to think of what the positive side of that is and really all I could come up with is the survival of it. There's not, in my mind, a super positive, flowery aspect of giving birth - it's more just a challenge. One that's certainly incredibly worth it, and it's an experience that I treasure, of course, but I just can't see it as particularly full of light. Hoping that having a babe without problems will sort of give me a new perspective on that one. Or maybe I'm just a dark person. I see it all as something that enriches my life, just that it's incredibly challenging, including the raising the kid part. Maybe especially that. :LOL It's certainly beautiful, just it's got dirt in it - it's hard, it's challenging, it's full of obstacles - it's life. Maybe I'm getting a little "woo-woo" here...

Anyway, despite all that, I'm really looking forward to giving birth again and am ecstatic to meet my new baby and start my new life. I'm feeling anxious yet pretty patient. I'm feeling incredibly ambivalent, I guess! I want to give birth, but I'm willing to wait. I'm on edge and excited, but still fairly calm and have got things to occupy my time. My hormones are a little wacky, but most of the time I seem fairly normal. I think this is the stage where all systems are go and everything is pointed forward and it's just the countdown to rocketing forth into the unknown. Everything is thus chock full of anticipation. I am saturated with it. So there's a touch of nervous energy in the air as I make my way through the mundane, through my daily tasks of familial upkeep. I am ready and I am waiting.
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I am so ready. I am with you on just trying to keep the house clean and the fridge full. But neither is going so well. This baby is posterior too, so was dd. My back hurts really bad. I am ready

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*SIGH* I'm still here! My first due date is on Saturday (I say first cause I have three! ). My FIL stopped by today and said I looked like I swallowed a watermelon and should go running. :LOL My mom called this morning and got the answering machine. We had forgotten that DH used me as a scapegoat the other day to get out of work and left a message saying I was in labor. My mom freaked out and called my sister who couldn't get a hold of me. lol She thought I was in labor and was all wired by the time I called her to explain. I wish I were! We have a birthday to go to tomorrow and then on Saturday I have a baby shower to go to for my SIL (who is six weeks behind me). I so wish I weren't going to be pregnant for these!!!!!!! I tried jump roping earlier tonight and now my sides feel tight but I'm betting it will do nothing for me. I am thinking about doing some lunges. I just wish it would happen already!!!!!! I had some contractions last night but as soon as I fell asleep they went away. I am hoping all my attempts to start this aren't being put off til tomorrow or Saturday. My idea of fun is not being in someone elses house as labor begins. The house is clean and has stayed that way for sometime now! I am so proud of that! I was having a hard time doing anything for a bit and now that it's done it's so nice to be able to do one or two things in the morning and be done with it. My plan of having food in the freezer though has become null and void. My DH eats meat like crazy so anytime we have it in the house (with my intent to put it in a casserole) it goes in his mouth as quick as possible. Even if I got through and made the casserole it wouldn't stay frozen for long. :LOL
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I am here. Anna, I loved your post and feel identified with most of what you said...
My due date is next Monday, and I would be ready to wait for whenever the baby decides, but since I am planning a HBAC more than one MW has told me it wouldn't be a good idea to have an overdue baby, due to the "reasons" for my caesarian birth.... sigh.... so on the one hand I'm willing to wait and on the other I would very much rather this baby comes earlier.... I saw my MW today, and eventhough the baby was lower the previous week, it seems it's going back up and the head is high, I'm really confused and don't know what that means.....

I was thinking that this weekend would be perfect for me for various reasons, but my MW is actually very busy on personal stuff, and although she didn't say it directly, I guess she prefers me to wait until Monday I really do not want to have to use her backup MW, so now I'm hoping things hold on for now....

I'm glad to have company here.....
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I’m still here too. Today is my “official” due date. I went 6 days past with my last though – not sure if there is a connection from one to the other or not. This baby is also posterior. I am feeling a bit nervous about the delivery because of it. My last was only three hours of labor but I pushed for five and had excruciating back labor the entire time and the baby was not even posterior so it makes me nervous about how this birth will go. Everyone keeps trying to tell me how much faster the second one will go. If my labor goes any faster than the three hours of my first I will be very nervous. Sometimes fast and furious is just as hard as a long one.

I too am just enjoying the nice weather, trying to stay active but get some rest. The biggest thing I am trying to do is mentally get prepared. The second time around is so different because we know what is coming and it is hard not being scared. I am just trying to focus on gathering up my strength so I can enter this experience with power instead of fear.

Good luck everyone. I hope to be able to share my story soon and I look forward to hearing all of yours.
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Still here at 39 weeks and 2 days. We are ever so slowly getting ready. I don't feel quite ready to let go, though. I know that I won't have the baby until I feel like three major things are in place: 1. we either get the ringer on our phone fixed (it's a complicated VOIP system, don't ask, but we haven't had a ring to our phone for a couple of months) or add money to the pre paid cell phone so that when I go into labor the midwife can call back and we will actually answer, 2. we get that back car window fixed and 3. my baby shower on Saturday- I *need* this boost of love and support from my friends because Misha and I have been so stressed lately that we aren't much support for each other. Until those things happen, this baby ain't going nowhere. Hope to get them done by next week.

Like you, Anna, I am totally ready in a way but totally petrified in another way. It's so unlike my nature because I am usually the brave, strong, go-with-the-flow type. "I am flexiable, I will get through this" seemed to always be my motto but right now I can *barely* deal with the kids and the life that I have, much less adding another child to the mix, seems overwhelming. I have also been giving up on the idea of a quick and easy labor. Not that it's going to be horrible or a total nightmare but I suppose there is a reason why it's called "labor". I'm just not looking forward to being up all night like the last two times...

Got my sewing mojo back, which I am happy about. I am making a hawiian dress for my 2 year old and shirt for my son. I can't keep up with the laundry, however and it's so depressing. There are about 6-7 loads waiting to be washed at the moment. We're trying to make food for after the birth but I am so not into it. We were going to make a bunch of mochi but I seriously burnt the entire pot of sweet rice (5 cups worth!) but maybe I will try again in a bit. My kids have been kind of wild lately- I am sure that they sense a big change is coming and are acting out because of it. I have been *trying* to give them extra attention but it's hard when one is barely hanging on oneself. Luckily my mom will be here to help out after the baby is born. She'll be in charge of the kids and they just adore their grandma.
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So far this has been an interesting week for me! (week 36 or 37 depending on what EDD you choose!). Started contracting on Sunday night, they never got any closer than 15 mins apart and then went away. Same thing Monday, and Tuesday nights! ARGH!
Went to the chiropractor on Wed. loved it! Felt so good to be adjusted after not having been treated for so long (since last July). His wife just gave birth at the same birth center I will deliver at and he totally gets how to treat a pregnant body! Plus he has a lot of experience with sports medicine and that is originally where most of my injuries stem from.
Saw the midwife yesturday. She is concerned because I am not gaining weight. I actually look like I am loosing it and I think I did lose about a quarter of a pound from my last appt to this one. All in all I have only gained 8.5 lbs over my prepregnancy weight. See my other post for more.
Ideally I would like to have little one stay cookin' for two more weeks. Anytime after the 20th would be good. Some how though I don't know if that is going to happen.

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37 weeks and 3 days.

I am aiming I guess for May 22nd. Any earlier and DD has to stay with friends she's not used to. Much later and my mom can't come out. It's also grandfather's birthday, so he's pushing for that day. Of course with my history so far of postdates, June 5th is more likely

I am still exhausted, I've been taking extra iron, go to sleep early, take naps but I am just beat most of the time. DH and I made the decision to send DD to her school every afternoon (she used to go 2 afternoons) so I can rest the remainder of the pregnancy. Otherwise I can't imagine going through labor so completely exhausted.

I've started trying to walk a couple times a day, hoping that will actually help with the energy level (and the baby coming sooner). He's still really low, which is great although of course doesn't guarantee anything. Howeve, we have not packed any of our hospital bags or prepped other stuff, we aren't ready to go.
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Im happy to hear from everyone. It's so exciting to see all the babies already born in May.

I'm pretty much ready. I will be going in to see my MW today, I must be 27? weeks now. Last week I could not sleep because baby kept pushing his head down over and over again after I laid down to sleep of course. Ouch! He has not been doing it this week so I have been getting more sleep.

Two different fathers told me this last week that I have a beautiful pregnant belly which really made me feel good. I have put on almost 50 lbs so I thought I looked a little fat.

We moved into our new place last weekend so now all I'm waiting on is the trip to Disneyland on Audreys birthday (the 13th) and her party which is on the 15th.

Like all of you I can't wait to meet this little one.
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38 weeks tomorrow...no early baby yet...not feeling those vibes anymore.
Having nice Braxton Hicks off and on throughout the day.
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Man, am I getting anxious!!! I had no idea that it would be this bad. I kept thinking that I would be like, hey, I've waited nine months already, what's a few more weeks?? But nooooooooo... I sit here most minutes of each day, knowing that my babe is full term and I'm like trying to think of other things to do besides sit here and obsess about when the baby is going to come. How am I going to survive the next weeks???? I went to a belly dancing class last night, it was so much fun. All the women were joking around that maybe I would wiggle the baby all the way down and go into labor from the dancing. I went home and joked about it with DH, but then I found myself really hoping that it would happen. Then I sat there and thought to myself, wow, I'm being ridiculous, I still may have another 5 weeks before this baby comes, calm down!!!

I guess this is just one more stage of being pregnant, isn't it? We move from one obsession to another as our pregnancy progresses. And now it's hurry up and wait. It's like that feeling when you've spent a good amount of time baking something and you've put it in the oven. The timer dings and you think, oh, yeah, it's ready. You open the oven door to see that it's not quite done yet. Bummer, you were so ready for it to be done. So you go back to check on it every few minutes until finally you look and woo hoo, it's ready to come out and be enjoyed. Okay, that was a weird analogy, I guess I'm hungry and I better go eat something :LOL
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Hi there!

I'll be 40 weeks next Tuesday. I have had some brief periods of feeling anxious and wanting things to hurry up already, but I am much more relaxed about it with this second pregnancy. With ds I was working until 36 weeks, then I had nothing major to do until he was born, and that made me crazy. This time, I am nesting big time but having my son with me all day keeps my mind off the birth much of the time. Although, I'm very tired of course and really have to push myself to take him to the park and out to play with his little friends.

But I am feeling quite ready for this birth. Perhaps surprisingly, I am really looking forward to my birthing time, even having been through it once before and having it end with a c/s. I feel so empowered this time, which is a big change from 3 years ago. I am amazed by my body and excited about this birth will unfold. My main concern is still how ds will handle seeing me in labor, and then being away from me. I know he will be fine with the family who will have him until my mom gets here, if it is in the day time. I guess I am most concerned about it being in the middle of the night, as that would be very hard on him.

Good to hear how you other mamas are doing. I am so looking forward to reading all the birth announcements and birth stories iin the next couple of weeks!
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Hey all! I am still here too! (Darn keyboard stopped working, had to go out & buy a new one today. It is a pain in the hinney to copy & paste when ever I needed a "t" or a "y". Do you have any idea how many words use those letters!!!!)

Overall I feel pretty good. Only complaint is my sciatica, which comes & goes, thank goodness. It is mostly sensory issues with it, do not touch my right thigh, or I jump!!!

I am getting very excited about this baby. I talk to it when ever it moves & tell it I can not wait for it to be born & love on it & nurse it!! I am already falling in love with this baby.

As for being born, I am so anxious to have a natural birth (in a good way!! perhaps excited is a better word.) I had my midwife home visit yesterday. It was so nice and laid back. We had it at my Moms, since I will birth there. My grandma was too funny. This whole time she states she does not want me to birth there, she is nervous. The midwife shows & up she states she is not nervous or has any questions. UGH! Now is your time Grandma & she clams up!!! I guess that is her generation. My Mom did get her questions answered so that was nice. (her biggest worry is her new flooring!) My doula/friend was there too. She made me a pregnancy goddess to wear. I LOVE IT! I will try to post a picture. She handmade it from clay & put in on a lanyard for me to wear. I did today & someone even commented on it.

DH admits he is nervous. I guess it is the fear of the unkown. I am trying to negate all the negative voices in my head. Why do we do that? Seems like wasted energy. I just keep giving it up when those stupid little voices creep up. I trust birth. I trust my body & my baby to work together for a peaceful, healthy, safe birth. Mantra Mantra Mantra!

I keep having occasional surges. I love it. Each one brings me closer to my baby. I think she may have dropped, it is hard to tell. It is getting so exciting.

Where there any 5/5/05 babies????

Anna, you wrote so eloquently. I share many of your same thoughts.

Eaglevoice, interesting analogy! I hope you went & baked something!!! LOL!

Mamafae I wish I could make it to a chiropractor. I am glad you found some relief!

Everyone else, we are truly in the home strecth! Hold Strong!!! Even though BH can seem like a nuisence, try to think of them helping your baby & body. That is what I do!!!

Have a wonderful weekend anyone!!!!!!!

UPDATE: here is a pic of the pregnancy goddess my friend made me & DH & my bellies!!! LOL!
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I am still here, 40 weeks, 3 days or 41 weeks, 3 days depending which due date you go by. I was too chicken to tell my OB I will not be induced at all, So I told him I want to wait until my next appt (Thurs) and see what things look like then. My mom starts chemo Monday and my birthday is Tuesday, so I am hoping something will happen this weekend. Plus my grandparents are having abig 50th wedding anniversary party next Sat & all of my grandpa's siblings & their spouses will be here from NY (the first time they are all here at once since I was 5 y.o.!) so I'd love for them to be able to see the baby & I really want to be able to attend the party. I am going to try the thumb sucking technique tonight after DS1 falls asleep while watching Phantom of the Opera yet again!
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I am here too, I am just glad I am past 36 weeks. With my DS, I delivered at 35 weeks, so this is all new to me! Unbelievably, I feel better now than I did 2 weeks ago. I do not have synthesis pubis pain as bad as before. I do not know if it is because I was sooo worried about delivering early, or if the baby's position changed.
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[B]38 weeks 3 days....
But who's counting! :LOL I am ready to have the baby. We've had things set up for weeks. We put the birthing pool up last weekend. My MIL and sister are both here.... waiting. MIL is making me a little nuts but over all I'm glad she's here. I've had contractions on and off for days now but nothing serious. As far as I know, I still have my mucus plug. Anyway, we're still here!
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I am almost 38 weeks. Mostly ready, I am trying to get stuff together for the trip to the hospital. I guess I'm still a little in denial about it though. I'd really rather just plan to stay home. My biggest hope is that my labour will progress in such a way that the trip to the hospital just won't be feasible!

I just read and responded to Coleslaw's thread. I can't stop crying. She and I had the same due date and I always read her posts with a feeling of comradery. I can't imagine the sadness she must be feeling.

My baby is in a reasonably good position. He or she is anterior anyway, though generally prefers the right side. My midwife had some interesting news for me the other day. She said that my placenta was posterior, which is good because babies tend to face their placentas. She also said that the retained placenta and subsequent hemmorhage may have been due to my placenta adhering to the scar tissue from my c-section, and since the body almost never affixes the placenta in the same place I should be in the clear this time. I was relieved to hear it all! Both my other babes have been posterior but Rose turned during labour. I just so want to have a gentle, straightforward birth this time around, no drama, no trauma. Those 4 words have become something of a mantra for me over the course of this pregnancy.

I'm sending good birthing thoughts to you all. Happy waiting!
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I'm still here. #9 weeks today. Had a bit of a breakdown this morning. This has been such a hard pregnancy for me. Then I read coleslaw's thread and of course now i feel guilty to be feeling the way I do.

Last night we went out for spicy mexican, came home and did the deed. Had some contractions, but didn't go anywhere. Today had spicy chinese for lunch. Having some contractions. We'll see.

I should be cleaning right now. My house was looking so great, but I got really discouraged and was in a whole lot of pain so it got away from me. Trying to get it back to where it should be. DH has the kids in the backyard so I should be taking advantage of this nice quiet time. I have everything else ready. Everything for the baby is ready. My bags are packed and in the car. Just waiting for her to make her appearance.

At my u/s last week she was anterior, but I think she has turned posterior. I'm feeling more movements on the front then I was. I'm hoping she will turn back. Ds was a long, painful posterior birth. I don't want to repeat that.
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So I think labour is starting for me! Lot sof contractions today & lots of bloody show! Hopefully the induction the dr wants to do will not be necessary! Please send labor vibes this way!

I read Cloeslaw's thread & responded, so heartbreaking. :
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Originally Posted by CaliMommie
So I think labour is starting for me! Lot sof contractions today & lots of bloody show! Hopefully the induction the dr wants to do will not be necessary! Please send labor vibes this way!

I read Cloeslaw's thread & responded, so heartbreaking. :
Woo Hoo! Sending lots and lots of labor vibes your way!! I hope this is it for you!!!
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