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38 w 1 d and i am ready! my midwife is a little worried about my bp and said on Monday we may need to talk about stripping the membranes. I really don't want to have to do that. So I have being taking it real easy to keep bp down which is hard to do and I want this baby to come out real soon!!!
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Originally Posted by CaliMommie
So I think labour is starting for me! Lot sof contractions today & lots of bloody show! Hopefully the induction the dr wants to do will not be necessary! Please send labor vibes this way!
Wow Wow Wow!! I am so excited for you!!! Surge, surge Surge!!!
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I have been having a lot more contractions tonight then I normally have. I'm hoping this means something good.
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I sucked my thumb all day last night and about one o clock in the morning (yes I was still awake) I started having contractions. So I got up, put a couple thick books on the ground, and did steps on them while sucking my thumb......lol funny to watch but I think it helped. Went to bed and they tapered off.

I went to my SIL's baby shower today (she's 6-8 weeks behind me) and she is so small!!!! As dumb as it may be I wanted to cry......I want to be that small at least!!!!! I am beginning to get depressed over my size and my dumb ankles/feet. I just want them to be normal again you know? I did feel accomplished today though. I shaved my legs the entire way! :LOL

DH and I just got done doing his "sound voodoo". I know I shouldn't word it like that but it's really the only thing I can think of when I think of it. It's meditation and what not but there are "magical ritual" type things that go along with it. I guess that's how you'd word it. Anyways he did some heat energy and sound energy things with my belly....kind of trying to coax the baby out. :LOL Hope it works!!!!

I read coleslaw's post. Very sad. I shared it with DH and he agrees. So sorry mama!!!!!!
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Sending lots of healthy happy baby dust and surge energy to all you labouring mamas!
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With dd I never hit the point where I was just DONE with the pregnancy and I'm starting to feel it this time. This baby seems bigger (although I'm still not "huge") and is not as fluid as dd was... this baby KICKS, instead of stretching. Probably a boy. LOL.

Had my last day of work on Friday and am feeling very good about that! Over all am just really pleased to have a little time on my hands, trying to reconnect with dd after being a full time work out of the home mom for almost a year. Dh has been great, gently helping me get back to being a SAHM while he starts working again.

I got to hold a friends newborn the other night and was thrilled to see that I could calm her and she liked me. Made me feel like maybe I can do all this again! I was so confident when I was preg with dd, now I feel so... afraid. I know it will be fine once baby gets here and I get to hold her/him and fall in love with that face.

Looking forward to meeting our little bean and seeing how s/he and dd get along.
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Happy Mama's Day to all of you! I hope you all had great days and felt pampered and loved!
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Ok, I'm dialated to a two, well a bit more. She can stretch me to a 3. I'm not sure exactly what she was doing, but she kept her fingers in there. There was some pressure like she was just checking me over and over. She said she was just trying to get me to release some hormones. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I'm 70% effaced. Someone said egglant can help you go into labor, so I bought some. Looking for some yummy recipes online for what to make for dinner. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Had my first accupuncture session today. I am determined to go earlier than 42 weeks this time, so I'm starting fairly early. I'm so ready to be done too - this baby is low (lower than his sister was at 41 weeks) and I am so uncomfortable, I don't remember being this uncomfortable last time. Anyway, so I had a session today, I'll have one Thursday then another on Sat or Monday. I'm interested to see if this works!
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berkeleyp had her baby! http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...87#post3099287
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And to get things rolling this week, an update on me... I had a midwife appt. today. Baby is in the optimal fetal position, doing well, sounding good, yadda yadda yadda. The positioning is a definite change though. The midwife said that she may be 7 lbs. already, at least 6 1/2, which I was feeling quite large the last few days, so I'm quite happy about that.

I went to the spa yesterday, which was quite nice and all the rub-downs I got stimulated quite a few contractions. I'd never been to a spa before. I then came home and cleaned a bunch, making my back ache again : and stimulating a few more contractions, but nothing serious and along the lines of the TMI thread - still no mucous or blood. *sigh* Oh well. I'm only 37 weeks so no worries. Actually, while I was cleaning last night I thought to myself that if I went into labor that night that I'd be busy nursing the next day and I think that I was a little freaked out about that notion, actually. Not the nursing so much, just the giving up the ability to get so much done! I think I'm rather enjoying feeling so accomplished, actually, and I'm not sure that I'm ready to make the switch just yet. I feel relaxed, our house is together and I think I've checked off nearly every single thing that I made up for us to do so I'm really way prepared for this baby to come. But something last night made me stop and think that it really is easier to care for this baby now than it will be later. I think the whole transition occurred to me - the one day you're this and the next you're something else altogether. It's occurred to me before now, don't get me wrong, but the scope of that sort of hit me again, had me scared for a minute! Oh well, it'll happen when it'll happen, right?
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I just read berkelyp's birth story! Wow, if only all of our labors could be so short and painless!!! I love it! Congrats, berkelyp!!!
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Anna, can you come over and help me clean my house, too? I feel like I've been going at it for days on end and things just keep getting messed up again. I had this vision that I would have the whole house sparkling by today. Nope, not even close. UGH! Calgon, take me away...
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Sure thing. Except that my house isn't staying clean, which is really annoying the hell out of me. And the ants are back. : I keep cleaning the bathroom every other day or so because the new towels I got are still in the super linty phase and everything keeps getting dusty. Plus my son peed on the living room rug about five million times in the last week or so, so I've been soaking it in vinegar to get rid of the smell (when did his pee start stinking so bad?!?!), and he also spilled yogurt all over the dining room rug tonight too. My diaper pail is full of wet dipes from cleaning all this up. Oh! He peed on the kitchen rug last night too, so that was vinegared and soaked up in a diaper as well. The funny thing about all this? We have hardwood floors, yet he still manages to pee on the (not at all huge) rugs!!!!
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my update this week. I am now 40 weeks and 5 days. ARGH! I went to the midwife on Monday. Everything looked/sounded fine. They want me to come in at the end of the week when I will be 41 weeks. They will do a non stress test and check the fluid. If everything is ok they will let me go another week. If not they will start talking about induction. Yuck. Every day I clean my house like it will be the last day here before the baby comes. Every day I have mild cramping and contractions. Every day I go to bed thinking "this is the night" and every day I wake up the same.

Oh well. I know it is coming. I am just getting so excited (and I am getting very uncomfortable) Any day, hour, minute now.

Oh - side note. I have been watching too many episodes of "A baby story" on TLC. I don't think I have EVER seen an episode where the women does not get an epidural or labor on her back in bed covers up to chin the entire time. It is so disheartening to see.
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Ok TMI time. I woke up and went pee. Wiped and it looked like somebody had blown their nose on my toilet paper. I hope this means something!
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whoooo hooooo that's some TMI I can stand!! :LOL Happy laboring thoughts and vibes being sent your way!! Kitty
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Dh bought us a house cleaning for moms day and yesterday someone spent over five hours taking the mess away. Such an amazing thing. The house is mostly in order, birth supplies are mostly in check. I still need to go through dd's baby clothes and launder them and put them away... somewhere. We still don't have a dresser/changing table for the baby so I guess that's why I've been putting that off.

Dh is out of town and dd is being pretty great these days. She's on a Nemo (or, "Ma-Moe" as she calls it) kick and I'll admit that I am letting the movie run as often as she asks just to keep the peace while flying solo!

I have a whole afternoon to myself today (my mom is taking dd to swim lesson and then keeping her for the afternoon) and am trying to figure out what to do with all that free time. I should probably do the above mentioned baby laundry but will probably go see a movie or something! :

Baby was posterior at Monday's home visit, but I've had LOTS of movement since the mw showed me the exercises to help and am hoping baby has gotten in a better position with all that wiggling.

Looking forward to meeting baby... but just a little terrified as well!
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Originally Posted by rockergirrl
Oh - side note. I have been watching too many episodes of "A baby story" on TLC. I don't think I have EVER seen an episode where the women does not get an epidural or labor on her back in bed covers up to chin the entire time. It is so disheartening to see.
ok, is it really really rude for me to be snooping nosily on this may forum? I just want to say Stoooop watching that stuff!!

I think it affects us subconsciously.
Go mamas.

To the mama with the nose-blowing on the TP,

ok, I'm outta here. sorry. :
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40 weeks today

Well, made it to 40 weeks- today is my due date. Been feeling a bit groggy for the past two days and queesy yesterday morning so I don't know if that means anything is starting but it might. I had an appointment yesterday but I declined being checked bc the kids were with me. The midwife was happy that I was feeling nauseaus, though But no loss of mucus plug or very many strong contractions (just here and there sometimes in the evening or after our walk) Of course I never lost my mucus plug last time so it doesn't necissairly mean that I will or will not.

Went to my baby shower on Saturday and it was a *little* dissapointing. It was really nice to see everyone and socalize but the hostess didn't do a very good job hosting. She never gathered all the gifts together and said, hey why don't we have Elizabeth open up her gifts? as it was I saw one sitting out but otherwise the rest seemed to be hidden in various places- she even lost one that one of my friends sent because she couldn't come. So all of the sudden it was 4 o'clock and I had to get the car back to Misha bc he had a meeting that afternoon. So I had to take all of the gifts with me and open them at home. It was kind of dumb.

I got a bunch of those sack-suit type things for babies with no legs (which I Hate and will be returning), a year's subscription to Mothering (yaaaa!) and a knitted, stuffed pig (again, not really my thing...) but anyway, listen to me- wine wine wine! Aren't you glad that you didn't have to go to my baby shower becuase now I am dissing all my gifts and the hostess? No, I got some good stuff, like one friend hand carved a wooden baby spoon, another is knitting a baby blanket (she just reaaaaalllly slow at knitting and isn't done with it yet and then the hostess said she would be getting me some of those white, cotton pilots caps (some of us are into Steiner and Waldorfy things, if you hadn't noticed).

Still not very much further along on my list. No, we haven't gotten anything at all fixed around the house or car, still. The most I have done is finished Anastasia's hawiian dress (it's too cute) and cut out Griffin's hawiian shirt. Someone lent us their cell phone but Misha forgot the charger so now it is dead I am just here waiting and wondering when this baby will come... it's slowed down a lot, which is normal, though not very comforting. It moves most when I am laying down. I am really looking forward to being not pregnant again and wearing my normal (or some of them) clothes but then I am also not looking forward to not being able to get a darn thing done, like sewing projects or even dinner or watching a movie. I share your sentiments, Anna.

Ok kids are going nuts (btw. are anyone else's kids going nuts in their last few weeks of pregnancy?) so I'd better take them outside.
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