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I made an appt to donate platelets and when I got there I noticed on one of the forms that they add an anti-coagulant to the blood before it goes back into your body. Since I BF my 6 month old part-time I asked about the drug and whether it was safe. They didn't have an answer for me. They called 4 different people and they "think" that it stays in your blood for 24 hours and that I couldn't BF. I told them that I would pump and dump till it is out of my system and that it was really no big deal. They refused to let me donate, told me I had to reschedule and talk to the director of the blood center.

Since they didn't know how long it stays in your system, I planned on researching it when I got home.

I guess I am a little frustrated by this. Does anyone know how long the drug stays in your system?

They sure do make it hard to do a good thing!!!!!!!!