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I've been off the wagon - stash needs updating!

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So there's a new baby on the way, and DD's been out of diapers for about a year and a half. So it's a whole new diapering world and I have not been spending as much time online.

I'm ok on basics like Bumpys and kissaluvs, plus some I've been collecting like SOS and Mudpies - but I'd like some dyed prefolds, knitted wool soakers, and I have a particular fondness for lay in/snap in AIOs with fancy print outers, and there are SO many new WAHM I have never heard of. Knitted wool soakers especially I don't know the first thing about and searching around here isn't bringing up much without wading through a zillion posts!

Any shopping advice or things to look for on ebay/TP would be welcome. In stock is best, but I wouldn't mind joining a couple of groups to wait for stockings or custom order announcements even though I only have a few weeks to go before the new baby girl!

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there's some cute knitted soakers on www.knittedsandfitteds.com and www.universalmama.com Also, click on all the links at www.hyenacart.com There's a bunch of adorable things out there. There is a particularly adorable newborn set at www.hyenacart.com/naturekins (hope that link works) with wool bloomers and a matching OC swing top! For AIO's I'd check out beccabottoms and Harleyz (both found at hyenacart). You may also look over at www.middayfaire.com(they stock on Tuesdays) Oh! Keep your eye out for customs at www.thecalicobaby.com She has awesome AIO's and she just stocked customs this morning but they are sold out already. Hope that helps
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I don't have much to add to the very informative 1st reply, but I do have a suggestion for woolies. Why not have Aleshia of Tiskin's Trousers (mdc id Tiskin) crochet something for you? She does really nice (and fast!) work - I just got a pair of custom longies today & they're absolutely lovely, I'll post pix in a bit. And she uses HPY, which is the softest yarn out there IME.
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I have a fondness for these instock knitted wool soakers.
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Have ya checked hyena cart. A wool lover can get in trouble....
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That was really helpful for me, though tragic for my wallet. Thanks!
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