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This stinks..

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I just found out that there is no way I can have a midwife. I'm really dissapointed. My primary insurance won't cover it, though my secondary will. If one denies they both deny. :

I spent all day on the phone and got no where.

So, the best I can get is the OB upstairs from the midwife. They are supposed to be nice and a lot like they are. They fill in for the midwives if they need it and the midwives fill in for the OB.

Isn't it stupid that insurance will pay for the OB but not the midwife? And even worse..its not because of the insurance..its because the midwives never bothered to enroll. And we're not talking some tiny small town medical group, its Medicare! :

I SO much wanted less medical involved this time around.
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I'm sorry Mama

Can you request less medical interventions from the OB? Can they "force" you to have all their interventions?

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This OB that I'm going to check out, will be different from the one I'm used to. I'm chosing to not go back to my "regular" one because they believe that breastfeeding while pregnant is wrong and will cause m/c. :

I decided I just can't tolerate arguing about that with them anymore. So, I'm off to find another place! I was just really getting my hopes up that I'd be able to have a midwife this time around.

I have yet to meet these new OB's.. so maybe, just maybe, they will be crunchy OB's?! Theres always that hope right? (please tell me yes.) :LOL

I really didn't have to have any interventions with my other pg's.. but I really wanted something more relaxing and less "hospital-y" (is that a word?). I know the hospital they birth at, has a tub for water births.. maybe I can do that? :
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That bites mama!!!! I hope things work out for you!
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That totally stinks. Maybe you can make it work for you. Do you and your husband use the Bradley method? I highly rec it. We really felt as though we didn't even need a mw with this method. If you have a good method and are sure to ask about their "cutting" policy you may be able to have the same type of birth. I find if I go in sounding as though I have truly done my homework they are more open to listening and doing things my way. I will admit I have never used an OB though..........makes me shudder. Hope you are able to find someone you are comfortable with.
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We used Bradley, too, and I think preparing yourself with that method is a great idea. That way, your OB is really just a bystander and you and Dad or partner are in charge.

I can't believe your former OB is resistant to bf and pregnancy at the same time. I am glad you stick with your beliefs and move on!
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During actual labor, I tend to do things on my own anyway. The OB has never been in the room until the last second. I wouldn't have that any other way. I'm a very quiet laboror and I like my space to do things my way. (though I do get increasingly annoyed at nurses and OB's telling me its not time to push, when I KNOW its time. The last labor I just ignored them and did what I wanted. :LOL )

Really I think I wanted a midwife more for the office visits and the closeness. Less invasive, more natural approach. When the end comes I'm really on my own anyway.. but for those months in between, having someone who is supportive and a tad "offbeat" like I am would be so wonderful.

I'm crossing my fingers that these OB's are a bit crunchy, since they work with midwives mostly. :

Thanks for sharing in my dissapointment mama's.
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Would you consider unassisted birth, or a lay midwife? You could go to the OB for prenatals and decide at the end if you want to birth in the hospital or not.
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I don't think I'm quite ready for an unassisted birth. In our corrupt small town, CPS would be here in a heartbeat. I couldn't handle that added stress in my life right now. And my insurance will not pay for a lay midwife for a home birth either.

Thanks for the ideas though!
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Just to let you know, our midwife, who is a CPM, only charges $1850 for her services (that includes all prenatal and postnatal visits, and the birth itself), which is less than what my contribution would be for a hospital birth. It may be something that is worth looking into if you want an intervention-free birth. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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