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Hello, I am

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(insert your name here)

If you met me:

You'll never guess:

Writing is like _____________________ and
I do it because _________________ .

No one knows this, but:

My favorite person in history is _________________ because s/he:

Have you read ___________________________ ? Her/His work:

Oh, and:

I can't believe I haven't done an intro thread yet. Sorry. Have fun with this!

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Hello, I am Simcha, new mama to my most precious Amaya Madrone.

If you met me:
Ummm, how do you answer this one? I'm usually cheerful and upbeat. I love wher I live, here in Northern Cali, in this small, liberal, artistic town called Arcata. I enjoy being outdoors...on the beaches, naked in the sun by the rivers in the summer, out on hikes (not too much uphill, please). I truly enjoy our local farmers market and the colorful community that blesses our plaza each saturday. I'm a member of the CA association of midwives, have worked at a birthcenter as an intern for a month and caught 6 babes, am passionate about birthing mother's rights. Have done plenty of birth related work and advocacy, including teaching some classes at my college (I graduated a year ago). I have an unrelentless sweet tooth and love making chocolate chip cookies, and a recent favorite, zuchinni bread with chocolate chips. My greastes passion however, has been mothering this absolutley wonderful baby. I love her more each day...it's magical!
You'll never guess:
Although I loathe the Gap and Old Navy for their terrible sweatshop practices, it seems that almost every time I come home from the used kids store, I look at the tags and realize....I like their clothing styles! Yikes. I keep inadvertantly buying Amaya clothes from them. Ooops!

Writing is like taking a long warm shower...it's healing, releasing and feels so good. and
I do it because it helps me to remember events, process emotions and let go.

No one knows this, but:

Have you read Naturally Healthy BAbies and Children? Aviva Jill Romm is so great...she dymestifies so much and offers great, common sense options for caring for your kids at home
Also, my favorite book is "The 5th Sacred Thing" by Starhawk. You should read it...it is amazing, visionary and both life altering and affirming.

Oh, and: I would love to learn about others in this group. Ask me some questions if you'd like.

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My name is Heather

If you met me:You'd think I was a typical SAHM

You'll never guess: I flew in the Navy and that survival school was my favorite training or that I've run two marathons

Writing is like singing and
I do it because it is a compulsion and I'm afraid of forgetting .

No one knows this, but: I think dreams are prophetic and cathartic

My favorite person in history is Bach because s/he: wrote music that I can't imagine a world without. His unaccompanied 'cello suites got me through high school

Have you read Edna St Vincent Millay ? Her poetry (along with e.e.cummings) is my favorite.

Oh, and: I wish I was brave enough to summit some of my stuff for publication but rejection is still such a phobia for me. I hope to over come that one day.
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Hello I am "Mama Free"

If you met me: someone else would probably be introducing us, because I'm rather shy around new people, unless I'm on my own turf.

You'll never guess: I grew up in the British Isles.

Writing is like swimming in deep water and
I do it because sometimes the desire to swim overtakes the fear about what's in the deep.

No one knows this, but: .... can't think of anything SOMEONE doesn't know about me...

My favorite person in history is my mama because s/he: made me who I am.

Have you read _Guarding the Moon_ ? Can't think of the author right now, but she writes about her new baby girl...

Oh, and: this is my first writing workshop since one lone class I took as an undergraduate.
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Hello, I am Jessica Joy

If you met me, you would probably detect my southern/country Kentucky accent.

You'll never guess, I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for three years.

Writing is like cleaning and I do it for my mental, spiritual and physical health.

No one knows this, but I STILL aspire to be a dancer and yogini:

My favorite person in history is Anne Frank because even in the face of death, she was a mighty warrioress:

Have you read Alice Walker? Her work The Temple of my Familiar made me want to write in the magical realism style. Also, anything by Jorge Luis Borges, especially his short story The Circular Ruins, or anything by Cortazar.

Oh, and I gotta go, my three year old is hurling.
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Hello, I'm Jessi.

If you met me you'd probably be at the park since it seems that we LIVE there! And you'd probably be wondering if I was still in my pajamas and if I had actually looked in the mirror at all on this given day. The answers would be yes and no, respectively. I would assure you, however, that if we had the chance to get together outside of the park setting I would shed the pajamas for real clothes, brush my hair, and maybe just maybe put on a little makeup. In any event, I would be pleased to meet another AP mama and would snatch you up as my friend, because crunchy women just don't pop up around here much.

You'd never guess that I was voted worst driver in my graduating class, because now with the precious cargo I haul, you cannot find a more careful driver.

Writing is therapy. Therapy is necessary.

My favorite person in RECENT history is Linda McCartney. Okay, I know, I know, very silly compared to the likes of amazing Anne Frank. But I adored her animal rights activism, empathetic humanitarian work, and her decades-long love with Paul. I know--I'm a sappy dork! Never said I wasn't.

Have you read "Misconceptions" by Naomi Wolf? Love it! Another of my all time favs is "High Tide in Tuscon" by Barbara Kingsolver. Check them out. Really, do it.

I just jumped into this thread and hope to get the chance to write with you mamas. Love the supportive community you've created for one another. Keep on writing!
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Hello, I'm Diana!

If you met me: you'd be surprised that I'm so short. Everyone else seems to be, anyway...I'm 5 feet tall and just about every inch is attitude. Oh, and you'd also be surprised at how big my breasts are, because most people say that photos don't do them justice. They are very gainfully employed so I am not complaining.

You'll never guess: I'm on active duty in the U.S. Army, but it's a major existential crisis for me these days. I'm a clarinet player in a special band, one that will never, ever deploy and doesn't do weapons training or any of it. Yet, I feel very strange putting on the uniform every morning when I spend my time at home teaching and living peace to my children.

Writing is a form of communication that has gotten me ahead in the world because I had really outstanding English, grammar, and writing teachers when I was very young, so I have the mechanics down pat.
I do it because I'm one of those people who has a lot to say and whether or not anyone "listens," (reads) it still feels good to get it out of my head.

No one knows this, but I'm currently struggling with food and weight issues, and this is not the first time in my life this has happened.

My favorite person in history is _________________ because s/he:

Well, as a musician by trade I'd have to agree that J.S. Bach was the most important person to musical history because the rules for how western music is written were all derived from what he did. His contribution to society was phenomenal and we're not done with it yet, 300 years after his death.

My favorite person in history...well, that's a hard one, but I'm going to have to go with the seven founders of La Leche League. League has supported the changes that are happening in my life as I've evolved in my mothering, and without the community of support I've found in the women there, I'm not sure I could have successfully made all of those changes in my corner of the world.

Have you read Jan Hunt's The Natural Child? Her work, speaking on behalf of children, has been the greatest influence on my approach to my own children.

(I also really enjoyed a book called The Jukebox Queen of Malta because it colorfully depicts life in WWII Malta, the country where my father was born and immigrated from.)

Oh, and: I visited Malta in 1999 and the trip totally changed my life. Everyone there is short with big breasts and dark curly hair, just like me. I spend some time every day thinking about Malta or telling someone about Malta or corresponding with someone in Malta. I'm very proud of that ancestry and the fact that it is so unique.

I'm very interested in getting to know you all and I really hope to carve out some time to spend on this project, as well.
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Hello, I am Lavender.

If you met me you may notice that I am staring at the way the light is reflecting off the side of your face, or how your eye color is actually a blend of two colors and they are playing with one another and tumbling down through the shadows cast by the folds of your shirt. You would probably be wondering why I am looking at you so intently until I explain that I have been painting all morning and am still stuck on blue and turquoise, or a peachy red, and lightplay.

You'll never guess I studied physics for four years and worked in a macromolecules lab with a professor who did light-scattering experiments on polymer solutions. I ran the viscometer and the refractometer. Now, I can't imagine anything more boring. No, wait, I can. Bookkeeping.

Writing is like pouring myself onto paper, first skimming the chunky fluff off the top then as I keep pouring, some of the really rich creamy good-textured me comes flowing from a deeper place. Then, on a really good day, I'll keep going until I get to the sediment at the bottom, the essence of it all, the stuff the gives me my Lavender-flavor. I do it sometimes because I just need to get those icky curds off the top and other times because I need to get to the good stuff at the bottom. Occasionally I get both.

No one knows this, but sometimes, deep down I am afraid that I am a horrible person. A bad egg. Writing helps me with this.

My favorite person in history, right now, is Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido. because he created a martial art that goes far beyond fighting to a philosophy of love and compassion and working with an attacker's energy to ensure nobody gets hurt. The philosophy is something that I try to apply to everyday life and it has helped me tremendously. (The practice itself is also more fun than I believe is legally allowed in most states.)

Have you read the Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub? How about its sequel, Black House? I read the Talisman in high school and it was my favorite book for many years, and is still in the top ten. Last summer I discovered and devoured Black House and can't get the scene out of my head where Jack falls in love with Judy. I also read For Whom the Bell Tolls (Hemingway) and was halfway between wakefulness and sleep when I read the passage where Robert and Maria make love and those words and their rhythm went into me in such a strange way...they are still there echoing. Great book.

Oh, and I have two wonderful boys ages 7 and 9 and though I haven't been inspired to write about their births recently, I have immensely enjoyed reading your stories, beautiful ladies!
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Hello I am

Hello, I am Celeste.

If you met me you might think that I am very shy. In fact, I am an observer. When I’ve seen enough to feel “safe,” I’ll come out and play.

You'd never guess that I am actually in love with doing things like teaching and public speaking. I have lived in Brazil and China, and love being pushed to the corners of my being by the challenges of living in other cultural environments.

Writing is like a conversation with my true self and I do it because it seems to give me a sense of permanence.

No one knows this, but I am secretly plotting a return to (graduate) school...

My favorite person in history is a Persian woman and poet named Tahirih, because she was someone who sacrificed her life for the equality of women. Before she was strangled with her scarf and thrown into a well, she said “You may kill me, but you will never stop the emancipation of women.” If only I could possess an ounce of her willpower and sense of self-worth!

Have you read Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell? In this book, an industrious duck rallies his fellow farm animals to kick a lazy farmer off of the farm. When the fat farmer calls out “How goes the work,” Farmer Duck responds simply, “Quack”... It makes me laugh every time I read it.

Oh, and if you hadn’t guessed, I have a thing for children’s literature.

So, mamas... how goes the work?
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Hi, I'm Jesse. If you met me, you laugh at the circus of children that surrounds most of my waking moments. You might notice how little attention I pay to fashion and would certainly think I dress for comfort rather than style. My red hair would almost certainly be up in a ponytail and I would most likely have a glass of water or Coke nearby.

You'll never guess that I have a secret passion for Carmel Praline ice cream.

Writing is like a old friend I just recently ran into and can't wait to know again, but different from before. I do it because I now know it's okay to think it's hard. I know it's okay to not be perfect. I do it because it makes me a better person.

That's all I can do for now!

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Hello I'm Jennifer...everyone calls me Jenn.

If you met me you'd think I try to hard to fit in. Or maybe you'd think I was hard to read. I'm just me. It's rollercoaster. Although if you were inside my head you'd see things very clearly.

You'll never guess I'm a musician. I think it's the weight that throws people off. I'm expected to sit in front of the tv munching on crap all day...no one knows I'm an artist...or appreciate the insane.

Writing is like a release. I can step back out of myself and throw words onto the screen or the paper like Pollock and his paintings. Let's see where the words land.
I do it because no matter how I'm feeling, I always have something to say. No matter what is going on in my life I will always and forever have my words, whether I can share them or not.

No one knows this, but I still don't know who I am. I know I'm here...I know I exist...but if you asked me who I was...I wouldn't be able to tell you with any certainty.

Have you read "Kiss Me Tiara: How to Rule the World as a Smart Mouth Goddess" by Susan Jane Gilman? It's wonderfully irreverant and certainly a slap in the face to the patriarchy.

Oh, and if you read this...and haven't giggled or snickered at least once...you should pm me and I'll tell you a joke. I'm quite funny. Again...if you were living inside my head, you'd know this already.

Peace out,
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Hello my name is Tara.

If you met me you would be surprised to find I have many tattoos. Most people think I look younger and more wholesome then I actually am. You would also be surprised to know I dropped out of English 101 twice because I was afraid to do the final project which involved a presentation in front of the class. After having children my shyness left and I now regularly climb atop my soapbox and speak.

Writing was my way of speaking before I found my voice. I could allow the internal dialouge that was bouncing through my head a chance to escape and release pressure from my mind. I am usually much more eloquent on paper then in life. I have notebooks full of my experiences tucked away for my children to read and know me through someday.

My favorite person is my Grandmother, who passed recently. She was a woman full of quiet strength and grace. She overcame physical hardships and through emotional turmoil still managed to stay on the sunny side of life. She was an educator and a writer. She loved languages and encouraged knowledge in all she met. She is still a source of inspiration in my life.

Have you read, "The Poisonwood Bible", by Barbra Kingslover? This book is important I feel because it tells the tale of what can happen when we try to impose 'our' beliefs on others. Her words in themselves are beautiful and I recommend all her books. Also, Ram Dass "Be Here Now" reminders of mindfullness in a simple yet powerful form.

Sometimes I still hide my true life story for fear of being judged.

Hope you are all well! In Peace, Tara.
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Hello, I am Tracy.

If you met me you would have to listen to me recount my daughter's amazing feats (at least the ones she has performed today). If you met me today, I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very good impression; I have allergies and feel like I'm looking at the world from inside a balloon.

You'd never guess that at one time my greatest goal was to become a US Supreme Court Justice.

Writing is how I make sense of my life and this world.

No one knows this but I am a "labeler". As much as I try to avoid putting people and experiences into boxes, I am forever struggling with an inner voice who seeks some strange sort of order.

My favorite person in history is Amelia Bloomer - Suffragist, Editor, Fashion Icon and my daughter's namesake. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe she is responsible for introducing Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. I like her spirit.

Have you read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd? Great to read while nursing an infant - full of mother-love and feminist spirituality.

Oh and... my pets have more personality than any I've ever met. Barb(male) and Danny(female) are twin overweight Manx/Maine Coon cats who love to torment Harry our neurotic pitbull mix who has a gentle soul and an obsession with the kitty litter box.
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slingboy: :

If you met me: You'd be charmed by my warmth and friendliness, and bask in my enthusiasm and support for your work

Writing is like _______a healing balm; lifegiving______________ and
I do it because _______I enjoy expressing myself with words__________ .

My favorite person in history is _______Joan of Arc__________ because s/he:
Unabashedly believed in her experience and was not intimidated by the patriarchy of her time. She was confident in her self and lived with integrity.

Have you read ______Ursula K. Leguin_____________________ ? Her/His work: is very descriptive and inspiring

Oh, and:


Karen Szklany Gault
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Originally Posted by Jesse Michener
(insert your name here)

If you met me:

You'll never guess:

Writing is like _____________________ and
I do it because _________________ .

No one knows this, but:

My favorite person in history is _________________ because s/he:

Have you read ___________________________ ? Her/His work:

Oh, and:

I can't believe I haven't done an intro thread yet. Sorry. Have fun with this!

Thank you for your beautiful article about the importance of mothers sharing their childbirth stories and supporting one another, as well as giving their daughters the gift of honest communication and honor in choosing and following their paths.
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Hello, I am Heather... jumping in WAY late because I gave up on this forum! Sorry!

If you met me, you'd never know who I really was because that's a gift I don't give to everyone. But you'd respect my core values--which are evident all the time.

You'll never guess: That I used to managed $8Million in projects each year in a male-dominated industry.

Writing is like breathing and
I do it because I don't want to die of pent up air.

No one knows this, but I hate being a SAHM and at the same time I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity and love my son so much that I can't imagine going back to work full-time. I just want a little work!

My favorite person in history is... John Lennon because he was so free, so creative, so outspoken with his disgust for corruption and so full of love.

Have you read Nora Zeale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God"? It's better than the movie.

Oh, and: I love dogs as if they were my own children. Thankfully, so does my husband and so does my child!
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Hello, I am Sheri.

If you met me you wouldn't have to look past layers to see who I am because as many layers as there are, they are all authentic. I learned long ago that pretending to be what I am not only attracts people who have no interest in who I truly am and what a waste of time that is! If you met me, you would have to build your impressions of me slowly because I am soft spoken and listen more than I speak. You would see that the light that shines from my eyes is the love that I feel for my children and for life itself. If you met me you might realize that although I am a compassionate soul, I have always been and will probably remain a lone wolf. I set myself at a distance, watching the dance unfolding before me.

You'll never guess all of the places I've been and the lives I have lived. That I always paint my toenails. That I talk to animals and believe in my dreams. You'll never guess how my love for our earth makes me cry as I witness our selfish consumption and destruction. That I am afraid to fly for fear that I may succeed.

Writing is like exhaling and I do it because I can't hold my breath forever. I breathe life in and I must breathe it out again.

No one knows this, but I know I have found my soulmate. We flow in and out of eachother like the ebb and flow of the tide. She shows me the world through new eyes, giving me a chance to be reborn, cleansed. She is my child.

Have you read "Fanny: Being the True History of the Adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones" by Erica Jong? Oh, I recommend it! This is a battered old favorite that I read again and again throughout the years.

Oh, and did you know? Children see through clear eyes that see the truth we hide from ourselves. We are all born with this gift yet we hide ourselves from the truth as we grow and change to conform to what is expected of us by society. Hang on to what you knew as a child. Don't ever second-guess that truth. And don't ever forget the promises you made to yourself.
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I am Suzannah.

If you met me you'd think I was confident and capable.

You'll never guess how out of place I feel, nearly always.

Writing is like torture, and
I do it because I cannot help myself.

No one knows this, but I am afraid to try.

My favorite person in history is hard to pin down, but they are brilliant and courageous, whoever they are.

Have you read Driving Over Lemons? This work was written by the first drummer of Genesis, I just finished it, and it makes me want to buy a rundown, wind-whistling-through-the-eaves Spanish farmhouse.

Oh, and I am fabulously insecure about my writing, although I have heard nothing but good things, ever, from everyone I have shown it to. I feel like they are blowing sunshine up my...nose...because I couldn't possibly be as brilliant as all that.

I may ask for some feedback here at some point; I have not seen any poetry posted, and that is my primary medium. Can I get feedback on poetry?
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May I join?

Hello, I'm April..proud wirting mama to Julianna and Angelina

If you met me: You'd note my confidence and strength.

You'll never guess: I am highly sensitive and easily hurt.

Writing is like comfort and hell toegther and
I do it because it is inside of my soul.

No one knows this, but: I am not the bitch they think I am.

My favorite person in history is unknown as of yet but surely someone of flair, strength and personality!

Have you read Carol Shields and Ina May Gaskin? Their work inspire me as writer and mama!

Oh, and: I really really want to become more focused on my writing.
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Hello , my name is Kelly and if you met me right now you would see a slightly unkempt 38yo woman with a pierced nose and reddish hair that has been known to change at times. i would probably be wearing a sweater bc i tend to get cold easily. There would probably be a large tan bag digging into my shoulder filled with alot of my writing and a few good books to read while i'm in the coffee shop. I would probably smile and say "hello" and become offended and hurt if you didn't say it back.

I would be followed by two incredible children (5 & 10) Little Annabelle would be holding my hand and Weylin would be ten paces ahead of or behind me.

What some people don't know about me is that by trade i am a hair stylist (i don't look like the typical one) I love my business bc it allows me to be creative and i get to work for myself.

I also mix up herbal concoctions for people , and practice/teach Reiki which (along with writing) are my true passions.

The last book that i loved was Chitra Banerjee Divakarunis Queen of Dreams, i loved the rich metaphors and the premise was soo cool. I also loved The Secret Life of Bees.
I will also devour anything having to do with Herbs and Writing, I'm a writing book whore.

I am so glad this forum is here bc to me writing is my lifeblood and i get too pale and cold without it...i don't think i would live as rich of a life without being able to write about it. (thanks)


BTW, i would also like to see a poetry forum , and maybe specific broad assignments
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