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Hello, I am
Catherine, but friends usually call me Cath, but I alway refer to myself as Catherine in my head. Guess I'm just not on a knickname basis with myself, though I am getting there!

If you met me: You'd see a relatively tall motherly auburn haired 30 yr old. You'd probably feel like you could talk to me about anything and I'd sympathize with you, and I probably would. I seem to give off the councilor aura, but in reality I am just a good listener.
You'll never guess: I am a worry wort, because I tend to joke about things as a coping mechanism.

Writing is like a cathartic experience where you can let go of all your inhibitions and let your subconscience meet your conscience
I do it because I always feel clensed and renewed after. It makes me examine where my feelings come from and helps me to deal with me!

No one knows this, but: I hate it when someone doesn't like me. It hurts to the core.

My favorite person in history is Catheine The Great, because we share the same name and the strength and the courage she had to be who she was. I read her autobiography or her diaries and just thought she was the coolest bravest woman ever.

Have you read The Gate to Women's country? It was one of the best books I had ever read. I hope my sons would come back to me!
Oh, and: I hope I will become comfortable with the fact that really most things in life are out of my control

I can't believe I haven't done an intro thread yet. Sorry. Have fun with this!

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Hello..I'll have to work on this again later.
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If you met me: I usually have a big smile on my face and love meeting new people!

You'll never guess: I was born and raised on Guam, the tiny little island in the pacific and very proud of it.

Writing is like speaking for me and
I do it because there are many times when I am afraid to say the things that I am thinking, but need to get them out!

No one knows this, but: I can be so lazy sometimes!!! Wait, several people do know that about me. Oops.

My favorite person in history is my great-grandmother because she has done so many things for others and those things have always come from her heart. I only wish I could have met her. There is a strong connection that I feel with her though, especially since our birthdays are on the same day!

Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? His work inspired me to define my goals, desires and passions in life.

Oh, and: I am pregnant with my first baby, just found this group yesterday, and starting the workshop! Eek...a little late I know, but I want to start my birth story while the memories are fresh in my mind, so I'm going ahead. I love writing and reading others' writing. Excited to join you all!
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Hello, I am



If you met me: You'd probably be appalled by my breath! I have been eating avocados and garlic all day long.

You'll never guess: that the main charcter in the book I am writing kills someone. And the main character is ME... I could, I really could.

Writing is like _heroin____________________ and
I do it because _I'm addicted________________ .

No one knows this, but: I get a secret and disgusting delight out of squeezing zits.

My favorite person in history is __Beethoven_______________ because s/he: set an example that still inspires. And his music? I have never been so understood in my life.

Have you read ___________________________ ? Her/His work:

Oh, and: I hate my job.

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Hello, I am Danielsmom.

If you met me, you'd think I was shy. And I guess I am initially reserved. But inside this reserved mom of one is someone who is eager to make friends with kindred spirits.

You'll never guess that this cosleeping, nursing, toddler-carrying SAHM misses using her brain, going to the bathroom by herself, swearing, and watching trashy television.

Writing is like snorkeling underwater for me. I'm in a different place, but everything is clear and beautiful when I'm in my writing place.
I do it because it makes me happy.

No one knows this, but I am a people pleaser and learning not to worry about what others think is my life lesson. I haven't learned the lesson yet.

My favorite person in history is ...tough to choose. So many wonderful people in history. Elizabeth I was amazing because she propsered during a dangerous time for women. But my favorite would have to be Margaret Sanger, who educated women about birth control.

Have you read Isabel Allende's the House of the Spirits? A beautiful book.

Oh, and e.e. cummings is my favorite poet. When I saw my son's hands for the first time, I knew what that poem "somewhere I have never travelled" was about.
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Hi I am Lorien well actually my real name is Lothlorien Galadriel

If you met me you would probably think I am a typical SAHM because I wear jeans and a nursing shirt that has drool marks on the shoulder and peanutbutter finger prints on the hem. My red hair is almost always pulled up or back.

You'd never guess:That I swear llike a salior and that I have a very colorful past

Writing is like confession and I do it because I am not always so brutally honest with myself otherwise .

No one knows this, but:
I want to be a great writer : and somstimes I feel like its an impossible goal

My favorite person in history is The Dali Lama because he: spendes each day furthering the cause of compassion

Have you read The Mavrick Poets Anthology? The poets featured in it are FANTASTIC

Oh, and: I am Dyslexic so please excuse the spelling errors and typos because sometimes evan after three proofs I just plain dont see them
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Hi Mamas,
I'm Rachel. New and happy mom to Isaiah.

If you met me, you'd think I was mellow and happy as most people seem to do, even those who have known me for some time.

You wouldn't guess what my husband, I and a few close friends know...our baby gets his complete chilled-out mellowness from his dad, not me!

Writing is like yoga for my mind and
I do it because it helps provide a container for the words that will tumble out somehow or another.

No one knows this, but I often feel there is something wrong with me at my core. Apparently this is a trait of the enneagram's 4.

My favorite person in history is right now, my grandfather, because he loved me so completely and shared his infectious generosity with those around him. He was always willing to learn from his grandchildren

Have you read TC Boyle's Drop City? A light, fun read. How about The Obsession: The Tyranny of Slenderness by Kim Chernin, a healing book that helped change my life 10 years ago. As soon as I began it, I wished I had written it!

Oh, and, I love hearing heart stories from women of all kinds of political persuasions and geographical locations...we can help bridge the divide between red and blue states, can't we??

Thank you!
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Where is everybody??
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Hello I'm Beth, a 28 yo mom of three boys. I have very strong opinions but they change a lot because I hold back and observe people and listen to them.

You'd never guess I'm an EMT and studying to become a Paramedic. I also work a lame weekend job that is so boring I literally spend hours on MDC.

Writing is like soul-searching and I do it because there are times I start to feel really disconnected from myself. Sometimes writing is like having a best friend that always listens.

No one know this but I'm finding it harder and harder to squeeze into my pants, lately.

My favorite person in history is my Lebanese great-great-grandmother who had 21 children! I can not imagine how that is humanly possible. Only 8 lived to be adults, I can't imagine her pain losing so many...

Have you read any of Amy Tan's books? She is one of my favorite authors, The Joy Luck Club I have literally read about 5 times and each time I read it I discover something different.

Oh and I love patchwork quilts! I hope someday I can learn to sew and make a bunch for my family.
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Originally Posted by BelovedK
Where is everybody??

Good question. :-)

I know I wrote on the last subject, but haven't had anything else to add. I haven't been up to writing on my post-partum experience... anything I come up with is just coming up to 'whiny'. LOL. (my last child was colicky, HN, was up 6+ times a night at 6m, screamed whenever put in her carseat the first 10m.... still not sleeping at night at 17m.... just a very difficult child... great girl, just HN. :-) ) Anyway, just can't put much to paper on that, maybe I'll give it a whirl anyway just to get something going on this board. Think I gave feedback on everything out there (really liked ya're transition piece), so am just waiting for the next subject, and see if that speaks to me more.

Haven't seen anyone else though besides you and me BK. (oh and welcome, to the last poster :-) )

I'm hoping the slowness is just due to summer vacations, and back to school stuff.

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Quaz, it sounds like you have excellent material to write about, just not the time :LOL Don't forget zenfulmama, she's out there as well. We've started a little mamas writing group locally (we found out that we live in the same city) and it is going to be great once it gets going.
I wish more people would post their writings here, i really get inspired by the thoughts of others (hint, hint)
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Whoops, i forgot... welcome Beth Glad to hear your voice.
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Yup, can't forget zenful. It's pretty cool ya guys are in the same city.
My youngest is approaching 1 1/2 now, so things are easier, her intensity just comes out in a different manner now.

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Hello, I am Kelli.

If you met me, you would probably notice my smile. I am always eager to please.

You'll never guess that I really hate to read what I have written, because the critic in me is just too noisy.

Writing is like a conversation with a close friend, or a great point in an argument to an adversary and I do it because I must, in order to clarify what I have been thinking.

No one knows this, but I am thrilled that my daughter's co sleeper never arrived, because I think that the sweetest comfort for any child (and for a parent too) is that of a family bed. (Okay, I'd never put it in those words before.)

My favorite person in history is Virginia Woolf because she stood up for women's intellectual freedom at a time when it was radically unpopular. I don't think I 'd have that strength.

Have you read Alice Walker? Her work Possessing the Secret of Joy influenced my college major and my career choice definitively. It is lyrical, horrific, gripping, painful, empowering, and heart rending when I reread it each summer.

Oh, and I feel some guilt about not wanting to have a second child. Everyone's questions and attitudes seem to say I should, but I want to give this little girl the attention and love that I always yearned for.
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Originally Posted by audsma

Writing is like a conversation with a close friend, or a great point in an argument to an adversary and I do it because I must, in order to clarify what I have been thinking.
Kelli, that is beautiful. Welcome to the writing boards, thanks for posting ...we hope you will post some of your work.
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BTW, Kelli...I'm Kelly also
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Thank you for the welcome
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Hello, I am Carolyn, wife to Mariana (Mami), (Mama) to Le'o, 9-14-02. We just moved to Rye, New York. We lived in Ann Arbor, MI for the last year, but we are originally from Los Angeles (although Mariana is originally, originally from Mexico where she grew up).

If you met me: You might ask me if my eyebrow piercing hurt and I would get embarrassed for a moment because I always forget I have it.

Writing is like heaven when I get in a groove, but it's been hard to do since my son was born almost three years ago and I do it because it's my passion.

No one knows this, but: I' m pretty open, so everyone knows something!

My favorite person in history is _________________ because s/he:

This is a toughy for me. I love people who work for justice and peace, so I want to say Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. or Thurgood Marshall...I bought as many Thurgood Marshall stamps as I could before they ran out..., but lately I have been thinking a lot about my grandfather, my mother's father, probably because he lived his life in Connecticut and it's weird to be living on the east coast and having moved this summer, which was when we visited my grandparents each year. Duncan William Hope. He was such a wonderful soul. He lived his life cleanly and lovingly (he was critical of my mom, I think, but he gave so much to me and my sister). He was a sheet metal worker, an engineer, a lover of his garden and opera, and fishing, and his two granddaugthers. At his funeral, I remember a man from my grandfather's union coming up to me and saying, "He was the smartest man in the union. The smartest man in the union." I guess I miss him, huh?

Authors I love are Chaucer, Virginia Woolf, Mary Gaitskill, Amy Bloom...

Have you read Mary Gaitskill? Her/His work: Her diction is so dense and yet precise. Two Girls, Fat and Thin is must-read novel, imho.

Oh, and:

It's midnight and I'm supposed to drive from NY to Boston tomorrow for my nephew's and mom's birthday...born on the same day. And my partner, Mariana, told me to come to bed back at 10pm. And Le'o is home with me tomorrow (he's in preschool Tues./Thurs.), which severely limits my ability to clean, pack, etc. Being the best mom I can be, often means being a three year old for long stretches at a time.

Thanks for listening/reading!
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Hello, I am


Courtney. I am mama, wife , friend, child, confused sometimes, happy, How do you tell who you are if you are just you. I am me. I am nothing more or less just myself, undescribable. i must be taken in the bits and pieces I am offerd and put together. I am a dreamer.

If you met me: You might want to rub my belly, it looks like a beach ball and if you feel very carfeully you might feel the baby roll inside.

You'll never guess:
I secretley want to be cool. i have wanted to be cool for a long time. I accepted taht I would never be cool, and i was happy with just being happy. But I think i would like to be cool again. I think it's because I can't hold a converstaion with someone I don't know. i just stand there without knowing what to say.

Writing is a need or an urge and
I do it because The words flow in my head and I feel it is such a shame to not write them down, to not let them live there life. I sometimes mourn the loss of words not written down.

No one knows this, but:
I sometimes dream of having a book of poetry printed, but I am not sure that i have what it takes.

My favorite person in history is pioneers because they ventured out into what was unknown to them and lived they struggled and survived and I respect that. Although I am conflicted sometmes when i think what some of them did to the Native Americans. Do I only like the ones that were nice. (Naive I KNow)

Have you read the poems of unknowns? My sister, my firends, the people who scrawl poetry wherever they go? There work speaks to me and inspires me. There need and willingness to write even if noone ever knows.
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Kara. Mama to my precious, pretty, precocious boy Micah.

If you met me: You might think at first I'm snobby, but I am really shy, self-conscious, and hard to warm up. When I finally warm up, I am goofy and funloving, often playing pranks, and talking about deep stuff.

You'll never guess: I like astrophysics. I love listening to NPR, but do it secretly so not to be mistaken for another boring grown up. I am a parenting book junkie, and I talk to myself, narrate my day as if I were writing a book about the most boring things imaginable: "then she walked down the sidewalk, noticing the little groves and imprints of leaves that had drowned in the wet cement..."

Writing is like second nature to me. I think I have always written. and
I do it because it lets all the crazy words out of my head. Because I love language. Because the pen in my hand feels good, even when my hand cramps from writing too much. Because I love the scratchy sound of a pen on paper, and because I like to document my life so that I don't forget.

No one knows this, but: I sometimes have full conversations with myself in my journals. I also "talk" to people who have influenced my life but I will probably never see again. I talk to myself when I was younger, and I talk to myself when I am older. I see visions of the future, but not in a psychic way.

My favorite person in history is C.S. Lewis because he: must have known a great deal. He wrote so beautifully it has made me weep more than once. He smoked and drank, and was also a Christian. He believed in magic even when he was an adult, and his words never condescended children.

Have you read anything by me? I didn't think so. Nothing has been published.

Oh, and: I believe everything happens for a reason, and that everything influences everything else. I believe my son teaches me every bit as much as I teach him. I am constantly trying to remember how it feels to be enlightened.
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