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Hello. I am Aimee.

If you met me you might think that I'm "normal", but what is "normal" anyway? You might think that my life has been easy and that "I've got it made", but in reality it's been a struggle every step of the way, composed of conscious decisions to stick to my values, to struggle and not take the easy road, and to continue to reach for my dreams.

You'll never guess that I have a secret love for shoes! Thankfully my budget doesn't allow me to splurge, otherwise I might have to move my husband out of the closet and replace him with my shoes.

Writing is like therapy and I do it because it's the best way I communicate. Also, there's a certain timelessness that comes with writing, knowing that my words will forever be read (sans fire, flood, etc. ).

No one knows this, but I am terrified of ds dying. Not that he is in any danger, but since his arrival I am forever changed. The deep, intense love that I feel for him is unlike any that I've ever known and I cannot bear to imagine my life without him. I applaud all of those women who have lost a child and gone on. Their strength is immeasurable in my eyes.

My favorite people in history are the women who fought for equal rights for women because they were brave enough to step outside their comfort zone and fight for what they were passionate about.

Have you read anything? Good! Keep doing it! It beats ANY of the mindlessly pathetic reality shows on TV.

Oh, and I do have a lighter, not so "intense" side. You just have to hang around long enough to discover it!
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All about me.

Hello, I am Mindyleigh...and Mom, Muh-THER, Ma-Ma, and "Wife."

If you met me, you'd wonder how I get it all done. Most people who know me are amazed about that, especially with my very positive outlook and demeanor! I work at a pregnancy and birth resource center and attend births as a doula. I also teach childbirth ed and study midwifery. My husband and I have a business which distributes our film called "Psalm & Zoya--The Unassisted Homebirth of Our Twins," parts of which were recently aired on the Discovery Health Channel, blurred out breasts and all. I am the prime money-manifester and my hubby is the "at home" parent to our kidlets...although my schedule is very flexible and I spend lots of time with them. I love my life and thank God every day for it.

You'll never guess I used to be a real estate agent! :LOL I spent four years doing that until I couldn't stand it anymore! I'm not a competitive person and my calling was clearly elsewhere...but it did get us by for awhile, until the twins came and there wasn't space in my life anymore to be doing something so unaligned with my soul.

Writing is my release valve.
I do it because, otherwise, I just might explode.

No one knows this, but I communicate regularly with angels, have clairvoyant visions, and blast Reiki right and left.

My favorite person in history is Jerry Garcia because of his purity, talent, and the peace he brought with him. There are so many others, of course.

Have you read "Revolutionary Road" by Richard Yates? This book really touched me. I also must mention "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. In fact, in a way, my life is now divided into "Before 'The Red Tent'" and "After 'The Red Tent.'"

Oh, and my girlfriends are the best! I'm so thankful to have so many amazing women in my life.

Min :
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Hello, I am Denise.

If you met me: You'd think I was no one to think about at all.

You'll never guess: That there's a brain in here, really. And that I do talk, but only after too much coffee.

Writing is like pulling out bits of my soul through a colander and
I do it because I can.

No one knows this, but: I'm scared of writing.

My favorite person in history is Gandhi because he was able to maintain his love for humanity and his values in spite of the terrible things people can do.

Have you read Orson Scott Card? His work makes me believe in storytelling. I wish I could tell stories like him. I wish I could make people feel.

Oh, and: How in the world do you AP and write, anyway? At least it gives me a good excuse not to write, even though I'm convinced its my life purpose, if there is such a thing.
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Mindyleigh, I'm also a Reiki person, go figure

Welcome BellinghamCrunchie
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Hello, I am Pattie

If you met me, you'd meet my children. They are always with me and I wouldn't want it any other way.

You'll never guess I get nervous when people read my writing. This is ironic because I write for a living.

Writing is an old friend I found again after the birth of my third child.
I do it because, I love it and it allows me to work from home and be there for my girls.

No one knows this, but I worry that I will die and leave my children without a mother. I never though about dying until the birth of my first baby.

My favorite person in history is Theodore Roosevelt. He set aside more land for National Parks than any other President. He understood the importance of preserving our earth for future generations. Amazingly, he was a Republican. It's ironic for a die hard Democrat like me to have a Republican president as a favorite person.

Have you read "A Man for All Seasons" by Robert Bolt? I admire St Thomas More's courage to stand up against a corrupt government and die for his beliefs.
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Hello, I am Nicole

If you met me: you would think I was maybe a touch over-zealous!

You'll never guess: I am really a home body with not too many close friends and prefer to be with my mama or dh and children over anyone really.

Writing is like therapy session with a person I really trust and
I do it because its healing and honest.

No one knows this, but: I wish I had time everyday to do the things I love writing being one and daydreaming being another-ALONE.

My favorite person in history is Martin Luther King, Jr because he:his voice was so loud and true and was the beginning of what I hope to see as a finished work.

Have you read Nikki Giovanni? Her work:is fresh, raw ,hard and soft, gentle and aggressive-perfect and accidental.

Oh, and: I am hoping to write away some serious writers block.....
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Hello, I am Clea Danaan

If you met me: Today you'd say -- WoW! When are you due? My belly is about to explode with this little one.

You'll never guess: I am a classic Aquarian. I like to do a little of everything, from the family budget to painting, writing, and healing work.

Writing is like dreaming and giving my thoughts shape.

I do it because I enjoy pulling amorphous thoughts together like clay and moulding them into a story or book -- and then re-doing it again and again.

No one knows this, but: I am going through a profound finding of Self through the process of gestating and preparing ot birth a baby. Maybe that's not really a secret, but it is deeply key to who I am these days.

My favorite person in history is currently Theodor Scwenk because he wrote an amazing book on water and air, Sensitive Chaos. The book is out of print, but is such a fantasticly beautiful essay on the sacred planet it's worth tracking down.

Have you read Bem Le Hunte? Her work:The Seduction of Silence, which I am currently reading. Beautiful.

Oh, and: I write to express my soul in the world, I garden to sink my heart and hands into the earth, and I practice healing to connect me with others.
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first timer!

Hello, I am Edurne Chopeitia

If you met me, you would realize very soon I am not good at small talk and I like real people all the way, you may see a strong person but I need help more times than I ask for it and you will see an ex-career woman totally in love with my 2 1/2 years old boy and still catching my breath -and wiping my own tears- from my baby's birth story and my birth as a mother...

You'll never guess where I come from -geographically talking-, if someone does, a prize they deserve!!!

Writing is like a passion that I struggle to put in action and I do it to get closer to the core of who I am and to leave a legacy of the good and the bad..., maybe somebody that "reads" me in the future may step into the darkness and the light knowing a little bit more, maybe...

No one knows this, but: I doubt if to have another baby because I still don't know if I just want to repeat to finally free the little baby and his desperate lonely mom still trapped in those memories or if I really want another child for him/her to just be...

My favorite person in history is no one in particular, but a fantastic -mostly unknown- bunch, those that had the courage of challenge the status quo at any given time, those that were not afraid of question the fanatics, those who fought dogmas of any kind...

Have you read Laura Gutman? She is an amazing woman with a very open vision of motherhood...

Oh, and: I will need a lot of nurturing to pass this writers block!
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Welcome! Okay, I will guess... you are from Argentina.
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guessing game

You were close enough in some aspects, but I'm afraid Argentina is not the answer. My father was born in the Basque Country (Noth of Spain, South of France), my mother in Uruguay... to make a long story short they met in Uruguay and I was born there, then moved to the US in 1997 when I met my husband... I was 31... had our awesome son in 2003...

thank you for the welcome!
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I was going to say Australia, Guess I was way off...Welcome.
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Hello, I am Stacy.

If you met me you'd think I was kinda loud and direct. If you got to know me, you would see that I am really goofy and sincere.

You'll never guess that I grew up in a small town on an island in Alaska.

Writing is like love and math and I do it because it feeds my brain and heart.

No one knows this, but I am thinking of changing my name -- the entire thing.

My favorite person in history is Buddha because he tells it like it is

Have you read Bel Canto by Ann Patchett? This book will break your heart. In this time of so many violent conflicts, this book will reveal the humanity that lives in us all.

Oh, and thank you for hosting this writing group!

I was part of it last fall -- with Tanya Taylor -- and have not been able to remove the link from my favorites. I just happened to click on it after many months of not visiting and was so glad to see that this group has been resurrected (I even recognize some names from last time). I look forward to its future (I hope!!).
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[QUOTE=antoinette gasbarr]Hello, I'm Antoinette

If you met me: you wouldn't know there was going to be a baby in my future because I'm not pregnant, my partner Liz is. Also, while I live in the northwest, if you have a good ear you might detect a slight northeastern accent.

You'll never guess: hmmm, since you don't know me, there are any number of things you'd never guess. How about this: when I was 14, my mother entered me into a beauty pageant and I won it - Miss Pittsburgh, 1980. It is not remotely indicative of how my life has turned out.

Writing is like therapy and I do it because....Actually, I haven't done it much lately because I feel completely self conscious, though the journey of pregnancy and the prospect of parenthood has made me want to get over myself and simply start writing something again.

No one knows this, but I feel like I will never get over the recent (sudden) death of our cat, and I'm not even a cat person.

My favorite person in history is _____ because s/he: I have to pass on this one.

Have you read Ann Patchett? I'm not much of a fiction reader, but I find her writing effortless and beautiful.

Oh, and I just turned 40 last week; my mother acts as though our baby will not be her grandchild (and, as far as I can tell, has told virtually no one about it); Liz's parents and family are wonderful and more than make up for mine; and I think I'm glad I get to have a baby without having had to be pregnant.

Quote: Running down a central reservation in last night's red dress,
And I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath
- Beth Orton, Central Reservation
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Welcome, Stacy and Antoinette.
Both of you like Ann Patchett!
You both live in the northwest.
I can't decide who I like best.
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Hello, I am Lisa.

If you met me, at first glance you might wonder why I always dress entirely in beige or brown, never in a skirt or a dress, always wearing brown leather Tevas or Rockport shoes. I suppose throughout most of my life I have been fighting the demons of my childhood of being called 'ugly,' 'Frankenstein Junior,' or 'retard' and those were considered nice names. I dress very plainly because I choose to be comely. I choose to blend into the woodwork of common humanity. I choose to hide from my childhood demons and their adult physical beings. Sometimes they spot me from a distance and I point blank deny my ever knowing them. At first sound, you might wonder why I am an 'airhead' or the stereotypical dumb blonde by your commenting on one item any my response to something totally different. How I come across as well-versed in most things, yet I cannot piece together a convincing aruguement because I become flustered, stutter and just give up and run away.

You'll never guess I am hard of hearing. I have a condition called Central Auditory Processing Disorder. It is a neurological condition, which in my case was brought on by encephilitis at fourteen months. With a fever of 107 for over 24 hours I should have died but did not and I am forever damned with this curse. The best way to describe my hearing impairment is write anything down on a piece of paper with a pencil, erase the constanants, then read again. What you would see on that paper is exactly how I hear. Just because I can hear sound does not mean I can understand speech. Therefore the outside world will look down upon me as some sort of ditz or an airhead. I do not fit the 'normal' profile of a hard of hearing person who wears hearing aids, or signs (though in my house for the sake of peace in the family it is done on occasion).

Writing is the perfect medium in which you can express, however twisted and outlandish, your most inner thoughts and feelings from the depths of your mind, heart, and soul. It is therapy to those who cannot open their mouths and lip the words for either fear of retaliation, or the emotions it might bring up in a most inopportune time.

I have not written in years because life has burdened me down like a ball and chain and whatever creativity that was in me has been squelched. I look back on my previous writings and all I can say is that they were nothing short of drivel from that of a wishy-washy flighty teenager. My grammar is terrible, and what publisher would want to read a story from what appears to be an uneducated writer? I have since tossed nearly every scrap of writings in hopes to start anew. I need to be able to express a thought better than just telling the reader what I see, but include the other senses to make said reader touch, smell, breathe that thought.

No one knows this, but I am terrified to sending my twins to the public school system. I was so badly bullied by my peers and the school system did nothing to at least attempt to remedy the problem. I am thinking of homeschooling, but realize that I cannot shield my children forever.

My favorite person in history is Margaret Sanger because she in a time of male-dominated, religious opperession, dared to stand up and demand contraceptive alternatives and education instead of unwanted pregnancies. If it were not for her, there would not be Planned Parenthood as we see today. And today, the Right is trying to turn back the clock to witholding contraceptive information in favor of abstinence. Now would be a good time to bring her life story back into the limelight.

Have you read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke? Quite the remarkable debut novel. Very reminiscent of Jane Austen's writings in terms of wordy elegance, and a fantasy plotline that is toned down to the point that, if magic really existed, would be considered probable.
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To all of the beautiful writing mamas, I'd love to hear your voice, if even only a snippet (I love that word)
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Hello, My name is Ashley

If you met me: You'd realize fairly quickly that I am a people pleaser who usually keeps her opinions to herself.

You'll never guess: that I am a 20 year old SAHM to a 3 month old, and wife. You'd never guess that I know some ballet, and tae kwon do. You'd never guess that I can knit.

Writing is like a desperate need for understanding, and expression and
I do it because I have this undying love affair with words.

No one knows this, but: I dream of being as good as I was in high school at writing

My favorite person in history is Rosa Parks because s/he: didn't take crap from anyone

Have you read Debbie MacComber ? Her/His work: The Shop on Blossom street was just awe inspiriing. I also love Harry Potter

Oh, and: I aspire to have the guts to post my stuff here!
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Hello, I am


If you met me you would probably think I was confident and happy, and that I have it all together.

You'll never guess that inside I am still finding myself, still struggling with my demons, and am somewhat insecure behind my facade.

Writing is like a bipolar friend. Sometimes it brings me happiness, peace, helps me find my way and lets me release all my pain and troubles. Other times it is painful and depressing, erratic and unreliable.

I do it because it is part of how I express myself.

No one knows this, but I spent 15 days in a state mental ward when I smoked some pot that was laced with PCP. It was truly hell on earth. (I am fine now, physically.)

My favorite person in history are all the amazing women that came before me and have helped shaped who I am , how I think and feel, and who I aspire to be...from The Virgin Mary, to Joan of Arc, to Anne Frank, to Maya Angelou, to my Grandmother and everyone in between.

Have you read Paulo Coelo (sp?) Author of The Alchemist and many other brilliant works.

Oh, and Alice Walker? She is an amazing woman and writer.

Thanks for sharing and listening!
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