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Welcome simonsmama and captain crunchy
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What a great way to start a thread!

If you met me: you'd probably think I was shy or reserved, when actually I am the biggest ham and a huge people-person.

You'd never guess: that I spent 15 years of my life in and out of mental hospitals. Thankfully I am more or less fully recovered, due to some incredible women doctors and therapists.

Writing is like learning to think. Vague, inchoate impressions come out of the fog and cross the silent void to another person who can say "yes!" to them!

I write these days mainly to strengthen and nourish relationships with loved ones far away.

No one knows this, but I frequently fantasize about my birth mother.

My favorite person in history is Mary Magdalene because she found her own forgiveness.

Have you read _My Antonia_? Cather is so wonderful I could weep as I read her.

Oh, and I am getting married in 15 days, and my due date is probably in June! 1st time Mom, and this first trimester stuff is hitting me like a ton of bricks. I want to fire my ob and work with a midwife...maybe they'd pay some attention to me!
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Wow Lisa, you've got alot going on... You sound alot like me. as an aside, congrats on your marriage and baby. I hope you find a good midwife.

We are not far from one another, I had trouble on the VBAC at home dept in the way of midwives/ drs. I'd love to hear who you find.
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I'm Emey

If you met me you would think what others seem too, I am quiet and reserved which seems to unnerve many people.
If you met me you'd never guess that I am lonely in my busy, full life. Or that I have a hard time making friends. You will probably notice this is a first post, I am utterly confused by how this works as up to now I've only read and never written.

Writing is breathing, always has been. Writing is also the lense with which I see everything. I haven't written much in the last two years since my daughters birth, though I'd like to.

My favorite person in history is my grandmother, because though I love her so much, I still don't know much of her story, though I know a few of the larger peices. And for me she symbolizes so much of the untold history, layered and full.

Something else you might not guess about me is that I am a voracious reader, and so chosing a favorite author is difficult.

Some favorite books: An autobiography of god by Julius Lester, Leave a light on for me by Jean Swallow, and all of Mary Oliver's books of poetry.

I hope to figure out how to use this message board and share writings soon.

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Welcome Just jump in and follow the prompts or add your work to the Nov. WIP thread. Ask for feedback if you want it. Sometimes it just helps to get things out....
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Hi. My name is Julie, and I've really enjoyed reading all the introductions in this thread. It's like peering into little windows to catch glimpses of the souls of some fabulous, interesting women.

If you met me: You'd probably think I was pretty average. It isn't until I get to know people well enough to trust them, that I let my most interesting facets shine. I'd like to become the kind of person that cares less about what other people think, and simply be myself all the time.

You'll never guess: I practice shamanism (but go to church as well) and sometimes I think I'm a spiritual athesist, but it depends on the day. Shamanism has given me the best fodder for my writing, because it helps me access the most profound parts of my unconscious mind, and connects me to the universal truths that unite us all.

Being a writer is like being a hollow bone - I feel like I'm channelling inspiration from the muses, or a world accessable to all, and bringing it to form in this world.

I write because it helps me to focus, clarify my own thoughts, and better understand myself. Because I write better than I speak, writing allows me to best express myself most clearly to others, and allows my most fabulous side to shine when otherwise I tend to hide it.

Have you read Annie Dillard? Her work is Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and An American Childhood. She's always resonated with me.

Oh, and: I posted one of my poems on the Have you Been Published thread a week or two ago. It had been published in We'moon. I've always had a penchant for writing poetry, but I so rarely do it. And that makes me feel guilty, because it's as if I've been given a gift that I don't manifest. I'm making a comittment to myself to use this board as a springboard to more inspiration, ideas, and taking some time to myself to be more creative.

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I promise one day to open the window to my soul too, but not just now...

But, I did want to say to White Feather that I love Annie Dillard--so beautiful and profound writing. I look forward to hearing more from you.
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I am Barbara Ellen Herrera, Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife - mother, lover, dyke, student (again!), business owner, Disneyphile, Orlandoan, Net addict, Jew-by-Choice, long-time doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, former La Leche League leader, photographer... and Writer (blogger, author, writer). Most of the time, my name is Writer.

If you met me: You'd smile, but would probably be annoyed off and on through the friendship, though. I'm rather soap-box-y when it comes to women's rights, especially in birth and mothering. People who know me either love me or despise me. I love me. (And that counts for a lot, doesn't it?)

You'll never guess: How much people's opinions mean to me, make me cry, make me smile - stress me out. As hard as I try to not care, especially with people I couldn't care less in spending time with or who annoy the crap out of me, I still sigh that people don't "see" me for whom I believe I am. I remind myself that everyone has their own walk and many walks are counter to everything my walk represents, but it's still incredibly difficult.

Writing is a compulsion and I do it because I would die if I did not. I was in jail once (well, twice, but this was the first time) and did not have anything to write with so began "typing." I wrote entire chapters of books in there and continued once I could barter for paper and pen several days later. Besides being able to get my fix, my phantom typing kept the other inmates away from the "fuckin' crazy bitch" in cell 2. Nice side effect.

No one knows this, but... *thinking* I'm thinking there isn't one thing people don't know about me. I think I am so blathering and so expository, there cannot possibly be one thing I haven't shared - from incest to alcoholic family members to bi-polar disorder to depression to serious eating disorders to vanity to marriage pains to mother-fears.

My favorite person in history is Sacagawea (by far!) because she was 14 years old when she embarked with her 2 week old son Pomp on her back to guide the Lewis & Clark Expedition across the country (and back!) - keeping them alive in many, many situations that would have otherwise killed them. She, the only woman on the trail, represents the strength and power we all, as women, possess. I use her as an example in my teaching quite often. (Many women in our culture whine a lot about harship and discomfort; Sacagawea, I suspect, did not whine much.)

Have you read _Running With Scissors_ (and _Dry_ and _Magical Thinking_) by Augusten Burroughs? His work is so maddening and so hysterical - it offers the potential possible in essay/memoir-writing. I passed it by many times in the bookstore until I heard, in one day, three people say the words (not even in relation to the book) and figured it was time to buy it - so did and devoured all three in two days!

Oh, and I have been published many times in many avenues. I wrote a book of (very) short erotic lesbian stories (Amazon.com me!), have collaborated on several books on Disney and food (I did food writing for many years until my gastric bypass 4.5 years ago), am regularly published in Midwifery Today, have been in Compleat Mother, many local magazines, but have giant aspirations to be heard when I write about birthrape and birth trauma. I'm in school right now working towards a Master's in Psychology so I can accumulate bunches of letters after my name so mainstream people/magazines/press will hear me better.

I'm verbose. Bet that fact is a total shock. *snortylaugh*

I can't believe I didn't know you all were here until tonight. Goodness, I best get to my homework.

Barbara E. Herrera, LM, CPM
San Diego
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Welcome Barbara, I can't wait to hear some of your writing , I'll have to check out some of those erotic stories (love sensual writing)
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If you met me: you might think, boy she's short!

You'll never guess: i never see myself as short, or turning 40 in 2 weeks either.

Writing is like storytelling and
I do it because i love to tell stories.

No one knows this, but: ummmm no one? maybe that i kind of think the idea of twins is pretty cool!

My favorite person in history is Emma Goldman because s/he: spend her whole life doing what she so passionately believed in.

Have you read Anansi's Boys by Neil Gaiman? Her/His work: is pretty cool, he knows a lot about mythology and is less cheesy than charles delint. he's a great storyteller, a dad and really cute too.

Oh, and:
i've been really frustatred with the lack of picture books about the winter solstice, so i wrote a story myself (just today in fact) and after i tidy it up, i'm going to find someplace to submit it. maybe someone will illustrate it in a drop-dead gorgeous way.
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Welcome Andrea :
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My name is Sarah

If you met me: You would either hate me or love me. I do not evoke apathy.

You'll never guess: That 99% of the stories I tell are true, and the rest, though exageration, is mostly true. *see signature*

Writing is like a drug and I do it because, when you are addicted, there is no option to not.

No one knows this, but: As oddball as I am, I am also very afraid of change.

My favorite person in history is Joan d'Arc because she: never deviated from her convictions, no matter what. I can only hope my convictions are so strong.

Have you read Robert Jordan? His work: is amazing for its detail and complexity without loosing what so many modern writers need - vitality and even originality in a swept-under-the-rug genre.

Oh, and: My fav author in the world is Anne McCaffrey. I love the way she writes and the stories she tells are so human and satirical. I think that she exemplifies the best of the modern sci-fi writer.
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Hello, I am


If you met me: You'd find a friend, someone who will look out for you, loyal, trusting.

You'll never guess: I was so sensitive and not the b!tch I come off as at times.

Writing is like breathing and
I do it because it is a part of me, of my being, my words pour form my inner soul always, even if just in my mind.

No one knows this, but: I want to write a book.

My favorite person in history is _______?__________ because s/he:

Have you read Carol Shields? Her work: Inspires me, touches me, makes me feel strong and makes me think.

Oh, and: I intend to get back to my writing more.....keep after me if you follow anything I write here!
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Hello, I am (here because I harrassed April to get herself here, came to read and wound up joining back in! )

Hello, I am also....


If you met me we'd probably share a joke and a laugh. I enjoy seeing how many people I can make smile.

You'll never guess that I'm often not that happy-go-lucky soul. I smile in the outside to hide the pain.

Writing is like air, water, life! and
I do it because I must. It eases the pain, brings light to the dark and maybe, someday, it will earn me some money!

No one knows this, but I've written a novel. (Ok, some people know. )I wrote it in the car or while waiting for soccer practice to end. I desperately want to BE a writer.

My favorite person in history is: ? Hitler, because he taught us that hate and ignorance can bring the world to it's knees. Joan of Arc, because she was a tough, brave, young thing. Abe Lincoln, due to a childhood fasination with his reported honesty.

Have you read Her/His work: Drawing a big, early morning blank. I love the library, I love ALL the books! Biographies, cookbooks, craft books, Stephen King(for the scare), Jean Auel(for the prehistoric stories), Catherine Coulter(for the HOT stuff). I could name thousands.
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Red, You ARE a writer, you don't have to be published to be a writer...Welcome back

(I meant to quote where you said that you wanted "desperately to BE a writer")
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Okay, I'm going to leap into this group -

Hello, I am Phoebe

If you met me, you probably first thought I was odd, what with my Pope JP II mangentic ribbon on the back of my van full of four kids and blaring Celtic rock, but then you'd notice I have this really cool pink asian print diaper bag, so I can't be that odd right? And then you'd talk to me and realize hopefully that even though my life views may not match up with yours, I'm a pretty accepting gal who's fun to be around.

You'll never guess that I'm not that easily surprised by others life experiences.

Writing is like a form of escape, a chance to create any world you want to and I do it because it's the one creative outlet I know I'm good at.

No one knows this, but I'm a secret fan of Regency romance and have way too many of these books.

My favorite person in history is because s/he: I don't have a favorite person, but I am fascinated by the Romanov family and the mystery of Anastasia.

Have you read Jane Eyre? I find the character of Jane to be quite a strong female character, a woman who didn't give up her morals and beliefs even though that would have been the easier thing to do. She found the courage to walk away from love when it wasn't the best thing for her at the time, and yet didn't settle for second-best either.

Oh, and I was born in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz, so I've always assumed great things were meant for me in life
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Originally Posted by peekyboo
Okay, I'm going to leap into this group -

I was born in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz, so I've always assumed great things were meant for me in life

Welcome Peekyboo!
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Peekyboo I **love** your web site!!! I absolutely laugh my arse off reading the Christmas digital camera fiasco OMG!!!
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Originally Posted by my2girlsmama
Peekyboo I **love** your web site!!! I absolutely laugh my arse off reading the Christmas digital camera fiasco OMG!!!

Thanks - it was that one that started the web site. I posted that on my family web site to just share with friends and family, and they thought it was so funny they passed it on to others, unbeknownst to me. Until one day, I got a very nice email from a complete stranger, telling me how much he liked that story and how it reminded him of when his kids were little. And then I got another email, and another from people I didn't know and found out that my Christmas picture page had become an email forward Dh had bought me the domain name (gotta love gifts from techno geeks) and I moved it to there and started more writing.

Right now, I need to update the page, but I need to first install the software on my new computer - and no one gets that except for people who have btdt
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