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American Idol -- The Top 4 or YAY! Scotty's gone!

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This week on American Idol:





I am running out of contestants to make fun of. At least we've still got Carrie and Anthony!
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as much of an anti country type of gal that i am, i actually like carrie!

so happy scott is gone, now anthony just needs to go! i vote bo!
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I like Carrie. I think she's talented. Bo is my favorite.
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I still miss Constantine. :
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Originally Posted by chersolly
I still miss Constantine. :
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So glad Scott is gone. Hope Anthony's next.

Did anyone else think Scott looked he was about to loose it when they were showing his 'journey' video. Scary, dude.
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Glad Scott is gone. Connie is going to be fine, much as it would have been cool to see someone I KNOW win this thing, but he isn't the best singer. However he got ALOT of airtime on daytime shows, don't know that the rest of those booted got the same?

I hope it comes down to Bo and Carrie, A needs to go next and I don't love Vonzell. Bo needs to win this thing!
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vonzell or bo should win imo!

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Now I wish I had watched SNL!

Paula trades troubles for laughs on 'SNL'

"Corey, that was beautiful," said Poehler's Abdul in critiquing his singing. "You really blew me away. It's like I rolled over and said to you this morning, 'You have real star quality.' I'll see you at home."


Abdul's advice on getting her impression just right: "You need to perfect the clap a little more and be a lot more sexier so contestants will be willing to sleep with you."
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Originally Posted by Cranberry
Now I wish I had watched SNL!

Paula trades troubles for laughs on 'SNL'

cranberry: i tivo'd it and it was quite funny. i still have it if you want to see it...

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Hey Cranberry- where are today's spoilers?
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I miss Constantine too : He was such a hottie!!

I am now going for Carrie, or Bo.
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Sooooooooo sorry for the delay! I haven't been home most of today! Here's what's on for tonight:

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
This week the categories are Nashville and then "The Philadelphia Song," meaning songs written by the super writing team of KENNY GAMBLE and LEON HUFF.

"The first round of songs will be Nashville," Paula adds. "For Carrie and Bo, it will be very pleasing. Even for Vonzell. She can nail pretty much anything. It will be interesting to see Anthony."

spoilers from Entertainment Tonight.
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Aww, what happened to Vonzell? I just wanted to give her a hug!

But Carrie was better
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What can I say about tonight’s show? Scott wasn’t there. All is right with the world.

Another weird t-shirt for Ryan. What did it say? King something? Ryan, dude, no one is talking about Scott Savol. Except his parole officer.

Hey, Seacrest, thank you for telling us that you are holding the map of the USA. Some viewers weren’t sure and thought it was your ego you were carrying in. Yeah, poke out her eye with the state of Maine. Please.

Carrie singing Sin Wagon? I don’t think so, girl. Too prancy. That pink-haired girl a couple of seasons ago did this song so much better. Amy Adams? Oh lordy, Carrie, two words for you: Don’t. Dance. Yikes, she is really jazzed about that sin wagon. Her mom and dad may never speak to her again after this one. She gets a tongue bath from the judges. : We saw personality? I saw desperation.

Holy Hollywood! Holy sellout! Was that Bo getting his unruly eyebrows tamed in the makeup trailer?

Jazz, Mikalah and Latoya in da house.

OK, can I just say that Bo’s mom is hot?! Song intro please? I lurve Bo even though I don’t know the song. He looks like he’s had another VO5 hot oil treatment. No more frizzy, flyaway hair. OMG, so cute! Love his smile! Did I mention I lurve him???? Simon, shut the up. Bo’s grandma is sooo gonna whoop Simon after the show. Simon freaking out, totally looking around for his bodyguards.

Vonzell, you know I love you girl, but that was a bit pitchy at the beginning. I love that song but it was a little out of tyune, as Simon would say. I fear for my baby Vee. The power was missing. She just didn’t bring it, except at the end. Well, a little yelly. She didn’t have her best night. What’s up with Vee? I seriously got weepy when she said she loves her daddy. She is sweet and I like her and that means she is going home tomorrow.

Anthony, anyone who starts the song sitting on the stage just sucks, OK? What the song is that? He is definitely getting a job with Carnivale cruise lines when this is over. I mean they’ve probably already called him. Ryan is too busy adding product to his hair to intro the songs. : Randy, dude, you are so deaf. Even Simon liked him. :Puke And yet he added that funny comment about gooey & syrupy. Simon, I almost liked you for a millisecond there.

Could there BE any more commercials???

Carrie cries cuz she misses her sisters. Oops, sorry. She actually did a good job on that song. Oh god, she might just win this thing. BUT WAIT. Randy didn’t like it… wow. Paula didn’t like it… wow. Simon didn’t like it… eek. But why oh why couldn’t Simon have given her the pack-your-suitcase kiss of death?

Bo, you are such a good son. I lurve his beard. OMG the outfit! Hot hottie hot! The sandals! The shades! Did I mention the chest hair? Paula doing the dancy and the jumpy. She’s back on the meds. But seriously, I Bo. I don’t know if I mentioned that. Is it hot in here? Oh, yeah, and he sings good, too.

Vee, sweet things you said about your parents. She was really good. She has more charisma and personality in her little finger than Carrie has in her whole body including that big blond hairdo. Simon, eat and die.

OMG, freaky red head teen boy from last year in da house. :

OK, round 2 for Anthony. Let’s just say that song was your audition for Carnival Cruise lines and dude, they liked what they saw. Can you be in Miami tomorrow?

Gamble and Huff wrote some mighty fine songs, I have to say that.

Did I say I Bo?

OK, that’s all I got. Except, Bo I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve you!
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none of this is spoilers, really.

i just don't understand what is the big deal about carrie. I know she's talented. yes, she is, but so were hundreds of AI contestants. Is she just getting all the country vote? Cranberry, I agree about the dance moves. There are just a few and prancy is the word.

bo and vonzell are just a gazillion times better than the other two. But I fear for vonzell, too.
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Carrie: I didn't really know what you meant by prancy...now I do. I think I was more wowed by the fiddler guy. And what exactly is a "sin wagon"?

Bo: I like the low key song and outfit tonight.

Vonzell: Oooh, bad start. Yipes! And she messed up the lyrics. Cool dress though.

Anthony: For some reason, that song creeped me out with him singing it. But he did do better than Vonzell...
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News about next week's theme from Entertainment Tonight
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
So i saw Entertainment Tonight earlier this evening and Paula was talking about next week's theme being one judge's choice song and Clive Davis' choice song. hmmm... I wonder if that means Clive is going to guest judge...
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Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
: I think Paula did say Clive Davis is going to be there next week. The constestants will do 3 songs each: one they select themselves, one selected by the judges and one selected by Clive. Last year he selected some interesting songs for the kids. Can't remember what they were. I'll have to look that up. I just remember Jazzy sang and he didn't like it? And that week she finally got cut.
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