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Any one else have a really good sleeper?

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This is freaking me out! My 10 day old is sleeping in 3+ hour blocks! She's nursing well when she does wake (gets very alert and seems like a nornal NB) and seems to be gaining weight. Should I just count my blessings or be concerned that this is too much sleep?
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yep, my dd is now 17 days old and she has had naps that are even 4 and 5 hrs long. I too am shocked and a little wierded out :LOL How much does your dd weigh? We are over 10 lbs now (9.9 at birth) and IMO bigger NBs just sleep better because their tummies are bigger and can contain more milk. Also we swaddle dd, which I think increases nap times because they are less likely to be jerky and wake themselves up.

We should definitely count our blessings and hope things don't change

oh and fwiw the ped definitely said that 22 hrs of sleep in a day is normal, but that we should be seeing at least one hour a day of quiet alertness too.

cheers to happy babies
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Sasha is a great sleeper. My first was an amazing sleeper as well, but I didn't think I could get TWO out of three. My middle daughter woke up a lot at night, and stayed awake, and only cat napped. Now at 2 she sleeps fine though.

Sasha falls asleep when I'm putting her older two sisters to sleep (7:30ish) and only wakes 2 or sometimes 3 times to nurse and stays asleep through it and wakes around 8. Then naps in long spurts and power nurses in long spurts. It is SO nice.... but I do hear that a lot of great sleepers don't stay that way- so who knows

For now I'm enjoying it!
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As far as big babies- Sasha was huge (12.8) and sleeps. Malia (my oldest) was 8.8 and slept great. My middle daughter, Eliana, was 11 pounds and didn't sleep well at all... She didn't just want to nurse though, she just wnated to be awake everynight from 3-6 AM :LOL
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my oldest was a great sleeper, couldn't sleep through a lot of noise, but slept during the day and through the night early. my middle child ( my biggest babe at over 9 lbs at birth) was a horrible sleeper until she hit a year. cat naps and lots of waking at night. our third babe is awesome. she sleep through just about everything!!! she sleeps three hour stretches during the day and about 4-5 hrs stretches at night. she is going to be 6 weeks tomorrow.

all of my kids slept well for the first 2 weeks. i think a lot of babes do. i never dreamt that my third child would continue to be such an easy baby after they passed the 2 week point. i feel SOOOOo blessed!!!
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I was also concerned with my now 4 week old, when I brought her home and she slept for 3-4 hours at a time. DS didn't do that until he was like 2 in a half! LOL I seriously thought something was wrong with Eileen. Its so wonderful now, she goes to bed with ds around 8 and wakes up 2-3 times a night. Enjoy your little sleeper and cross your fingers it stays like that!
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Oh and congrats on the birth!
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We have quite a good sleeper, too. We have had a few nights of 6-7 hours straight, which is great for sleep but terrible because I wake up completely FULL. 4-5 hours at night and 2-3 hour naps during the day seem pretty normal for Julie
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Whew, good to know that this is normal, my first was a horrible sleeper and wanted the boob 24/7 so good sleep at this stage in the game just seems really wierd to me.
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