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I hear you about those complicated/mixed emotions. When my son was in the NICU after he was born and we didn't know what was wrong, part of me was like, well, guess that one isn't gonna make it, oh well, at least I've got this one. I don't think I was ready for him to get better & come home.

Of course, now he and I are so close. I adore him, head to toe, and can't imagine my life without him. But it took a long time.
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I threw up in the trash can in the ultra sound room when they told me :
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Kangamom: I too feel like the only spontaneous ovulator! I found out about my twins at 5 weeks and now at 10 weeks I'm still nervous. These will be my 3rd and 4th, I have two girls ages 4 and 5. I've been sooo sick that I can't even imagine making it through the rest of the pregnancy if the sickness doesn't stop soon. I've gained four pounds but am already wearing maternity bottoms and tops.

This is my first post so "Hi!" and "It's nice to hear the same feelings from other people!"
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FooFur- Congrats! I don't think I got over the initial shock until the morning sickness completely passed. Unfortunately for me that was around 16 weeks, although it did get better around 12 weeks. I remember it seemed endless. Everything about this pg seems endless, I've been a worried mess. I'm now 29 weeks and going through another "omigod they're almost here" freak out. I have 7 weeks left and I'm really ready for them to be out of my belly and in my arms. Thankfully the misery of the first trimester is now a blur in my memory, as it will be for you too soon. I now have 3rd trimester misery, lol, with all the aches and pains and seemingly endless waiting and waiting and waiting for these kids to be born already!

But you and I sound like we have a lot in common, (my girls are 3 and 5) and I'd be happy to be your "pg buddy". Feel free to PM me any time.
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Kangamom- PM? Not sure what that means, but I would love a pg buddy! Thanks!
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It just means "private Message" If you ever need to talk or anything, just let me know. How are you doing now?
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Kangamom- It's been one week since the last time I was really sick! Yeah me! My energy has finally improved and I'm able to do things around the house again. I am so glad. You were right, things definitely improved my 12th week. Thanks!
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Wow, good for you! Nothing but smooth sailing ahead now!
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First off congrats on having twins! I know exactly how your feeling as that's kinda the way we felt when we found out about our boys. We have 1 yr old ID twin boys. They are truly a blessing and a hoot.
Just know that all your feeling is very normal, but you will handle having these little blessings just fine. It's a lot to take in at first, but the farther you go in the PG you'll get used to the idea there will be two babies instead of one.
Try to remember that you have about 7-8 months to be prepared for these precious babies. All that time to plan and buy and get excited for their arrival.
Even as overwhelming as this kinda news can be, it's still one of the most exciting things that can happen. Special people are blessed with twins, so just know that your special and have been chosen to be a Mom of two babies at once...what a special privledge this is.
Try and rest as much as you can...if you need to get big things done, try and do all of it before your last trimester as in the end of your PG you'll not be able to do many things but rest as much as possible and wait for the arrival.
Either way big congrats are in order here for your two blessings and look forward to hearing how your PG goes and the arrival of your babies.

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