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MDC FlyLady Group~ Home Organizing 1

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Ladies, I could use to get my house a bit more organized and getting cleaning on a schedule. Anyone want to try flylady with me?? I've tried before but flunked out, lol.

Here is the flying lessons page

here is the daily checklist

We are in Zone 5 the living room from the 27th-31st.

Luckily I did a bunch of living room yesterday getting ready for dd's 13th birday party in the 31st.

So any takers??????? I SO need to have a sparkly sink every morning :-)
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I'm on the Flylady list, but I modify it a LOT LOL. I don't do the sink shine thing, making the bed does the same for me so I do that instead. I have my rooutines pretty much down, but the missions, spending 15 minutes in my zone, the flings, room rescues, fire preventions, etc that I need to work on. The house is definately a lot cleaner consistency than it's ever been, though. SO I guess what I am saying is- I'm game
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Count me in! I belonged for a while, but the emails did get to be a bit much. I actually haven't totally lost what I had gained but I need some work. Plus I love the flings, I swear I get high off decluttering and getting rid of things.

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Hi khris and Jerri !!!

It's Monday Morning and I'm on the computor and I'm not dressed yet either. Well pj's, lol.

Anyway, My goal for today (first official day back with flylady) is to go to bed with a clean sink. I will do 15 minutes in my zone too.

Have a great day!!
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Ok, my sink is clean and I have nothing on the steps waiting to get carried up and put away. I'm just waiting for the basement time, than you're all gonna hear some serious whinning!

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Ok! Hi Everyone I'm Rebecca and I think I'll be joining you guys. I have read the flylady stuff but never really got into it. I'd really like to get a control journal done at some point. Right now things are completely out of control. We just moved here and there are boxes etc and everyday I have big plans and don't get it done. In fact I plan and do NOTHING. It is like my motivation is sucked away when I look at the enormity of the tasks at hand. So I think that 15 at a time might help.

Where do I start? No my sink is not shiney (it is full of the dishes that are unpacked and the kitchen is full of boxes!).

Good luck ladies

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I am big into flylady but I would sure love to talk about her with other mdc mamas.

I do keep my sink shiny, get dressed to shoes, and lay out my clothes at night. I have been working on my morning routine. The thing is, it takes me ALL DAY to do my morning routine, in between feeding DD, playing with DD, taking the dog out, etc. So I was thinking about starting on an afternoon routine but I'm not sure how I'd do that when I'm usually finishing my morning routine (on a good day) as my DH walks through the door at 8:15 pm home from work!
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count me in!

Now I can actually READ the flylady's e-mails instead of deleting them!! I should have known the support would have to come from MDC ... okay, I'm off to (finally) get dressed to the *socks* and I'll work on the living room today! Let's go mommies, let's go!! <cheerleader icon here!>
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I should say, I get dressed to slippers until after Meg's morning nap b/c otherwise my shoes are only on for like an hour before I lie down with her...

Also, I didn't really like the flywashing, I just like getting the routine emails, the essays, and the testimonials. (Not the reminders). So I set the group that sends out all the reminders to nomail and now I only get the ones I want.
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Count me in too.... Been gradually trying to integrate more of Flylady's routines into my days. I've been a "Flybaby" for a few months now. House definitely looks much better---sporadic and imperfect as I am with her ideas. The improvement is inspiring me to put more of her ideas into practice. This week I'm going to add some more steps to my AM and PM routines to try to make life even saner. I really can do anything for 15 minutes.

My biggest obstacle has been the Flings. I'm not yet fully ready to let go of my clutter. I keep tucking it away. So maybe I'll try a 10 item fling...

Sharon the Flutterer
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yeah yeah, we have a nice little group forming :-)

Welcome to hahamommy, still forest, megs mom and geo girl.

About getting dressed to your shows. I have to say I RARELY wear shoes. I slip on my Birkies to go outside and sometimes wear slippers in the house when it's cold. So I too have had that problem. At this point if I get out my pjs before noon I'm doing good, lol. And it's 12 O clock and I've done a load of laundry, gotten dressed to my shoes (because I left the house) and went shopping to buy myself some winter clothes. I came home with 2 pair of pants, 2 tops and a sweater. Shoes are now off, lol. But my make up is still on, lol.

Megs Mom, sounds like you are doing great. I never lay my clothes out the night before. Never. Choosing what to wear is not the hard for me (all my stuff is color coordinated). But I think your doing awesome for someone taking care of a little one.
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Inspirational Quote

I changed my signature quote today, but as I did I was thinking about how it applies specifically to this part of my/our life
“Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” --Dale Carnegie
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I crashed and burned today LOL I didn't even get done what I normally do, and since we're having a party Wednesday I was hoping to get extras done. DS woke up with a big itchy rash on his thighs this morning, so off we went to the doctors as soon as we got the stuff from the grocery store. The beds didn't get made, the laundry is stilll out, I didn't do my daily chore, oh well. I'm going to try and catch up this evening.
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I'm game! Dh has actually asked for me to "just clean-up the living room" in the past. My response: I'm not a "housewife", I'm a "stay-home mom". Biiiiiig difference! *heh* But, honestly, the clutter annoys the heck out of me!

And, we're (hopefully) moving this week. I REALLY need to get on the ball!

So, I signed up. Now what? Just wait on the e-mails? (Geez,not only am I not good at keeping a clean house, I'm not good at figuring out the group that will HELP me keep a clean house):
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Chaka, your FlyLady welcome letter will tell you what's next!
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HahaMommy~ Love your new sig quote!!

Khris~I hope DS feels better. Don't worry about the rest, it will be there when you are able, unfortunately, lol.

Chaka~ Welcome!!!! Baby Steps are the key.

The house is divided up into 5 Zones, right now we are in zone 5 the living room. Try starting with 15 minutes of decluttering in the living room a day. The emails can get overwhelming, I unsubscribed because it amounted to about 30 emails a day I think. It was a year ago so I don't remember exactly.

I cheated today, we went out for dinner, so my clean sink (did it earlier) doesn't have to be done again before bed. Well as long as I crack the whip and don't allow anyone to put anything in it. LOLOLOL
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Don't I know it! It's all sitting around me waiting. He's fine- just his eczema acting up, he ate something he shouldn't have and I wasn't thinking about it. :
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OK, I'm game, too.

but it'll have to wait until after Halloween, so I will check back and subscribe to flylady then...

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