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MamaOui, that's the great thing about Flylady- either it's a 27 fling boogie, a 5 minute room rescue, spending 15 minutes in your zone, or putting out a hot spot. You don't HAVE to do it all at once- baby steps!
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How are you all doing today???

I got dressed to my Birkies, lol, and went shopping for cleaning supplys this morning. I did some cleaning in the master bathroom (my least favorite job) and started dinner in the crock pot. Did a load of laundry but still have told/hang up yesterdays clean clothes. So I think I am doing pretty good. Having to post here and talking to you all has given me more motivation.

I am going to bed tonight with a clean sink!!
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We're doing pretty gopod today as well. I folded and put away 2 loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, got some of the food ready for the party tomorrow, got half the house dusted, and most of the dishes are in the dishwasher already. I should go take advantage of the fact that the kids are playing together and finnish up some things before taking my night off.
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OK today...put out my desk hot spot, cooked dinner, second-rinsed the diaper load, picked up/decluttered the living room for 15 minutes.
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Um, I'll start next week if y'all don't mind.

Geez, those e-mails!

We're moving on Friday, so I'll just wait to see how it goes. It's informative and inspiring. I told dh I've got to get a big sinkpan for dirty dishes. He thinks I'm losing it.
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I'm at the puter in my pajamas and house shoes.......ssssshhhhh Don't tell the Flylady on me! Actually I am up early and as soon as I get done I'm making my bed, taking a shower, dressing to my shoes, putting the dishes away, putting the laundry away and finishing cleaning for the party.
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LOL Khris, you and me too. I'm at computor in pj's and no shoes, lololol. Hey, I never said I was perfect. My sink is clean though.

I'll check back later.
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I've been flying on and off for over a year and the impact has been amazing!

My favorite concepts:
  • No whining! This is hard at first but pays big dividends, DH actually flys now too without realizing it
  • Progress not Perfection: Flylady does not need or want us to be perfect--she encourages us to take what we like and leave the rest and start with baby steps
  • DELETE DELETE DELETE -- Remember if you're getting stressed about the e-mails, delete at will, there will be more tomorrow and you won't miss anything--it always comes around again.
  • You are never 'behind', just start today with where you are.

What I've learned about this program so far and some of my thoughts on it:

I've made all kinds of changes/concessions to this program but I have to say that starting small with the simple things (like shiny sink, shoes, etc) really does lead to bigger changes. This program is totally about what you make it, there are no MUSTS and no SHOULDS there are a lot of great suggestions and advice though.

If you're stuck and you find there is a particular activity or suggestion you're strongly resisting you may want to "surrender" to it for awhile, do it as suggested and see if you get results. Sometimes I see posts from women who get all up in arms about the shoes or the shiney sink or something else, and they haven't even tried it. They're already invested in creating a huge argument about why that won't work for them. I made up my mind in the beginning to try things first as recommended and modify only after giving them a fair trial. This way I'm free to follow a trail that's already been laid down--I don' have to bushwack my own--and no, I don't always have my shoes on in the house, but I'm more effective when I do. In the beginning I never showered/dressed etc. before getting on the computer but now I do---this seems to be really effective too!

I'm so glad to see this post, flying has really freed me from the tyrrany of housework...I have a completely different home environment and attitude, and boy, do I like it better than what I had before.

One more thing, this program is not about living to do housework, it's about making housework take up as little of your precious time and energy as possible while freeing you for more creative, fulfilling, satisfying things. And you'll end up with a warm, comfortable, clean, peaceful environment in which to do them--we all deserve this!

all the best,
#1 edd 12/04/02 (when we'll really see how FLYING works)!
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alright, i'm tentatively joining in! i haven't signed up or anything, but i've been to the site and started implementing things.
cleaned the sink lats night and kept it that way this morning. woke up, took a shower and got dressed and had shoes on for a while, have one load of laundry in the washer and another waitng to go in, dishwasher running, kitchen floor wiped down (yuck).
clutter is a b%^&* in this house, so am going to try 27 fling boogie today.
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I have to say that FLYing through party planning is SO much nicer! I did my normal cleaning for today, finished some food prep, hit a hot spot or two, pur away some laundry and now all I have to do it put the food out before guests arrive, change my clothes and tidy up dd's bedroom. And it's still 3 hours before the party starts!
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Okay, my wings have been dusty since June. Dh was home all summer and the routines went all to heck. I'm ready to fly again with y'all!
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Party went great
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well today was pretty good for clearing clutter. there's been a large box in our guest room closet for almost 3 years now, full of I didn't know what, because we had never unpacked it when we moved in!
tonight i got sean to bring it out and we went through it together and threw out a lot of junk, found some clothes to wash for him, and found tons of pictures of our recently deceased canine daughter. it was wonderful to see her as a baby again!
i also cleaned out our filing cabinet and tossed a ton of paperwork we no longer needed as well as the broken filing box!
i'm having fun and feeling productive at the same time.
we also dismantled the bedrail and the playpen/changing table/bassinet thing and stored them in their respective cases. it's a little easier to move around now in our room.
when we get paid this week, we are getting some storage for all of shoshanna's clothes. this girl has more clothes than a babies r us store!
i'm glad y'all turned me onto this flylady stuff.
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ARG, I'm so exhausted rom all this party prep, as I'm sure Khris can relate too. But I have to say, not a dirty dish in the sink, or on the counter. Still no shoes on though, lol.

Anyway, Khris, I'm so glad the party went wonderful. I probably won't be on much tomarrow as I will bew running all over town picking up the birthday cake and cooking all the food. See you all Friday for sure. Not guarentees about a clean sink Friday Morning, lol.
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Ok I'm not flying as well as you guys are. I'm bumping along the ground. LOL My living room has toys and papers etc all over and I got a little filing thing for them because it is mainly info stuff I"m picking up in our new town my problem is that I don't feel like bending to pick it up. And no my sink is not shiney my kitchen is still horrendous after our move. I need an easier feel good start, unless I can find a dish bin I suppose.

Happy Halloween
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good for you, khris!

geogirl: you sound like I'll probably sound next week. we're moving tomorrow and I know it will be pretty messy, but I want to start FLYing in the beginning so maybe I'll have some hope!

I think all of y'all are inspiring. The last time I went to bed w/a clean sink, I woke up w/dishes all around the living room. What's a girl to do?
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Anyone use the 'more time mom's' calendar?

I'm thinking of ordering one and I'd like to hear if others use one.

Is anyone doing any of the holiday missions?

We're in the living room this week. My surfaces are clear, but I have a hot spot smoldering in the corner of my livingroom/dining room. The stuff there needs to go down to the trunk of the car--it's "fling" stuff and ready to bless someone else's life.

Tonight I'm going to set my timer for 15 minutes and wipe down the window sills and ledges in the living room. I want to wash the windows and wash, iron and starch the curtains (simple cotton--easy) but I don't want to make a big all-day chore or project out of it.

I'd love to hear what home or holiday projects everyone is working on (in 15 minute increments of course)

all the best,
#1 eddd 12/04/02
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I had to get going today because we have story time at the library. WEll I'm in my jammies but I'm about to hop in the bath. Mackenzie is watching a video while I get ready, one day I'll get up before him... really. LOL

Now I just want my living room to look slightly presentable. I want to pick up toys, hopefully with Mackenzie's help (he is 2.5) and sweep. I'm going to try really hard not to think about what else needs to be done. Wish me luck.

If I can get the living room looking slightly ok maybe I'll go get some flowers or something.

First story time, here I come- off to hopefully meet some other mamas!

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I'm definately not doing the holiday misions- they scare me LOL But most of them just don't apply to us anyway.
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