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ok, last night's living room window washing went well. I didn't set a timer, because I thought it would take longer than 15 minutes, but it didn't, it really didn't. Here's what I did:

I got a nice heavy terry cleaning rag, a bottle of windex and the step ladder, and moved the stereo equip/tv. etc. from in front of the windows.

first I spritzed and sprayed the woodwork and sills and cleaned those

then I wiped the window casings down---this was only as far as I was plannig to go, I didn't think I'd have time to actually wash the glass.

next I turned the rag over (so the dirt I just cleaned wouldn't get spread to the window glass) and washed the inside glass for the each of the three window.

I then cleaned up my supplies, moved the furniture back in front of the window and I was done.

I know this is boring, "who cares?" right? But bear with me.
Here are my minor revelations while doing this 15 minute window wash

1. I asked myself why I didn't set the timer, and I realized it's because if I do, I'm committed to staying on task. When I don't set a timer, I can get off base really easily and end up dusting the tv when what I really wanted to do was move it to clean the windows. When we set 15 min. limits we really have to focus on what we want to accomplish to get it done.

2. I originally intended only to wash the sills, woodwork and casings because I thought doing the glass (both inside and out) would take lots of hot water, rags, etc. and at least an hour. The outsides of my windows still need to be cleaned, but they look so much better (because the streaks that were bugging me were actually on the inside--who knew) after washing only one side! And I just used a single rag and basic window cleaner!

This morning I cleaned out my 'purse' (canvas bag really) as soon as I got the reminder--I did my wallet too! It's so tidy and organized now, I feel great!

all the best to you fellow flutterers,
#1 edd 12/04/02
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Wow, did you guys have a posting party while I was gone???

The party was a blast, but I'm exhausted. And yes, I have a messy house with food and plates and stuff all over the kitchen and dining room table. The rest of the house is clean though.

Regarding the flylady calendar, no I don't use it.

regarding the holiday missions, at this point I'm not doing them. But I could change my mind. I unsubscribed to the emails (too many of them) so I don't even know what they are. Guess I could check the website.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year for my family, so the missions would probably be a good idea.

too tired, I'll be back later.
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can I join?

Hi everyone
I have just read all of your posts and I feel motivated. I haven't had a shiny sink since having my son (I actually don't know if I have ever had a totally dish-free sink). Most days I do get dressed, but I am tired of living in a state of total chaos. I looked at flylady's website and almost joined. I think I will just try the first steps (clean sink, clothing out, declutter a bit) and then try and fly. One of the hardest things for me will be to put out clothing - as my dh always says, I am into 'intermediate clothing' - I love lounging around after my bath...
It is so motivating to see how you are all doing

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Emma, that is a great strategy. Starting with the "beginning" or "baby" steps will keep it manageable. I know at the beginning I signed up for everything and quickly became overwhelmed. Then stopped the baby steps so I could do other things like zone cleaning and 27 fling boogies....I had to start from square one again, and I'm glad I did.

all the best,
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Thank you for starting this thread!!!!

I am so glad to see this discussion HERE and it really isnpires me...I'll tell you why. In the past I held back from flylady. Part not loving myself enough...but also there were books recommended at the flylady site that I cannot hang with, recommending a restrained attitude toward nursing (What to Expect books have BAD breastfeeding advice!) or super religious pro spanking book
(Dobson I believe is author? I THINK he is prospanking someone can correct me if I'm wrong...or better yet spend the time answering me on loving yourself and cleaning your house. I DO get into parenting websites to excess to distract myself from housework, anyone else??:

But seeing all these Mothering mamas here makes me feel, this stuff can work for dedicated AP-ish mamas too! I CAN surrender to flylady and know others here do it WITHOUT ignoring their kids' needs.

This week I've started really doing hot spot work. I set the timer and clean up the living room and or kitchen a bit before I go somewhere and have a happy clean surprise when I get home.

I am doing SUPER baby steps...have for months...my bathroom has seen a lot of improvement, kitchen not so good. (No dishwasher is my mental block...or maybe not loving myself enough!!)
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Welcome Emma!!!

Momtwice, wow I loved your post. I think your doing great. I never really noticed the parenting books she has listed. Since you are on the site for home organizing into, I too, would choose to ignore the parenting info there. And no you don't need to ignore your kids to fly. The beauty that I have noticed is that it combines getting organized with staying organized. So it's actually less work. I have forever tried to get my family to put stuff back when they take it out. That is what causes the majority of mess here. Last year when I first tried flying I had a little list. They agreed to put stuff back and do a 15 minute fling everyday. They are getting better, as I am. I never totally quit, but severly slacked off.

Baby steps makes it so much easier.
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Okay I joined.

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Last night I sat down and talked to my husband about the chaos we are living in.... We have promised each other that we are going to start waking up to a shiny sink!

Last night I went to bed with ds at 8:30 pm - the sink was full of dishes... I woke up at 7:00 and dh had cleaned the dishes and left the sink spotless!!! I love him.

Ds has a cold and is miserable and so we have spent the entire day trying to amuse him. The house is a disaster, but he isn't crying AND I had a clean sink for awhile this morning!

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I love the flylady!!!!!!!!!
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ok, I have been slacking off this weekend. No clean sink beofre bed the last couple nights.

I was thinking of starting a weekly thread for our flylady group. What do you guys think. I can post what zone we are in each week in the opening post?
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I love that idea. I have a huge problem with weekends as well. The big problem si that my hubby is around and he doesn't clean up after himself at all (I don't expect him to do all the chores I do, but trash in the can and dishes in the sink would be nice) so I have 10 times the mess. And YES I DO KNOW WHAT THE FLYLADY SAYS ABOUT HUSBANDS!!!!! LOL
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Love the weekly idea. It would be great if, each week, you posted the link to the next week's thread at the bottom of the current week.

Anyway, I told DH today that I was going to do 15 minutes in the kitchen and I needed him to be in charge of Meg. So he asked me what I was going to do (which was declutter) and then suggested that we BOTH do 15 minutes of jobs that really needed doing while Meg played on the kitchen floor. So I cleaned out the toaster oven while he scrubbed the stove!
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Megs Mom, what an awesome dh you have!!

Ladies, duh I forgot that we have been on Zone 1 Friday and Saturday. No biggie for me as we cleaned that area anyway.
I'm starting a new thread for Monday November 4th.
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