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German Shepherds should not be shaved!!

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So, our younger dog Bedlam has been an extreme shedder since she was ill just before the baby was born (ill as in not likely to survive) Her immune system has just not been up to par and right now I just don't have the time and energy to really concentrate on the dog's immune system.
We have invisible fencing here and I guess we had a wire break we weren't aware of. The dogs generally have access to a small pond, but not the big swamp (but what dog doesn't love a good swamp???)
Anyway, I kept commenting this weekend that they stunk a lot for just being in the pond--sure enough, we follow them and they both headed to the swamp. So yesterday we fix the wire break and bath the dogs--well, Bedlam's skin is red and starting to get pussy--everywhere--not just a few hot spots, but her whole damn body!!! I take her temp and sure enough she has a nasty fever. So, in my post partum, sick of dog fur, how the hell do you treat a hot spot that covers the entire dog state, I decided to shave her down. :

Problem is that a black sable is very dark on the outside, but underneath she's very light beige, with a black stripe down her back and her belly. She looks so funny I can't look at her without busting a gut. She seems perfectly happy with it, when I let her off the grooming table she went flying across the yard to the pond and dove in and swam around for 1/2 an hour. Her skin already looks better than it did last night, but I'm still going to have to put her on antibiotics for this.

It's just never good when the doggie professional owns the most ridiculous looking dog anyone has ever seen--she's certainly not looking like a proud German Shepherd right about now. : :
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Kona has that thick short Akita fur...he sheds year round...one year we thought we'd shave him...because...Hey....it sounded like a good idea at the time...

He looked quite funny...we never shaved him again...

Not to mention he shed even more. :LOL
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I don't think dh believes me that I did because of the skin infection, since Molly was born I've been threatening both dogs and the cat with a bic razer. He kept shaking his head saying, "yeah, I like how you shaved my dog but bathed, brushed and fluffed your dog..."
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:LOL Awwwww Poor babies...lol Tell your dh if he doesn't straighten up...he's next.
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I already did him, soon my house will be fur free in spite of 2 german shepherds and a cat!! Ahhhh yes, I can't wait--those animals better sleep with one eye open :LOL
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What blade did you use? I mean, how short is this dog?

I totally agree, nothing short of health reasons will get me to willingly shave a double coated dog!
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Karen...you don't want to know :
I started with a #5, but when I finished with that her sides looked spotted and that's where the worst of the infection was, so I tried to blend down and took the sides down with a #7F. The cut isn't bad, it just looks utterly ridiculous because of her colouring.
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That's not too bad. I'm just glad you didn't tell me a 10! Now that is short! Good luck with the skin issues.

I just 7 stripped a Newfie that I had not groomed in 2 years. I did a 5 on his head, ears and legs. He looked like a black lab with a too large head. It was actually cute.....but I'm real picky and make it all smooth and scissor the legs,head & ears in so it all blends and the dog looks like he naturally came that way.
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Yeah, I blended her not too bad, unfortunately she's horrible to groom (I know, the shoemakers kids) and the infection made totally smooth an unrealistic goal. I'll probably try to fix her up in a week when the infection is under control.
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What I wouldn't give to see a picture of that. :LOL Poor doggie.

I was getting a real kick out of the dogs coming out of PetSmart the other day. It's starting to get rather warm here, so all the owners were getting their pups the "summer shave". All the dogs were coming out with a "what the heck just happened" look on their faces, and all the dogs being drug in had the "OH, CRAP!" look. It was quite hilarious.

My personal opinion is that no dog should EVER get a haircut where they come out looking like a mutant male lion. If you are gonna trim the dog, please....please......PLEASE don't leave the head, tail, and lower legs the same...good GRIEF that looks rediculous, IMO. Especially if it's a fluffy dog like a spitz or chow, leave the animal some dignity. :LOL
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Yeah, I'm thinking this thread can't reach its full potential without a picture :LOL

Do it shannon! Embarass your dog on the WWW!
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batteries on the digital camera are dead, but I'll get new ones this afternoon and embarass poor Lammie
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aw poor pooch- hope the infection is taken care of quickly!!!

oh shannon- you need to update "molly's page" or it'll be deleted
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Man, I'd shave Blondie in a heartbeat if I could, but I have a bad track record with dog shaving...my MIL's dog hates me. She'll just mention that I'm coming over and the dog will growl and hide. She's received many a bad hair cut from me and several nicks. I also cut off the tip of her ear once

So no shaving for my poor German Shepherd...even though I don't see what a difference it would make...I sweep or vacuum half her freaking fur off the floor every day...when is she going to stop shedding?!

I hope Bedlam's sores get better soon. Do you think the water could be making them worse? Or is she having an allergic reaction to something in the water or her environment? Blondie is allergic to fleas and she got last season...man oh man did she get a bad infection.
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I think the infection is from the swamp, Havoc has a couple hotspots on his legs. The pond is really clean, but the swamp is exceptionally stinky and gross this time of year. Her skin looks loads better this morning--which means it's gonna be really hard to explain why my german shepherd looks like this--once her skin is normal, few will believe me that it was all red and pussy :LOL

Thanks about Molly's page--how do you know that???
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It says
This Babies Online web site is past it's expiration date and will be permanently deleted on 6/5/2005 if not updated!
on her website.
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Oh NO!!! Ok, so I'll get batteries for the camera and put a pic of the shaved Bedlam on to update
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Sodium Ascorbate for dog health. Orthomocular Specialties (Dr Wendall Belfield) has a vitamin , vitamin C powder for dogs. They also have MEGA C drops puppies and sick dogs.

Dr Belfield has done a lot in studing dogs and their need for vit C.
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