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pumpkin question........

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I baked a pumpkin the same way I bake squash - I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, and put it in a glass baking dish with some water & covered the whole thing with foil. Came out soft & baked, as expected.........

But how to serve it? All I can think of is butter and brown sugar with cinnamon, cause I know my dh and ds will eat it that way. I used 1 cup of the cooked pumpkin for whole wheat pumpkin bread, which came out okay, but not scrumptious.

How do you use cooked pumpkins for dinnertime? (easy please - I'm a begginer)
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I posted about some pumpkin recipes just a little bit ago (I don't know how to link to those : ). I included some links to other websites with recipes for pumpkin. Happy cookin.
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I did see your post before, and I surfed around over at food tv with those pumpkin recipies. I found a couple I might try.

Just wondering if anyone else has any easy dinner recipies for pumpkin?
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And doula4women, thank you for those links - I love that web site. I especially like the Naked Chef. Partly for his cooking, and partly cause he's a hottie.
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I love the Naked Chef too! He did a recipe once that I absolutely love and try to cook as often as possible w/a pepper salsa and spinach w/feta salad in pita. It's yummy!
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dumb question, but are you using jack o'lantern type pumpkins? imho, they have no flavor. i like pie pumpkins for pies, and other types of squash that i can get around here better.

check out epicurious' special section on pumpkin recipes:

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Jane thanks for that link! I went there briefly, and will be returning later to get some of those recipies.
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Using either pie pumkins or squash, we often make a potatoe/squash dish that is really easy. I am allergic to onions, so we don't use them, but you could add them if you like them. I cook the pumpkin/squash enough to be soft but NOT mushy and then peel it and cut it into smallish peices. I booil potatoes and cut them up similarly. I fry garlic with olive oil in a pan (this is where you could add onions) and then throw in the potatoes and squash and cook (I also add salt and black pepper). Its very easy.

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