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Barbie alternative

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My 3 year old daughter just discovered my old Barbie dolls and really enjoys them. I would prefer her to play with a Barbie with more realistic proportions. I've looked on the internet but can't find anything yet. It seems Mattel used to make one, but discontinued the toy due to lack of sales. Does anyone have any ideas?
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I held out for as long as I could... My 5 year old was about to do a serious Barbie rebellion if I didn't come up with something quick! I let her have the Mary Kate doll (as in the Olson Twins) for Christmas. She is pretty darn cute, her feet are flat (cute chunky shoes, hard to lose) and her body is barely curved (clothes are hip & conservative)...
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How about a nice handmade Waldorf doll? You know, natural fibers, warm to the touch, cuddly, soft, child-like. . . . I’m sorry, but I find Barbie dolls so objectionable that I have trouble understanding why enlightened mothers (such as those who read Mothering) give them to their 3 and 4 yo dds. I know many do. Could someone please help me figure this out?
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I think there's something called "I" girls. A friend bought one for her dd instead of a barbie. About the same size as a Barbie but slightly less misproportioned, has a bellybutton and lots of flexible joints.
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There was just a discussion on this not to long ago in the Parenting forum I'll see if I can bump it up for you.

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i hate barbies!!! dd loves them. we have compromised, she only gets them from other relatives as gifts. even still she has way too many.

another cool doll is groovy girls. although a little too hip and fashionable for my taste they are pretty neat cloth dolld about the same size as barbie but shaped like a kid. they are also cheaper than barbie, have alot of cool outfits, you can get groovy furniture, pets, groovy boys and they are multicultural. i am definately encouraging these as opposed to the BITCH barbie!
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my daughters love the Madeline dolls. Plus, they are little girls instead of adult women, so, I like that better. OK, well, my six year old loves Madeline, my 3 year old daughter prefers trains
We have our share of Barbie stuff but Madeline is a good alternative.
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