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SO hopeful to join you!

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I was DIO, but it turned out to be an ectopic... so I am REALLY hoping that the light positive I got this morning turns into a dark line soon!!!!

If it is, I am due sometime between Christmas and Valentine's day... more specifically, 1/18 based on my LMP. I am still nursing my (almost) 2 year old DD and I WAHM FT with my DH. We have been TTC #2 since my fertility returned, got pregnant the first month and were so sad when it turned out to be an ectopic. I lost my tube and I was so nervous, but it looks like my fertile genes have come through for me!

So hoping that I get to stay and get to know all of you!!!! :
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Black Orchid,
Congrats on the bFP and sticky vibes to you! Sorry to hear about your ectopic. Look forward to hearing updates from you.
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Black Orchid,

I too am sorry to hear of your ectopic. And wow, I'm impressed that you were able to conceive again so soon. Congratulations! I look forward to sharing the months together.

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Welcome Black Orchid,

A faint line is still a line! Congratulations!

I am so sorry to hear about your ectopic, that must have been heart breaking.

Sending sticky vibes to you.
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Whoooo hoooo! Congrats! So sorry to hear of your loss, and hoping you get to stay around!!!!
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Welcome and Congrats!!! Sorry to hear about your ectopic, but hopefully this little bean will stay put
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I think it is for real!!!! I got two more positives, albeit faint.. with FMU. My midwife is having me go in for a series of betas over the next few weeks and a t-v u/s to make sure it implanted properly. I feel instinctively peaceful about this... not worried like I imagined I would be... I had an implant-type dip and spotting this time, not like the last time.

Than kyou for welcoming me! I hope I get to stay!!!
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