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Should I be concerned? (graphic feminine problems)

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My periods have been heavire lately, maybe the last 6 months or so, but the one I am having right now has me worried. O started it yesterday, and last night (in a 10 hour stretch) I completely filled and overflowed my keeper and entirely soaked a nightime pad 3 times! (I wear a pad in adition to the Keeper in case of leaks cuz I am still learning to use it) This is NOT the norm for me, usually the Keeper and a nightime pad would be plenty for at night. The flow has slowed down a lot, but it is also very bright from what I usually have, which also concerns me. I have tried to keep myself at rest today so that I am not increasing the flow with activity, but it's still fairly heavy. Should I be worried about this?
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I don't think it's enough to worry yet. Yet being the operative word. But it can't hurt to call and get a Dr consult regarding it. I know when I was using the keeper like thing (darn can't remember the name) it sure looked like ALOT more than usual. And when the darn thing leaked it sure was flood like.

My AF has been alot heavier too the last few cycles.

and Khris, nice to see you at the flylady thread :-)
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IN general, overflowing a Keeper in 10 hours at the beginning of a period isn't excessive, except that this isn't normal for your cycles. Since the bleeding is slowing down, I probably wouldn't worry too much. I've had unusually heavy periods and just chalked them up to temporary hormone imbalance or something. Last year, I had a weird period which was heavy and then, just as it was slowing down, I yelled at my kids and suddenly started bleeding heavier and passing clots. I was freaked out and went to bed all worried. All turned out well and my periods are fine now. The weird thing is, when I had this heavy period, I was also coming down with the worst illness I've ever had (mystery virus--still don't know what I had). It took 4 months to recover and during that time I had terrible--lie-on-the-bed-crying--cramps that are totally abnormal for me. My midwife said that illness can absolutely do weird things to your cycle.

Not to scare you--I'm sure you're not about to get really sick. I'm just saying that changes in your body such as illness or stress or travel can mess up your periods. I also remember a few years ago that we did a lot of travelling and during that time my periods were unusually heavy and crampy.

I hope everything goes back to normal by itself.
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Thanks guys.

Arduinna, I know what you mean by it klooking like more when you see it all, but since this is actually my 6th cycle with The Keeper I know how much is normal for it, for me.

daylily, I overflowed my keper 3 times in 10 hours- that's what concerned me. Like, full to the brim overflowed and completely soaked a nighttime pad, 3 times during the night. It has slowed donwn, though so I think I will be ok.
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It's a good suggestion JW. The problem is that we just moved and I don't have a doctor I can trust yet, and also no childcare. (today is DH first day off in 3 weeks and he works long hours) Sure, I can take the kids with me, but it is pure torture for all of us. As soon as I get all my ducks in a line I will be pursuing that- but liek you said, Roma wasn't built in a day.
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Khris, in the meantime if you are concerned about iron you might want to try taking a supplement. I especially like Floradix, comes in liquid non constipating form.
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With one unusually heavy period, I might also suspect a miscarriage, but you say you're periods have been getting consistently heavier for the past six months....

So, I'm with the other moms: if this keeps up, talk to your healthcare provider just to rule out anything serious.

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Dh has the big V after our last baby, and since I'm not with anyone else I would seriously doubt the possibility of miscarriage. It's completely leveled off today, kind of wierd. I must have passed the bulk of my flow in a 24 hour period!
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