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Beta question..

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I had a blood test the other day to "confirm" pregnancy. I'm still pregnant. I asked for the blood test, just to make it more real to myself. Anyway, the nurse told me that according to my beta I was 3 weeks along. She said the numbers were 462.9 but my LMP was April 1st. (happy april fools!) Does this seem right? I thought I would be more like 4-5 weeks along.

I know that beta numbers mean virtually nothing in itself, its that they are going up that matters. But I'm not going to be getting anymore blood tests or anything, so ... I'm kinda obsessing and worrying.

Talk me down? Reassurance please?
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I would suspect that maybe you ovulated later in your cycle. 14 days before your next period is just the average day to ovulate. If you ovulated later, you would also have inplanted later, thus the difference in the week or 2.
Do you chart or anything that could predict your date of conception?
IMO, it would just be later implantation(which doesn't occur immediately anyhow)
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Also, I just wanted to add that if you were only 3 weeks along---as they said---wouldn't you not have missed a period yet? 462 seems very high for only 3 weeks. Most pregnancy tests test at HCG counts of 40-50, the *average* amount a woman would have on the day of her missed period(which would be 4 weeks).
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I hadn't been charting so I can't say exactly. The only things I know for sure are, I did get my period on April 1st.. and we did bd on the 14th. I've not been regular for quite a few years, but I know I was ovulating around the 14th and thought to myself, "Wow.. on day 14 just like the books say!" :LOL So I took a chance and snuck in a little love that night!

We aren't 5x a week people.. so that leaves maybe once before the 14th, and once afterwards for the month. But I do know for sure that I did have O around the 14th. EWCM, crampiness, and that telltale sign for me... an acutal libido! :

I was just really shocked to hear 3 weeks? And thought for sure she must have been confused. According to my dates I'm 6 weeks along, which is a bit far from 3 weeks.
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The 3 weeks they are referring to is likely from conception.. so 5 weeks would be the actual length from your last period. Why does it have to be so confusing.. I always have to think of 2 dates.. conception date and then the fake lmp date.. since my last period was March 9 and I conceived April 7, the normal cycle length does not apply for me. So, I would figure that you are 5 weeks. When I got my beta numbers (the day my period was due-just love charting!!) the doc said, that's in line with about 2 weeks (from conception)
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Hmmmm.... so would that mean my actual due date would be 2 weeks later than the due date I get from my LMP? Or does it take conception into consideration?? Oh boy.. still confused. :LOL
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Nope, I believe they take the due date from the lmp date not the conception date. That may work well for 'regular' women, who always have the same amount of days in their cycle.. but for some people like me.. my lmp doesn't mean anything because it was a month before I ovulated - so I just take the date of conception and add two weeks which is why I'm 6w5days. which gives me a LMP date..
there are some websites that give a due date based on conception.. that's the one that I used! (it's more accurate)
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