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Ways To Adapt Activities for Twins

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Sometimes I feel a little jealous when I read about the things singleton moms do w/their babies - it's not always possible to do those same things with two!

So I thought I'd ask how other moms adapt. It's particularly challenging for me right now since my 15-month-olds want to be on the move, each in their own direction!
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I guess I don't really remember not being able to do things with mine. What types of things do you have in mind?
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It's hard to say in general terms. Each situation has it's own solution Maybe give us some ideas of things you'd like to be doing with your twins and we can offer suggestions that way.

I *will* say that the age yours are now was a VERY hard age for me. We didn't really go outside except when dh was home or my mom was here because I just could NOT keep up with both of them safely. For shopping & such I just didn't give them the option of walking at all. They were either in the slings or a cart/stroller. I think it was around that age that I started making a point of letting them walk, holding a hand, when I *did* have someone with me to deal w/ one while I dealt with the other one. By 19 months or so they were to the point that they at least understood the concept of staying next to mommy, holding my hand, etc. Once they had the concept down I got 2 of those "harnesses" & now if they want to walk I put them on & hook the other end of both to my beltloop. Then we hold hands or I have them help me push the cart or whatever but I have those harnesses as a backup in case one of them tries to take off.

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Sorry, I wasn't able to finish my post last night.

Yes, sweetpeas, that's exactly what I'm talking about - I'd love to be able to take them on walks (like, right at this moment, it's gorgeous outside) but they get away from me. And being in the stroller is no treat for them.

We do have a portable fence enclosure so I took that outside & played with them together for a while. I blew bubbles, they loved that. Tried letting them "out" one at a time, but the one stuck "in" hated it.

Guess I'll just have to wait until dh comes home.

Another thing toddlers do is play in the kitchen, helping mom cook - how? Mine would make an incredible mess. I could control one, but not two. They do help me unload the dishwasher, which they enjoy.

I keep reading about letting toddlers this age explore in public - yeah, right! Letting them walk around in the store? No way!
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Originally Posted by GeezerMom
Guess I'll just have to wait until dh comes home.
Pretty much. Unfortunately. Mine are 19 months & we still wait for daddy to come home to go on walks without the stroller. It's just too much to run after 2 babies alone.

Do you have a small, enclosed park nearby? I am able to take my girls to the park and let them wander there. It's small & enclosed, so there's no real danger. Although I've found it's nearly impossible to socialize with the other moms because I'm so busy making sure both girls are safe.

I'm a few months ahead of you in terms of our twins' age, but things haven't gotten too much easier in public. I made the mistake of taking them to a bookstore a few weeks ago & letting them out of the stroller. They both ran in different directions. One was 3 isles over before I could get to her. It really freaked me out (& I don't freak out too easily, but there was a creepy guy wandering around the store).

The thing I am noticing that's become much easier, however, is how much they play together now. They always have done things together (parallel play), but they interact a lot more now. They really enjoy each other's company. It makes me so happy to see them together. I feel really jipped that I'm not a twin.
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Well, at 15 months it was slightly easier for me because I only had one walker.

Generally if it was just me and them they took turns. I always had a little stash of snacks, books and quiet toys in my bag so the "waiter" didn't feel quite so left out, sitting in the stroller.
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For the kitchen, I think it was around that age (maybe a little older, I don't remember for sure) that we got our Learning Tower http://www.heirloomwoodentoys.com/pr...EC?META=Google It's great for the kitchen! My biggest problem was they wanted to be able to see what was going on, so the instant I walked into the kitchen they were both right there at my feet saying "up, up, up" obviously I couldn't do anything in the kitchen while holding them both (& even w/ 2 slings, arms are too hampered to do anything useful), several of my friends (w/ singltons) mentioned that they solved this by letting their toddler sit on the counter near them & watch but I wasn't comfortable doing that w/ 2 (what happens if they both start to fall?!?) so we spent the money & got the learning tower. It's perfect! The rail around the outside made it safer when they were that small, I didn't worry about them falling off & now I don't have to worry about them pushing each other off LOL. It's tall enough that they can stand at it & see what I'm doing at the counter. When I'm doing something that they CAN help with (putting something on a cookie sheet, stirring, etc.) I can put it in front of them & help them with it, the rest of the time, I can do things just out of their reach, they're happy because they can see what's going on I'm happy because I don't have a huge mess to clean up I also give them snacks & such to eat there (actually, they tend to eat alot of meals standing in the tower & I get stuff done while they're eating breakfast, etc.)
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